ELeVATOR bistro

446 Pearl St, Burlington
(905) 631-0660

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Yves T

Fun place, service was amazing, beautiful decor, very creative dishes. But the food requires more taste/depth. The bread du moment reminded me of the bread wafers in church, dry and tasteless. Potato appetizers didn't have much taste and there is much better pizza down the street. Fish dish was very tasty. We might give it another try down the road.

D Torzan

Great spot with European flair and non rushed Italiano style dining. They have a great wine selection also! Highly recommended!

Kathy Paterson

Food was good and so was service. Not one server or kitchen staff wore a mask (even though it is mandated!) Drinks were extremely overpriced compared to other nice restaurants nearby. Don’t think we will return.

Jungeun Choi

Amazing food, great service, & beautiful atmosphere.I had to love this place, as soon as I entered. The place even took care of small details that includes my favourite cutlery. The menu was simple and focused. It changes periodically, that gives me a reason to visit the place again.Food was amazing. Each ingredient showed its distinct flavour, and yet mixed in balance. They were lightly seasoned and tasted healthy. Moreover, they were beautifully presented. Portions were small but it was okay to me, as I got to try multiple dish without being too full. Lastly, I want to thank to great service which made my experience complete.I can't wait to visit this place again to try different flavour.

Jason Cooper

Amazing Experience! This was more than just a meal. This place puts so much effort in choosing each and every item on their menu from wine to dessert. They lay out a food experience that is a perfect balance and it shows. Artists for sure.


Wonderful experience at Elevator this evening. Quality ingredients, great cocktails and wonderful service. Gorgeous interior. Thank you !

Iain “Dryer Vent Cleaner” Stubley

Great experience this restaurants staff are very attentive and the food was excellent. Went there to celebrate our anniversary and our friends as Doug Ford is destroying lives through ridiculous unjustified bullsh!t measures. Elevator was very accommodating to people with exemptions

Dean Hefford

Incredible take away meal - truly, the best take out I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to be able to enjoy a meal inside!Cheers!

Jess Fabrizio

Frequent customer and never been disappointed. The staff are always super friendly and personable and always accommodating. Thank you!

Dr. Michelle Pobega, ND

I just had the best dinner and most amazing night out eating at Elevator Bistro. I highly recommend this place.Firstly, the atmosphere created by the staff was so welcoming. I loved how they all worked as a team and were so attentive of the little details for the duration of our dinner.You can see most of their prep and cooking stations and they are immaculately clean. Plus, they make so much from scratch and take pride in the quality of their product. I also really appreciate their changing menu that respects seasonal and locally available products, as well as organic ingredients.The menu is small but mighty. I prefer a restaurant that keeps a concise menu and just excels at what they create. Each dish that we ordered was incredible. AND, the desserts were amazing. I had a tart created from a root vegetable (turnip? I cannot remember) with a SunChoke caramel. I didn't realize you could make caramel from sunchokes!!! It was the perfect balance of sweet and rich with a hint of savoury. It was incredible.Half way through our dinner we were already discussing when we will return next. We will be back for sure.

Lora Picchi

What a lovely experience! Staff are so friendly and atmosphere is relaxed and cozy. I went with my Dad and 2 sons to try their pizza. We're Italian so we're quite discerning about food, lol! We were impressed with the thin crust and good quality toppings. Pizzas were served nice and hot fresh out of the oven. Can't wait to return!

Fiona Dietzel

Absolutely love this restaurant! Staff are incredibly friendly and the food is amazing! We were there last night for my son’s birthday and had a great time as usual!

Justine McKnight

WOW! I am SO impressed with this restaurant! Absolutely beautiful inside and the friendliest staff! I'm vegan and they were able to make me the most delicious vegan pizza ever. They were so accommodating and the attention to detail is very much appreciated. Would highly recommend! Thank you for a divine night of food, superior service and the most welcoming atmosphere.


After a recommendation from a Downtown Burlington friend about the best pizza in Burlington and 2 months of lockdown, we decided to support a local restaurant. I have been to several other Burlington restaurants over the last year of Covid and had no issues or concerns. Upon entering the front door and seeing the 2 pizza chefs without a mask I should have taken notice immediately. Even the waiter that seated us wasn't wearing one. I guess I didn't walk out because I thought maybe they had a reason for not wearing one. In all the other dinning experiences I have had over Covid I have never seen a staff member without a mask. After about 40 minutes I started to see and count the other staff members in this small restaurant, 10-12 without masks. Now I started to see an issue. After a rushed meal of a cheese plate and 2 pizzas we left. I decided when I got home to contact the manager about the mask issue. I was told that they had upgraded their air exchange unit and that the bi-law allows for exemptions for masks. I quickly asked that all 10-12 staff members had heath reasons for not wearing a mask? Really didn't get anything other then they were following the bi-law. No questions on my experience or if I was OK with his answer, I hung up the phone. I am now questioning myself as to why I didn't walkout and I truly believe that the reason is that I wasn't expecting any of this in a red zone area under restrictions of only 10 patrons. I did some research on this restaurant and found several other complaints about the patio and no masks. My experience was inside the restaurant which is even worse. I am writing this review so no one else that follows the mask rules has to deal with this establishment. There is no way all 10-12 staff members are exempt from wearing a mask and I do find this to be nothing more then a staff decision to not wear masks at work. After not seeing several family members on a regular basis and my mother for over a year and a half now I have no time for people and the mask issue. I truly can say this was not worth the money and has to be by far the worst dining experience in my lifetime. I will be calling public health. This place needs to be shut down.


My husband and I had such a wonderful experience at the Elevator. Not only were our meals delicious, the atmosphere was very pleasant. This restaurant goes above and beyond my expectations! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly without being intrusive. Thank you Elevator - will most certainly be returning!

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