Yukon Donuts

1081 Cornwell Dr, Yukon
(405) 350-5857

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Reed

First place I visited when we first moved to town. The food is fresh and the owners are very friendly!

Carissa Loden

My daughter loves this place! They have amazing, fresh donuts. I love that the icing isn’t messy 10/10

Matt M.

The Old Fashioneds baked here are the closest thing I can find to my paternal grandmother's famous crullers. (Yes, really.) Hers were better, though, because, well, she fried them in fucking lard. (Yes, seriously. Of course she did. Pig fat makes everything better, y'all. Sincerely, Paula Deen)

Brian Masters

Went at 1130 on Sunday and he still had tons of donuts to choose from! Wasn’t out of anything like some shops. He was nice and the donuts were delicious! Great place!

Sarah Green

My husband visited this place this morning. He was in the drive thru line and he tried to ask a question but the worker said that he needed to go because there was another car behind him. She was rude and condescending towards him. We will never be back.

Denise Kennedy

Fast and friendly but had a hard time with communication. The donuts were delicious!!!!

Renne' Buckner

I ordered donuts for a birthday first of July. I placed the order for July 3rd at 6 am. I picked up right after they open so they would be fresh. We stay about 20 mins away. By the looks of it. They looked delicious. All 5 of us ate the donuts and they tasted dry and stale. They were disappointing and not worth the $25. I don’t know if they just gave us old donuts or that’s how they taste on a regular. We got a call the day before we were supposed to pickup our order stating that they have our order ready. I explained the dates are off by a day and I would see them tomorrow. Maybe they didn’t remake our order. Either way I wouldn’t recommend them or return.

Megg Taylor

Not friendly but not unfriendly. One of the workers did not wear a mask and did not restrict the # of people inside. However it was very clean and the food was good.

Alina Pavlova

I like this place!

Emanuel Delgado

Best tasting donuts and gourmet pastries

Tony Arabzadeh

Ask my wife

Amanda Brannock

Yukon donut has the best shaped donuts - like minions, a crown, shark, football- and the most delicious kolache’s

Matt B

Very good Donuts would give 5 stars if they had more of a selection.

Brent Mcdonald

They have good donuts.

Scarlet Swails

Awesome donuts!!

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