Okie Sno

1155 S Ranchwood Blvd, Yukon
(405) 625-3105

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Super good snow cone ‼️

Sarah Wilbanks

Great service & taste great!

Naomy Padilla

Good snow cones

Jessica H.

Some of these reviews are laughable! Some of you people need to calm down! It's a $3 snow cone! Of course teenagers are working there! It's a summer job! I have never once encountered a rude kid or experienced less than great service from any of the kids working there. If you had a problem with a sufficient amount "chunks" or syrup then you should have asked for some more and not leave a shitty review over something so menial and dumb. Or bitching about being "over-charged". If you noticed a discrepancy in the total, then perhaps you should have said something about it right then instead of taking said "over-priced" cup of icy sugar and complaining about it AFTER you left and finished the entire thing! And DON'T act like you didn't. We ALL know your bitch ass sure did! There are WAY more important problems in the world than a lack of chunks in your $3 large snow cone that was made by a 16 year old who's LEARNING!

twenty 99

Love the sugar free items

trina carrell

The extra large is just a little bit bigger than there regular size, which is odd because there's also a large size between these 2, I paid 4.50 for a cup slightly bigger than the regular, mine came with a big round come over the cup, my husbands regular size was sunk down an inch below the top of his cup, he said the flavor was nice though, the margarita I got was very sweet but overall not bad, but your best to just buy the regular and save some money since you're getting the same size pretty much

Erica Mooers

Expensive!!! Mine was very soupy. Way too much syrup and the flavors were off. Will not be returning or recommending.

Ali Moore

Best sno cone in the world ?

Lyndon Damasiewicz

Absolutely amazing okie sno cones I have a great experience every time I go there the staff is great and they don’t short change you on the flavoring kudos to them.

Coy Pope

GREAT service and even better snow cones

Conner Rutherford

Amazing snow cones with even better topings that are so good! going there tonight!

Charles Cosgrove

Best snow cones in Yukon with a lot of flavors to choose from.

Anna Morgan


Virginia Davidson

Amazing quality, decently priced, great service will definitely be back!!

Deborah Sykes

I went today and bought 5 sno-cones. Mine was the only one that was any good. Everyone else said their's was awful!! Plus they were expensive, we won't be going back.

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