Tacos EL Tapatio # 1

16 E Main St, Yukon
(405) 421-2156

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dope place, food is very very very consistent and always tastes good. The portions are great and not to mention the employees are always so kind. Foods out quick and hot all the time, they started charging a little more but in my opinion it’s very well deserved and needed for how many people eat there a day.


Hands down the best taco truck in the OKC area. The carnitas and asada are phenomenal and the salsa is so good. I have been eating here almost weekly for 1.5 years and never once have I been unsatisfied with the food or the service.

Tiffany Harrington

My husband and I LOVE this taco truck! Their food is always so good. We usually get the asada tacos!

Jared B.

Prices are good, food is delicious. Best carnitas tacos around. Salsa is flavorful. I could eat it every day.

Adam Robinson

The food is always excellent and truly authentic. The only major thing is the entrance is absolutely horrible. The parking lot has holes you could park a VW bug in. I have tried to call the owner of the property to no avail. I do asphalt repair and maintenance on the side and would be happy to offer a quote but he doesn't respond at all. I think he is under the impression that it is city property but it isn't. So,if you drive in hopefully you have a high clearance vehicle or you WILL damage your vehicle. One of these days maybe the owner will pull his head out and fix the parking lot., But I'm not holding my breath. Peace out amigos and senioritas

Kenton Brown

My fiancée and I have been on a taco truck tour. This truck is definitely the best we have had in the Yukon/Mustang/NW OKC area.

Shawn Kuriakose

Taco EL Tapatio #1 food is great, however one of the best things about this place is now gone. You can no longer use Apps to pay for food, which is a big inconvenience to customers it’s Cash Only.

Brent Mowery

I am new to the Yukon area. This food truck had really high ratings. As soon as it opened, people were there, including me. Fresh, hot and delicious street tacos! 5 for $7.50 including choice of meats and sauces..really good food!

Jo Ann T.

Love this place although it doesn't look like much and it's a cash only place, we go here a lot!! I owe cash on me just for this place.


The folks at Tacos El Tapatio are great! They're tacos, mulitas, and Burritos are on point! Seriously the only taco truck my family enjoys! They only take cash

P.J. Stephenson

These guys are friendly affordable and the burritos and tacos are some of the best I've had in a while. Try the green salsa. I try to get extra so I can cook with it later. All around great experience. We go every week.

Cia C.

Love this taco truck. Fast service, good prices and the barbacoa taco or carnitas taco are where it is at!! Salsas are good and spicy. I go by there regularly and always get extra and just reheat any leftovers in a pan with a little butter to crisp up the tortillas! Love it! Maybe one day they will open a brick and mortar, but if not I'll gladly keep eating out of a box!

Vlad the impaler

I cannot put in the words how good this place is everything from the burrito I had to the tacos to the sauce excellent all around they even gave my kids free chips and they didn't have to ??

Lindsey D.

This taco truck has the best mulitas. I like the #5 asada. The service is fast and friendly. The meals are affordable and delicious.

Cindy Reyes

Taco truck takes cash only. It's pretty good. They do have a covered area w/ picnic tables for outdoor dining.

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