Domino's Pizza

490 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie
(705) 728-0330

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parth potla

Worst experience ever. Picked up pizza and went home. When reached home found out that order was incorrect. Call this guys and manager is saying we can not deliver the order. They talked to cuddles dominos and informed me that I will get my pizza in 30 mins from another location. I waited 40 mins and then call cuddles dominos to ask where is pizza. Cuddles dominos says we never got call from maple domino’s for delivering pizza. This is not acceptable at all. Very poor service.

Bob Faetz

Always awesome ?Large walk-in 4 topping is under $16tax included.

Jason Lewis

Store staff were much more helpful than online customer support. After having my order payment reversed and being charged $10 more, got the generic response from online customer support that someone would contact me in 3-4 business days. Went in to restaurant, showed the girl working my bank statement, showing the charge going through for the amount on order receipt, then being reversed and recharged for exactly $10 more, after reviewing the info, she said that clearly is not right, qnd she returned the $10 I was overcharged right on the spot. That's excellent customer service and customer support. With a brand as big as Domino's, the fact that a) this was done in the first place, and b) making customers wait 3-4 business days for a response is ridiculous. From now on, I will be calling my local restaurant direct to order, and paying in-store, I will not use anymore.

Alexander Faulds

Great Pizza and yesterday was a special for them and hospitals , well done

Akash Deep

Staff very helpful..Navjot Singh has good pizza making skills…i ordered pizza and he was very helpful and nice…

Shirley Mckay

I have got deliveries from this Domino place for 10 years tonight I forgot my wallet because I decided to pick my order up it would have been over an hour for delivery when I realized I asked if someone could slide by to grab payment while they were out or if I could give him a credit card number when I got home he said no so I said how can we solve this he said he would charge me $8 delivery to either come by for the payment or if I got it delivered it would be an extra 40 minutes cuz they were busy unacceptable

Athol Cohen

The Dominos app was down in the Barrie area and had to go into the store to place our order. The were very pleasant and expedited our order of 3 large pizzas ??


Amazing staff! After ordering my son sat in the corner where the stairs up to window view into kitchen is (I’m assuming it was put there for kids which amazing !) he got to watch The girls working there were bang out pizzas with such speed he was amazed by it! Super friendly staff and the place looked super clean for a pizza place ! Just wish there was a tip option on their debit as I didn’t have cash to tip sadily

James Cousineau

Awesome fast service and excellent pizzas! Never disappointed :)

shodhan kothari

Worst pizza store, made mistake in my order . Delivered another pizza with worst quality under cooked and over sauce


We ordered a Pepperoni Feast pizza and honey garlic wings for delivery. The amount of pepperoni was almost none existent and the wings had been baked in BBQ sauce! Their quality of food had been declining for months. Will not be ordered from there again.

Robert Faetz

It's very hard to find food when you're a overnight trucker.This place I was lucky enough to try and it's open til 1am or 2am Thursday Friday and Saturday. Check with the store incase I'm off on the times.This piticular Domino's must have hired the right people because they haven't disappointed me yet. And I'm very picky

Krishna Patel

Worst customer service. Online ordering system has some technical issues and instructed me to contact store so i call this store and guy ask me to refresh page and try to put it again but it still wasn't working so i ask him to take order over phone and without listening to my request he keeps telling me to do Online (which wasn't working multiple time and in my card it says money deducted by store #1042 then it refunded by same store and it happened 4 times while i was talking to him on phone) i told him about that and still this guy won't take order over phone after multiple time telling him to take order over phone he keeps telling me try again . I am not sure what's his deal by forcing me to do online only but it leaves me nothing but bad impressions about this store.

Laureen Struthers

Location and staff were great, food was sub par. Everything we ordered was over cooked ( Pizza, cheesy bread, specialty chicken)I was not a fan of the pizza sauce. It was very acidic tasting. Unfortunately not for me.


Fantastic service all the time! The elderly gentleman is among my favorite deliverers from anywhere. Food is always great, can never complain. 5/5

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