Del Taco

1551 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon
(405) 350-2359

Recent Reviews

Roy Pitchford

Only 3 employees working so service was seriously slow, but they were still friendly and the food was good.

Jamie W

Went to the location slow the truck in front of us got their order we pulled up was charged $36 for ordering small items. Looked at the receipt and we were charged for 7 tacos and then what we ordered the cashier said "oh yea I realized that I had charged you wrong but yet she gave us the food anyway and was going to let us DRIVE OFF KNOWING that she had overcharged us. What GREAT customer service - - NOT-- they fixed it but thru the drive thru as they were taking orders and would not let us go inside to fix the issue said it would be worse - wow thats great you have employees being ok with being over charged and now you don't want customers inside bc it'll make it worse for you to fix the problems

Kris Fairchild

Food was alright, had to go through the line twice to get my whole order. Fries did not taste as fresh as they usually do. Was asked 5 times if I needed sauce. At l east they asked.

Mike McBurnett

Food was decent, prices are a little high...not bad.They forgot my wife's items in the order...didn't realize it until we got home, 20 minutes away. Disappointed to say the least. Trust me...if my Baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!

Kristi Ciliano

Told me at the drive thru they were closed bc no staff. I parked to find another food place and they turned their lights on and helped 3 people who came in their drive thru. So which is it? Are you open or closed?

trina carrell

Came about 1115 pm drive thru cashier answered quickly and was very polite, good was hot and service quick, this was our first time eating at a Del taco and we were very pleased

CallMe ChickenBee

I cannot say much about it really. The drive-thru line was so incredibly long and they weren't allowing dine-in due to employee shortage I suppose.

David Freeman

Always great, as close to restaurant tacos as you'll get at a fast food place.

phoenix Cardwell

It's good food a bit of a wait but love that this place is open late.

Amber Annice Smith McCurdy

When my sweetheart and I venture into Yukon we get excited because the next stop after shopping is del Taco. We love your food and we always come back because it's great service and freshly made.

Colleen Berry

I've been a big fan of Del Taco for decades. And usually love love their crunchy beef tacos. But these were more like cheese tacos. We actually had to remove some cheese. But other than that staff was good and the place was clean.

Britt Eubanks

As they don't have them in St.Louis anymore, I had to stop in. I still love the tacos and now they have WAY more types to try than the last time I had Del Taco! So good!

Heather Sidwell

I left four because this place is awesome. However, I was charged for extra guac when they're completely out of avacado and guac. No one should have to pay for extra when y'all don't have it baby. Otherwise y'all are perfect.

John Sigler

Great food and service. They lost a rating star due to an order mixup and slow drive through times during peak rush. Otherwise great place...recommend not ordering anything crunchy from delivery service as it will always be subpar to fresh!

Arch Person

Ordered 2 meals both had 2 tacos. Got home only had 3 tacos. Ordered the largest queso/chips it had 11 chips. Was supposed to get a chicken quesadilla, it was just cheese (yuck). The food we got tasted ok but since our order was wrong no one got a complete meal.

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