Mount Royal Restaurant

2029 Mt Forest Dr, Burlington
(905) 332-7111

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Michael Scrocco

Ordered 4lbs of wings, box felt a bit light. So I put them on the scale. WITH THE BOX. Less then 1.5lbs.SO I called the store, and they told me that this is simply how they do business, they "only count 8 wings per pound" and they are very small wings.Been coming to this place for 10+ years, and am truly disappointed. Never Ever again. Not how you speak to customers. Amazingly rude over the phone when faced with a customer complaint. Shame.

Ryan Hounslow

Mount Royal needs a serious class on time management and customer service. Lady who runs the counter isn’t pleasant at all one rude lady.Ordered two pizzas get told 25 min for pick up.Had to wait an extra 25min as they are behind yet again and to boot they made the wrong pizzas.This place is going downhill very quick.Anyone recommend a good mom and pop pizza shop to support??


Since lockdown was on, six of us ordered take out on a Friday night. We all had different things (souvlaki both pork and chicken, liver and onions, Greek salad with chicken, hot hamburger) and everybody said theirs was really good. I don't understand reviews that have a complaint about the food as we've never had a bad item there. We love this community restaurant and will give it our business as we'd hate to see it go under. I hope you will too. It's one of the few Mom and Pop places around Burlington and is so much nicer and more personal than the big chains. The staff are like friends. Hang on Mount Royal - better times ahead.

Holly P

Pizza and garlic bread had a good taste, but was cold. Wings were over cooked and dried out. I called to place an order, to pick up an hour later. When I got there it was still not ready! I waited 25 minutes inside. And the older lady running the cash was SO RUDE. I could hear her taking phone orders as well and she was so rude to them. She also charged me a different price than what was on the register, and had to calculate it about 4 times on an actual calculator. It's 2022. Time to upgrade your system. We won't be back due to TERRIBLE customer service and time management.


Great food, Great friendly staff, one of Burlingtons hidden gems. I have never been disappointed with any meals there, breakfast, lunch or supper. They have the old school mom and pop charm that you don't see in big chain restaurants.

Jasen Hewitt

Love this place! Breakfast was delicious, and the waitstaff were outstanding ?


We to Mount Royal Resterant on Saturday for lunch with the family, first time since Covid. The service was bad a young girl, not the regular girls and the food was even worse! We ordered simple meals, grill cheese and fries and 3 club sandwiches, 2 with poutine, the other just sandwich. It was a long wait for our food and there was maybe 9 tables that had people at them and most of them had there food. We finally got our food and my poutine was cold, sandwich was cold. The grill cheese and fries cold. So we sent it back! The other 2 meals also cold but they didn't want to send them back. We got our meals back, the grill cheese.... you could have used as a door stopper it was rock hard and the fries were over done. Need less to say a few fries eaten, grill cheese not touched. The poutine I received back was soaking on gravy, you could not even eat the fries as they became soggy and gross. Had a few bites that was it, the sandwich was still cold but I ate it as I was straving. I told him not to pay for his meal that he only ate a few fries, but he did anyways. We also asked for another coffee when she brought back our food and that also never came! I spoke to on of the regular waitresses on the way out to advise what happen. She told me there is only 3 waitresses, 4 in total but 3 on Saturday, and it's busy and people were still coming in at 130 and they close at 2. Advised her that most of the people had already been served when we sat down, and if 3 waitresses can't do it then get more staff or limit the amount of people coming in. Also told her she should lock the door at 1 so no other people come in as they close at 2. Bad management, food and service. I use to go there at least ever 2 weeks pre covid. In won't be back!

Sarah Robson

Always a great experience. All orders were exactly as ordered and the food (again as always) was fabulous! Staff is super friendly and helpful.

Paul Ashton

Great food and great service as always! Ask for Anna as she was our server today and she was excellent.

Kim Clarke

Staff were overworked, although our waitress was lovely. Eggs were overcooked, and toast came out really late. Coffee not refilled. Most worrying was one of the cooks in the back wore his mask on his chin. Wow.... Just wow. Won't be going back.

Mike St

This has been our go to family restaurant for many many years and we’ve continued supporting them during these difficult times we’re all experiencing. Unfortunately the past few times the food quality has gotten worse where today most of our food was not cooked (eg, raw) yet the kitchen staff raised their voices at our server (eg, it’s cooked). Very sad to see this happening with their food quality.The servers continue to be wonderful. Its so sad how the kitchen staff treat the wonderful servers … so sad.

Bill !

Very average food, average service. Above average prices (i.e. big breakfast is $16 and i wasn't even full). Much better quality breaky to be had elsewhere. Won't go back.

Charles Stade

Great food and service. Would give 5 stars but during this pandemic using the same cloth to wipe seats and the tables over and over again is just for show and does more harm than good.

Roshan Basnet Oakville & Burlington Realtor

My fam and I loved the outdoor patio, the friendly staff greeted us, cleaned a table for us and we were seated immediately. We urgently needed coffee ☕️ and Anna brought it out with speed. Hot hot fresh brew.And then we ordered breakfast ??. French toast and Pancakes special, home fries, eggs ?, bacon ? sausages…. Wow it was quick service. Great ? food.Checkout @RealtorRoshan on Instagram for full video review. Thanks.

kamran monjezi

Great veggie burgers, fries and superb service.

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