19 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie
(705) 735-4895

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Nichole Hemsworth

Sandwich maker wasn't very personable. He seemed super grumpy and miserable. But he made mine and my daughters orders perfectly and was super quick. If I didn't take so long to figure out what I wanted, we would have been in and out in 7 minutes.Parking: Located in a plaza so lots of free parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

Hao Sun

Really bad service... I asked to use giftcard QR code and he didn't try and lied that it didn't work.

A MacDonald

Honestly I was severely disappointed when I came into this location. I was here ordering 3 meals, when I asked for extra onions the gentleman behind the counter no word of a lie said to me no. When I repeated thatd I'd like some extra onions on my sub he replied "subway has a formula". I've never heard this, but clearly the formula sucks if I can't have a few more onions on my sub ?‍♀️ I'm sure I won't be back to this location, and clearly these reviews aren't lying when they say this location is clearly slacking, not just on the atmosphere but the staff in general could be more polite.Parking: Busy parking lot but usually theres room

Shamiran Tamras

The most HORRIBLE location ever. Filthy place, rotten tomatoes. I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich and the chicken was frozen. I went back to the guy to heat up the chicken. He warmed up the chicken using his bare hands without gloves putting it back into the same sandwich From then I knew it was very unsanitary. And still, the chicken was cold. I got food poisoning. I missed 2 days of work thanks to subway. The most horrible the most disgusting staff and very rude was well as unexperienced. If this place is not inspected this should be permanently closed to the Public. I officially hate subway as a whole. I will never eat in subway ever again thanks to their disgusting habits and experience. FI's... Pizza sandwich, it was so cold to the fact that the cheese was not melted. Steak and Cheese, tomatoes were rotten, the taste of it took over the steak. The Pepsi, or water I should call it because that's exactly what it tasted like. Maybe the manager is trying to save money, adding water instead of soda to the machine. Spent 60 bucks on 3 sandwich that tasted like sewage.

Taj K

Rude worker! He kept looking at the time and rushing us when selecting toppings and put very little toppings for the sandwich. He selected his own tip before handing the machine over to pay. He told us that we couldn’t dine in because it was after 9pm and there was no sign indicating that.


Working hours till 10 PM, arrived 9:50 to order and pickup, the employee told me they’re closed. Bad customer service!!

Simon Lund

I just got severe food poisoning drim this Subway. Guy behind the counter wasn't very friendly and could care less about the way he spoke to customers. Obviously he took the same care in switching out ingredients and washing surfaces/ hands. I've missed a day of work and was up all night puking thanks to this subway.

Vera Soujah

Very good service and food!

rachel Carter

The service was good and friendly. Very good job on the subs. Also did a good job at keeping a clean service while made a GF sub and normal sub.

Matt Atkins

Make sure to check your receipts before u go. Got a combo with a fountain drink but they charged me extra for a bottled drink. Sleezy.

jot batuha

Nice service, easily put the toppings and store was clean. Top of all, tasty sub.Thank you.

Matty Atkins

Make sure to check your receipts before u go. Got a combo with a fountain drink but they charged me extra for a bottled drink. Sleezy.

Josh Cook

As far as Subways go, this one is top notch. Clean restaurant, high food standards (...again, as far as Subways go...), and a friendly staff. They are always super nice to me and my son.

chris cole

Home boy grilled my wrap with the paper on it lol

Elizabeth Sarmento

Very dirty location

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