Pan Chancho Bakery & Café

44 Princess St, Kingston
(613) 544-7790

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Our group had a breakfast on the rear patio. The atmosphere was good. The coffee was great. The service was friendly and attentive. Other than that, I really wasn't impressed of their food at all. Their croissant was nothing special, just overrated and over-priced. (There are lots of take-out food and desserts in their store. Some of the bakery did look good and tasty.)

Annie Kingston

We had the curry eggs here and the eggs Benny, but it was the Benny that was the star! Really enjoyed brunch here with my mother on the outside terrace. ☀️

Jeremy Ng

Very nice store layout and very welcoming. Friendly staff and generally a great place to visit for coffee and baked goods. Also sells a lot of other interesting things but stuck around just to pick up some breakfast to go.

Suzanne Baker

We had a fantastic brunch here!! I wanted breakfast and my husband wanted lunch and their menu provided delicious options for both. I ordered a mimosa and was pleasantly surprised to be served my own tiny bottle of bubbles to mix with the freshly squeezed OJ! My blueberry french toast was incredible...nice thick bread that was perfectly cooked and topped with fresh cream. Service was quick and friendly. We will definitely visit next time we are in Kingston!

Javier Romero

The curry eggs are delicious and the Chai latte was on point. Super efficient staff! We barely had to wait. The patio is very open and sunny, totally loved it

Melita Ellis

This place is the BEST for breakfast. Eggs Benny are fantastic. Staff are very sweet and welcoming. A must try!!!!

Jennifer Pryal

A beautiful shop and café! Whether you’re looking for a spot for breakfast or lunch or wanting to take home delicious treats I can highly recommend. Most recently we had Pan Chancho cater our daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner party and everything was outstanding! Our guests loved the food so much and Bernice was a pleasure to work with. She made everything easy, knew just how much was enough and had perfect suggestions. So good!

Nicole S.

I heard this place was the go to place for breakfast/ brunch. Recently moved here from Toronto and my bestie was visiting me so we popped in. The place seems on fleek. You'll see groups of people in their 20's chatting it up and laughing. There are cool moms brunching. Many people in their 30's and under. Food was over priced but looked pretty. The patio or view wasn't anything special. It's a place to go if your going to be trendy on fleek but not for the food or view. I suppose just to say you went. Weekender Croissant Sandwich $19.50 with added peameal bacon

Neo V.

Great place. Cozy and good food. Fresh baked goods. The chorizo sausage is one of the best I've tasted.

Jason Patter

Always amazing day in and day out. Friendly staff as well. To-go or dine-in, can’t go wrong.

Felipe A. C.

Not much selection or variety. Everything is behind glass or in the refrigerator. It's o.k. I guess, not a bistro. Just another post covid establishment that went downhill. Nothing to do with pork sandwiches for those that speak the language. Wouldn't go there again. Expen$$ive.

Alice Lalas

Fantastic food, though it took us ages to decide what to get because everything looked so good. The service was a real treat though, genuinely friendly and attentive without crowding us. Will definitely return. Patio is lovely, nice birds to look at

Aditya Joshi

Wow wow wow..!!! Nust great all over.Outside sitting was amazing. Great setup. Service was excellent as soon as we entered.Multiple options for drinks and food. I got mimosa and eggs benedict. Nothing disappointed!Recommended!

Jennifer Bruley

I will not be returning to Pan Chancho again. I have little to nothing bad to say about the food, it was good, perfectly serviceable. 2 times I have been into Pan Chancho and 3 times I have been bodily shoved, grabbed, and manhandled by rude customers... I went during COVID!The workers are doing their best behind counters and shield glass and even stepping forward to meet people. But customers where not directed, they were not social distancing, and as mentioned above even GRABBING ME!An elderly person grabbed my arm in order to make me step aside and social distance so that they could get my spot in line. As I was reading the cheeses I had another customer shove past me sending me forward into the cheese rack. Than that rude customer had the audacity to glare at me, and not even apologize.I left the place with my food, my heart pounding in my chest, there was no social distancing and the bodily shoving and grabbing had me panicked by the time I left. The lunch was not worth the wholly unpleasant experience of being in their store. I recommend going somewhere else for your lunch, their food is not worth being shoved out of the way for.Also if you go there and and you push, shove, and grab people... reflect on yourself, and how your actions effect other people. Are you really being the kind of neighbor that Mister Rogers thought you could be? We are getting through this Pandemic together and your actions are not helping anyone out but yourself.TLDR; I was shoved, grabbed, and pushed by customers, there is little to no social distancing between customers for COVID, and I will not be returning. The staff is apathetic to this happening around them at best.

Karen T

Had a fantastic brunch at this place! We were lucky to grab a table so quickly in their patio (be prepared to queue) but was no disappointed! Great drink selection (teas, coffees and mimosas!). Difficult to pick just one thing off the menu!Make sure you get some cookies and cakes to takeaway too.

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