Thai or Pho

722 S Mustang Rd, Yukon
(405) 265-1969

Recent Reviews

Ashley Detillier

I always get the pad Thai and Thai green tea. It is so good it is addictive. I have tried both at other places and it's not as good. Hope they finish their renovations quickly and reopen soon.

Adam Lagaly

Food is wonderful if you like pho!

Bobby Ranjel

The most AMAZING Thai Food!!! Every chance I get I’m there. You literally can’t go wrong w anything on the menu!!!!

Robert Wood

Outstanding food, excellent service, wonderful people... what more could you ask for?

Crystal Neasbitt

I have had the pleasure of ordering from TOP multiple times over the past year and each time the food is amazing!!! The yellow curry is the best I’ve ever eaten and the seasonal mango/rice is absolutely delicious!!! I was not a fan of Thai food before eating this food but now I’m hooked!! You will not be disappointed with their fresh, perfectly seasoned food.

Debra Holloway Keesee

I love the yellow curry with shrimp, the crab fried rice with shrimp, the veggie spring rolls, the mango sticky rice... I get mild with no fish sauce, because that’s my style, but it’s ALL! SOOOOO! DELICIOUS!!! Support small business and eat at this restaurant... sooooo goooood!!!

Jennifer Miles

There's nothing I've ever gotten that wasn't excellent! Definitely my favorite Thai place in the area!

Jessica C.

Seriously the best Thai food and pho you will ever have! We love the panang curry and order it a few times a month because it's addicting. Other favorites include crispy egg rolls and veggie rolls. They also have amazing lunch specials! This is a true family owned business that treat you like family. If you are looking for a good meal for lunch or dinner, you need to come here ASAP!

Matt Kimmel

The BEST in the metro! They have a large selection of dishes and every dish they serve is to die for! Wonderful family and customer service, if you havnt tried everything on the menu you’re missing out!

Eric P.

There are days where I squat out on the sidewalk with a cigarette and reminisce about the good old days of when I was in Thailand. Then I start to crave Pad Thai because that's all I ate back in the motherland. I wanted authentic Thai food. I wanted something to bring me back to my childhood. I wanted something to bring me back to the land that I grew to love so much. BANG that's how I found this place. With a name like "Thai or Pho", I knew this place was going to be good because I'm just as indecisive and look at how I'm doing. I walked up to the counter and a caucasian man rose up from under the counter. In my head I was confused but then he said "sawadee krup" and I knew I was home. See the thing is, we shouldn't let our initial biases taint our worldview. What we need to do accept all those around us to form a more cohesive, understanding community so we can experience the best of all cultures. Anyways, I ordered a chicken pad thai with a spiciness level of 3 because my momma taught me to not be a pansy. The man lowered his glasses and looked at me. He said "that's pretty spicy, are you sure?" I said "bro, I eat the buldak 2x spicy ramen from korea for fun". His knees buckled and started shaking as he got up like he developed some kind of ataxia. As he regained his composure, he apologized for doubting me.

I received my food and I saw the fumes being emitted from the concoction of noodles, chicken, and tofu. Did I tell you I can see a spectrum of colors beyond what is visible to the human eye? Well what I saw was that the room was filled a blistering infrared from what I assume were the aerosolized thai chili peppers. I told you I knew I was home. I invited a large serving into my mouth and OH BABY THE FLAVOR ERUPTED. Mount St. Helens would've been proud. I ate everything within 5 minutes while crying of joy. 11/10

Casey Blake

Thai food and service at this spot is excellent. You won't be disappointed in the menu and service. Looking forward to returning with my coworkers. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I loved.

Faith Gates

Nice spot for thai food. i had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. this place has an awesome feel to it. similar to a cafe in las vegas i loved.

Bailey M.

We did finish our meal.... the second meals we got for the road were just as good. My husband finished both of our fried rice dishes. My rice was a bit too spicy for me but my husband loved it AND our one year old.... so you know, white bread is spicy to me apparently  haha. Overall, wonderful wonderful food! I'm sad that we didn't get it again on our way back through.

nathan shepherd

Outstanding place for delicious thai food. Super delicious. The service here is above par. Bring your appetite because portions are large. This place has many reviews for a reason.

Janice C.

Let me say that I love this place! Top quality ingredients that are always fresh!! Today I placed a super simple order for lunch for my daughter and I. Chicken Thai Fried Rice and chicken wings. I let them know I would arrive at 11:30 and they let me know they'd bring it out to me! I arrived on time and about 1 minute later, my food was delivered. My server, Jennifer, apologized for the delay- she explained that they waited to sauce my wings until I arrived so they would stay crispy!!! The above and beyond service is what keeps me coming back. They truly care about providing the highest quality foods to their customers!!! It's cash only for now, but done let that discourage you from giving them some love!

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