The Sweet Oven Inc

90 Park Pl Blvd #2, Barrie
(705) 733-9494

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Margaret Travis-Dinkins

OMG!!!! We just went on a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake and we’re referred to this bakery by a waitress at “Double D’s”. We have really no adjectives for the specialness of this bakery . Just go. PERIOD!!! Lisa is such a professional, her bakery is par NONE!!! We also got to meet Dave today when we picked up I an order to use as souvenirs. Their sweet butter pastries are Devine! My favorite is the Skor one, peanut butter is #2. My friends and I purchased about $ 200 USD T bring home as souvniers!

Ontario Go Local

Great butter tarts with a large variety of flavours! The butter tarts we got were very runny, so beware if trying to split them in half! Overall, great place for a sweet treat ?

blair green

Best tarts ever! Wish they had a location close to home. Any time we head to Muskoka, we plan around stopping for some tarts.

Cara Burton

We love these butter tarts so much that we ordered minis in lieu of a wedding cake. Customer service was great, ordering and pick up went smoothly and we can't wait to share our favourite treat with our loved ones. Raspberry is our favourite flavour (coconut is a close second).

Daphne labelle

These are the absolute best butter tarts ever. I often buy them for clients and feedback is always amazing. Would have given five stars however when you buy a batch of six they always put one in that is not perfect looking. This is disappointing, they should sell imperfect ones separately. I usually order multiple half dozens at a time and deliver them to clients. If I pick them out for the boxes they are definitely perfect and are an amazing decadent treat and the boxed display is awesome!They also have cookies which are amazing but the baker seldom makes them.Go early as they sell out during the day to avoid disappointment!

Ian D.

Amazing. Bought the oreo and skor cheesecakes and the plain, skor and chocolate chip butter tarts. Im actually happy I don't live in Barrie or else I'd be 500 lbs.

Alexandra Cosentino

If you like very oozy butter tarts, this place is definietly it! They're super tasty. Wish they had more of a variety besides that - very tasty butter tarts!

Andrew Duffett

Good afternoon. I am not posting this review to talk of bad service, poor quality product, runny or not runny tarts or a complaint about over priced goods. I am simply asking a few questions about change.Ill start with a short background. We have been going to sweet oven since it first opened. The butter tarts were runny, the pastry was light and thin. They really seemed like you were getting a homemade experience. The flavor was exemplary and didnt make the higher price you paid even be part of the equation. My only issue prior to yesterday was that the sweet oven never seemed to produce enough of a great product week after week to satisfy the want/need of their customers/consumer. In other words, time after time not having produced enough of their most popular products to meet demand. If that is some sort of marketing ploy, well so be it, but I dont understand that. But that is not what my review is about here today.I went there again yesterday after a couple of years of being away because of Covid. The usual issue of being sold out of a desired product still existed...kind of surprised me that they would not have corrected such an issueThe questions I have...please respond1. Does anyone feel the homemade taste and experience of the orignal butter tarts has changed?2. Does anyone feel the amount of filling seems to be reduced ?3. The pastry portion now seems processed like any other butter tart ?4. The actual size of the butter tart has changed to be smaller?I think the pastry has been made differently and the thickness of the pastry and amount has been dramatically increased resulting in a completly different experience.I am talking about when the Sweet Oven first opened until now.Just looking for clarification of my experience.Thanks

Kylie Marsman

Really dissatisfied with the service today at 1:15. Walked into the store, both employees looked right at us, didn’t acknowledge, say hello or tell us they were going to need a minute to complete the order. Both employees were taking the small order of one lady. As we stood there for FIVE minutes, speaking about the selection they continued to completely ignore us and work on this one lady. We decided to walk out and they still didn’t acknowledge us in any way. Definitely will not be going back with our customer service experience as poor as this one.

Jake Jake

Imagine having a face mask exemption and being told to leave the store, would this be discrimination? I remember the first time walking in this store on Barrieview, and now the experience I have heard from another customer, I will never enter your new location again


I don’t understand why everyone raves about these butter tarts. The flavours are good but they are so so runny. Like fall out of the shell onto your plate runny. I’ve even bought the “not so runny” ones they advertise and they are no firmer. Not a fan.

Mel Skopt

Best butter tarts EVER, been buying them from here for years. They actually taste like they're made with butter! None of that nasty bland/lard flavor like the ones sold in grocery stores. Had the pleasure of trying their mini cheesecakes recently and WOW! Most delicious cheesecake I've had in a long time.

Craig B

As close to home made as you can get. Others say home made but they are nowhere close. Lots of flavor butter tarts. Chocolate chip, plain, raisin, skor, cinnamon raisin to name a few. Nice and buttery not super sweet like others. Pastry is flakier than others. $3 each, $16.50 for 6. Very good the day after too. Good amount of filling vs others. More expensive than others, but worth it.

Sari S

One could say I'm a butter tart connoisseur. These were absolutely incredible. I didn't even know about this store. I had ordered Italian food next door and happened to see it. I googled what it was and saw it was a speciality shop for butter tarts. Of course, I had to go in!I got plain and raisin. I also got 2 of the cheesecakes (Oreo and skor). Everything was so delicious.Some reviews mentioned they're a bit runny. I had them in the fridge so they were perfect. Definitely recommend trying this place out if you're in the area!

Catharine Andelt

Amazing! My preference is a runny tart and these are it! The peanut butter, blueberry, and raspberry are my faves. I only wish they were opened on Sundays.

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