Sonic Drive-In

729 W Main St, Yukon
(405) 354-7424

Recent Reviews

Frances Hutchinson

Food came quickly & was exactly what was ordered. Excellent!!

Connie Winship

Very good service,hardy any wait time. Using the app. helps so much. Carhop was super nice even in this 100° weather. ?Hope they stay that way...Thank you!?

michael fisher

Sonic in Yukon,OK on Main St. is a big waste of time. Ordered 2 shakes through the app. Had to wait 15 min to get them. Got home and one of the shakes was wrong. Went back, told them what happened, girl said correct shake would be right out. Almost 20 min have gone by now and still no shake. Talked to manager, he said hold on and after couple of min he comes back to me and wants to know if I ordered a shake. I told him I was tired of screwing with them and left, not very happy.

Karen Martinez

I placed an order on Saturday, August 21, got home to find most of it missing. BUT, I called and they graciously refilled my order. Thank you!

Stacey Smith

This is the perfect place to get unique drinks.

Rhiannon Baker

The wait wasn't too bad this time but the tots that we recieved were shameful.

Crystal N.

Waited over 20 minutes for a order of mozzarella sticks.... Finally I called to ask what was going on because it was closing time and they shut off all of the lights do. This isn't the first issue that I've had at this location do yourself the favor and drive across town to the location off of Garth brooks Blvd. Update order placed at 9:45pm store closes at 10pm food arrived at 10:08pm and wasn't even in a bag!

Kevin White

The sonic on Main Street in Yukon really needs to train their employees better.Ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster, got it home without any lettuce or pickles on it….the Mrs. tried to order a chocolate shake, only to be informed that they were out of chocolate syrup!What kind of business, especially a Sonic that specializes in shakes/ice cream sundaes etc…….runs out of chocolate syrup??This isn’t the 1st time with issues at this location… will definitely be the last tho! There are never bad students, only bad teachers!! Train your employees to care about customer service… will go along ways in generating future business, TRUST ME!Sorely disappointed in this location!

Sherry Nusz

This usually one of my favorite sonics but i have sat here for over 30 minutes waiting on 2 shakes and a water. My order was made online and after 20 minutes i buzzed asking about my order and was told it would be right out. Still not here. I did notice there was only one car hop i dont understand why that would be but....I have now waited 35 minutes and it is finally arrived.

Wade Carter

You can always count on fast food done fast at Sonic. Some best food seems to be slower than Christmas. But not at Sonic Drive-Ins. At least all the ones that I have gone to over the years.And I've always thought Sonic had the best food and drinks in any other fast food chain.It's kind of neat that the very first Sonic started many years ago in Shawnee, Oklahoma by a man named Smith. (Sorry, a little Oklahoma trivia). Wade

Chelsea Stafford

I shouldn't even give it one star I used to love Sonic but my experience today I don't know that I will ever go back. My food was cold it tasted like ketchup instead of honey barbecue sauce on my chicken I told them from the beginning I had three separate orders yet they still bring me one receipt with all three orders together I had kids Bring my food who had no clue what it was or how to take my payment this is the worst Sonic I have ever been to

Gina B

Our family loves Sonic drinks. The Sonic on Main in Yukon makes us not love them. You order a frozen lemonade, they bring you a diet coke ?. Or hey its at least lemonade....not frozen (which costs more), and it's 90% ice....Most frustrating Sonic award goes to this store.


This used to be the best Sonic in Yukon.....and then something has went very wrong! The last 3 times we have been, hasn’t been very busy but waiting for over 30 min for drinks is crazy! Today was the final straw, I ordered two drinks, 1 order cheese tots and 1 order cheese fries.....I got 1 order of chili cheese fries and the drinks. So I thought maybe they just hadn’t heard me, I reordered 1 cheese tt and I got another order of chili cheese tt. I messaged to have it corrected this time and waited another 15 min and gave up. So basically I paid $10 for 2 drinks. And they weren’t super busy. Won’t be back until something changes.

taylor evans

The only reason I come to this sonic is because its right next to my house but lord they are slooowww. This is by far the worst visit I have had. Got here at 8:54pm, already knew what we wanted so we pushed the button- no answer to order until 9:02pm. We are the only vehicle here and only ordered two milkshakes. Watching a girl inside counting what I assume are her tips this whole time and a shady looking worker creeping around outside. Literally writing this while sitting here waiting. Finally got our order at 9:26pm. Before writing this, is saw a review that said "this place is a dumpster fire" and I could not agree more! New management needed and possibly several workers replaced. I will now be driving accross town to the other sonic from this day on.

Macey Norman

The food is always good & fresh, just not fast. Be prepared to wait at least 10+ minutes if you order any food. Doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.Update- got my food about 20 minutes after ordering & my chicken was no longer warm nor were my fries & my tea was not sweet....

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