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151 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie
(705) 737-0616

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First time here. I rarely get out and was excited to go for lunch and get a coffee only to realize my large coffe was a steeped tea and not a coffee. Plus was double charged for trading cards, not cool. I didn't notice the coffee error till I was back at work ugh.

sudeep rupowalia

There’s an old lady . it looks like she dont wanna work. she is just forced to do work. i asked for straw and asked for extra sweetner in my coffee. she replied that you need everything from our store and i was making them to work anyways you are getting paid to serve your customers . i was quite and didnt reply because of her age. its not that i was not able to respond but She is old and i didnt want to disrespect her. please if you cant work in this age just quit.


The coffee I received here today taste like instant coffee, brutal! What a terrible way to start a Friday morning

Taanvi Loachotra

Worst experience of my life. I visit this Tim Hortons almost everyday, and this girl tanpreet or something who doesn’t even know how to pronounce her own name was so rude. If you don’t know how to take orders or listen properly DON’T DO IT !! As simple as that. And you need to keep your attitude to yourself. Will never visit again. Tim Hortons you need to change your employees for this store specifically.

Manjeet singh

Did not like the food and drinks.I think they have reduced the size of begal as well. Tim Hortons used to be so good but not anymore.The new cups for the cold beverages are garbage, when you will try to take a sip it would spill on your cloths.


Pretty bad experience for a Tim Hortons drive-thru, one car and myself in the drive thru took almost 10 minutes (turned off my car after ordering my iced coffee, person in front of me only ordered a coffee and Timbits), got my cup and the lid was fully split at the mouth. Haven’t had issues like this at Timmies in a long time.

Ashley Holloway

Went there today and the service was definitely not even what I could consider basic customer service. I haven’t been to this location in a few years, but when I worked in Barrie I went almost daily and never had an issue. Today was a different story. All I was going for was a vanilla dip donut for my son, which was very much much on the menu sign in front of me. The lady working drive thru told me they don’t carry those there. So I said okay, I’ll take the strawberry swirl (also on the menu sign I was looking at) and she said no that one is over. At this point I nicely mentioned how that was strange because I was looking at them on the menu, which she ignores completely, so then I try again and ask for a maple dip and she just responds with “no never”. At this point I was over playing the guess the donut game so I told them nevermind. Firstly, I’m not local so I didn’t know they never have the maple dip there, secondly why didn’t she at least give me an alternative donut that they did actually have in stock at the time and maybe I could have chosen one. Honestly, I am not expecting amazing customer service at Tim Hortons, let’s be real. However, an ounce of basic service would have be nice. It’s not even about them not having the donuts, it’s just the way it was handled.

steve s

This location used to be good but has gone downhill fast in the last couple years. Used to be a regular here but not anymore. I feel like I'm gambling, taking my chances if my order will be right or not

Justin Way

I have been coming here every Tuesday and Friday for 2 months and I'm done with this place. Staff is extremely rude, any food you order is always prepared poorly. The staff seem to argue with eachother every time I come by. Won't be back.

Uzair Khan

Found a grey hair in my Egg n cheese .Grossed out early in the morning.Really disappointed, these things are totally avoidable.

Cody Jacobs

The whole drive thru experience was a big mishap. I ordered two sausage breakfast sandwiches, I mentioned I had an offer on the app. 2 for 5$. As I come up to the window they are asking what I ordered. I told them what it was and the old staff member sighed and went to fix up my order once I told her what it was.I showed them the offer and it was activated, they said it takes 3-5 mins to load once activated. I mentioned I’ve never had that problem with Tim Hortons before, it always loaded on time for me.The old Lady with long hair said it’s because the wifi sucks at their location… I use Data anyways..They told me the final price was 9$. I said can I come inside and wait for the offer to load because I’m using the offer and not paying 9$. They said sure in a why and I wasting their time manor. Absolutely no manors and very rude staff from the two old woman. I come inside to get my order, the old short lady was still very rude, very disrespectful.Does no one else read the reviews about the staff? LmaoThe breakfast sandwiches turned out fine, is why I gave 2 star, but the way the old staff treat the customers is hilarious and atrocious. One star.The owner should check in with staff in regards to manors and respect. If this was my business they wouldn’t be working for me.The short elderly lady with the grey hair shouldn’t be working with customers. The old lady with the long hair needs to treat customers with respect and curtesy. 9:15 am November 7th 2021.

Cathy MacDonald

We are frequent customers of this Tim Hortons and while the service is usually good, i am getting really sick of paying for cheese on a sandwich and not getting it!!!! ?Also today my sandwich buns were burnt!!! Completely ruined the sandwich! I would prefer to wait a little extra for better quality!!!

Shane Jones

Great morning service.Always welcomed with a smile.Chasity and Liz are super nice lady's and treat there staff members extremely well .It is my favorite tims

Lisa Wellington

I go to this tim’s all the time and see the most unprofessional things. The other day I went in and the lady that doesn’t wear a hairnet (who’s hair is everywhere!) was barking at customers and when I asked her to fill up my coffee more, she threw it at me and said “IS THAT FULL ENOUGH”. I was then rushed to the hospital for 2nd degree burns on my face and arms and am still healing from the incident.

Spencer Jackson

Completely disorganized. Some people know what they're doing, but it's countered by the inept employees. This location is significantly slower than the rest. Whoever the manager is here really needs to do their job.

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