Toni's Taco

1119 S Ranchwood Blvd, Yukon
(405) 265-7554

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Ashley Spells-Hayes

Toni took over from Urban Tacos and we love it! He took their recipes and improved on a lot of them. We miss the apple churro bites and queso, but we love it! My only complaint is that they serve delicious breakfast bur aren't open for breakfast time!

German Shephard

10 out of 10 WOULD EAT AGAIN!I was pleasantly surprised how amazing Toni’s Tacos tasted!I am a very picky eater and let me tell you, I just left and am looking forward to coming back!Kind and friendly staff!Love love love Toni’s Tacos!Yukon Oklahoma

Irish Danielson

The food is not bad, however, its nothing to write home about. This is more of a fast-food spot than actual made to order restaurant, but with fresher ingredients, similar to Fuzzy's Tacos. Budgetarily, it is a better option than any of the "traditional" fast-food taco joints in Yukon.Vegetarian options: As with any Mexican-American establishment, you can simply leave the meat off of any dish on the menu to create vegetarian options.Parking: Parking is ample and located directly in front of the location.

Riley Powell

Toni’s has one of the best burritos I have ever had! This place is great. Always look forward to grabbing a bit here.

Jen Russell

I ordered Brisket Tacos, husband ordered Philly Cheese Steak Tacos. Mine came smothered with BBQ sauce & jalapenos ? I cannot do super spicy & toppings are not described on the menu, if I had known I would have ordered something else. Husband loved his meal though. I did enjoy queso, the addition of chorizo made this unique. Will ask for more details about ingredients if we return.

W. S.

We were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. It might look low key but the food certainly isn't. The tacos were not just tasty but large as well, I ordered two and had to take one home. The guacamole was pretty good and the refries actually were excellent. Add in the salsa that had just enough kick to make everything interesting and it was a very nice dining experience.Parking: Plenty of parking.

Sarah Wilbanks

This is my favorite place!!! The food is amazing and so is the staff! Thank you guys so much and keep up the fabulous work!! Love always Sarah & Andrew!!

L Austin

Street tacos were tasty and so was the nachos. People there were not greeting or thankful for our business though. They all sat at a table visiting and a kid leaving toys around on the floor for folks to trip on. We won't be back or recommend.

Donna Johnson

Nice atmosphere. Food was hot and delicious. If you haven't been here. You should. Im putting them on my list of favorites. They offer Dailey specials, and very reasonably priced. To go menus also.

Blake S.

An excellent place to get some fresh tacos! I had ordered for 8 people for a pick up order and was told the meals would be ready in 10 minutes, and it was! I ordered 6 street tacos thinking they'd be the normal size I am used to. They weren't. They were a little bit girthy. But who am I to complain about extra goods inside my taco, right?? Toni's is a great place overall and close to my home. I will be returning!

Morgan Sloan

Absolutely SO good. Every time I’ve had there has been amazing every single time. Keep up the good work!

Maria Ackeret

Sadly my rice was saggy, my other food was so so but I can't give a better review due to the high prices, I was expecting something with higher quality and flavor. Customer service was good.

Kristi Tidwell

Went to lunch today with some co workers. We frequently go to lunch here because its close to our office. The lady who took our order at the front who is the owners wife was extremely rude and accused one of my co workers of getting a drink when she ordered water which she didn’t. Another customer heard us talking and got up and said she was extremely rude to her also. I have always loved the food here but will not be going back because of the owners wife.

Morgan S.

So good every time. They use the good lettuce and great selection of meats! Salsa and queso are awesome too. Would recommend to everyone. Outstanding and something for everyone

James Doughten

I hadn't ever heard of this place till my brother in law took me there on our lunch break one day. Man their build your own burrito is the best. They are a little on the high side price wise. Considering you could eat at a fast food taco place. But keep in mind, they are not a fast food place and anymore no matter where you eat its 15-20 bucks per meal.

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