12320 NW 10th St, Yukon
(405) 324-2404

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cory Mormon

Adriana was excellent and the food was really good. I had start to lose faith in Hooters in this area. This is the best Hooters in the metro area.

Brandan Wilson

Appetizers got there 10 minutes after food arrived. Want to go boxes never came. Had to stand at the door to get attention to pay our bill. NEVER Again

Squid I.

First time at Hooters. Not impressed. I won't knock Hooters all together because this is only one spot but it was annoying. First the host was off helping her waitresses and we waited for at least five minutes before we were helped. Our waitress Kristal seemed like she didn't want to be there. It wasn't that busy and the place isn't even that big. It took 5 minutes to get waters then another 10 to get an appetizer of mozzarella sticks and then another 30 minutes to get one drink. I didn't even finish my drink because I was so annoyed. I payed the check and left. I hope the next hooters I go to is better.

Salana Cavanaugh

Adriana hast to be one of the worst waitresses there. Waited 30 minutes after being seated to try and order drinks, took our drink order and went to flirt with another table. $16 for a starter that the bread couldn't be chewed. Waitress got angry when I asked for the check after trying twice to order food. Just keep driving to a different place it's not worth it to even stop here!!!!!

bekki benda

Dirty tables all over. Ordered wings and queso, beer and water. Never got water. Server said wings were ready but they had no chips but crackers for queso. Really?? Who eats queso with crackers?? and food just sitting back under warmer 45 minutes. We told them we'll pay for beer, don't need food at this point. Left to go to Chili's!!!

Mister G0NE

Thank You so much to Bailey for turning a bad experience into a positive one!!!??Smart & Capable Manager great customer service and good Food.Thanks to Kayla & all the LadiesRespect for the Cooks as well.

Brian P.

I don't frequent Hooters restaurants but I had a craving for their wings so we stopped in. First impression for someone that hasn't to been to a Hooters in about a year was that the new shorts are disgusting! I actually feel bad that they have to wear that ridiculous garment. But I realize that's a corporate decision and doesn't reflect this individual establishment so I won't take that into account with my rating. Our waitress Alyssa was a rockstar! Attentive, friendly, and professional. Food was what you'd expect from your traditional chain restaurant - consistent with previous experiences. Only negative was that our fries were closer to room temp then being fresh out of the fryer. Everything else was great!

Shannon Rivas

I don’t usually like to leave bad reviews! I feel like every place has their off days, but almost every time my husband and I have come into this location we’ve been ignored. We been ignored so much so that we have literally had to wait 15-20 mins before getting a drink, then a additional 20-30 mins to get our food taken! When our food finally does come out it’s usually cold or soggy. This I’m assuming is more than likely because it’s been sitting in kitchen for 15 or so before coming out to us. Yukon needs to get their stuff together.. I have never had this issue at northwest expressway location nor 240. We only go to Yukon occasionally because it close to home!

Greywolf Young

this was my first time in there and what I saw from the servers girls they was up some of the guys butts or run away when I walked in. the food was ok fries was cold. Kayla was my servers if she act like she was preoccupied with someone else. I felt so unwelcome. it's not funny I paid 38 dollars I think the tip I left should go to kitchen staff.

Walter Y.

I went there first time today never felt so unwelcome. If you one of the young guys there all over them. But guy like me comes they are kind of like he ugly we will get his order and not talk or check. Food was ok just felt like I wasn't welcome there

Alex Reyes

Waited about 10min to sit along with other people at the door. No one came. Eventually we walked over to the bar. Everything went smooth til my food came out. I ordered the Buffalo chicken sliders but instead of Buffalo I wanted bbq. They came out dry. I asked them to correct it and all they did was pour some bbq sauce on my dry sliders. Not a good look. So sat here without food while my girlfriend ate because I cannot trust the kitchen if they thought that was acceptable. This happened today. Saturday 10/22/22 around 1pm

Jeannie sehi

We just left there. Service was horrible, food horrible not clean waitress was very rude and waited for ever while she chatted with everyone while we are trying to get her attention. Was a horrible experience. Will not be back.

Daron Kolb

Horrible visit. Both floor servers along with bartender were sitting in side room on phones, eating and talking with no regard to customers in-house. Spoke to manager (Matt) and explained its bad business to have these 3 individuals doing this. His "sorry" response was was hollow and transparent as saran wrap. While waiting for my check so I could leave, other customers around me said thank you for saying something. It's too bad these servers and manager wont change. On an end note, this manager is as culpable in the 3 individuals failing the customers due to fostering this type of environment when he works. I'm only one customer, but you lost my business.

D Finley

2 stars ONLY because of the young lady that brought my order. She was awesome. Red hair....I didn't get her name. The bar staff was absent and the food was bad....really bad. I've always been a hooters fan. This location needs help.

Gary Odom

??? Absolutely fantastic vibes from my favorite Hooter's girl Bailey??This Hooter's is by far one of the best I have ever visited??Courteous staff, excellent prepared food and a extremely well maintained building?A excellent experience for anyone coming with or without children???Bailey made coming here a fabulous experience for me and all the guests served??Take care of her and I'll see y'all when I come back through ???

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