Al Andalus Shawarma

1100 Commissioners Rd E, London
(519) 668-2222

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Johniuss 'd

I'm not sure if you can see from the picture, but there was half the amount of the meat & sauce as we usually would get from when we order from hereAnd there was no salad dressing.Very disappointing for $38.**

Jocelynne Toquia

Great company! Lovely people and equally as delicious! 10/10 !!

Unknown A.A

Horrible food. They serve them selves good food but not others. I got burnt shawerma and rise. I would give it zero stars if possible. Also I do not recommend if you are used to eating food. For me personally what I hated the most was this the burnt shawarma and the rice also when I got a different types of pickles lettuce tomatoes cucumbers creamy garlic dip and hummus almost up together in one plate it had an awful taste. I paid 60.00 for my meals and it was a big fat waist. SORRY but true.

Allan Rutt

I've tried on two separate occasions to support this small business and both times, on separate delivery apps, the store didn't accept the order because of technology problems.I won't be supporting in-person.Fix your tech, or remove yourself from the big App sites.

Devon Spina

the poutine doesn't have fresh gravie it is filled of lumped up old gravy this place used to be amazing but their poutine isn't done right and has lumpy gravy

corey knight (the gaming fuzz ball)

Ever since that new guy started working ever d8sh is trash gone from real good fries to frozen from the shoppers

Crave Lash Lounge

My Friends and family have eaten at Al Andalus so I thought I would give it a try as they said nothing but good things and they were not wrong. They gave me soo much food (which was very fresh) that I had enough for two meals which you never see these days.I recommend this restaurant because I was hungry and it definitely filled my craving!The garlic sauce was also amazing!

Shaun B

I stumbled upon this place by chance when I delivered something there. The staff were very friendly and the chicken shawarma platter I had was outstanding. The vegetables were so fresh and everything had great flavor. Give them a try.

Enas Alharethi

The food was poorly packed which made everything leaked on everything. The food was taste less and nothing like the authentic shawarma.The garlic sauce has no salt, no lemon and no Garlic!!!! It was pure yogurt! And if I know anything about garlic sauce, it is not suppose to has yogurt to start with! How hard it is to blend garlic, oil, lemon and salt? This seems to be rocket science for this restaurant.The grape leaves was not freshly made. It was actually a canned one and they had the audacity to put the canning oil in the container which tasted disgusting and leaked on everything.The hummus again was not fresh and was prepacked from probably a supermarket and has again no salt no lemin no olive oil and no favorite at all.The shawarma plate was very disturbing and everything was on top of everything and they forgot the tabouli!The fattoush was nothing like the fattous I know. No taste jut tons of lettuce and pickles! Who the duce put pickles in fattoush? And where is the pita chips on top of my salad? Where is the olive oil and the sumac?To say the least this not worth adime!!!!

Jacob Palmer

Did not have a good experience. Tried to order online but it would not work so I had to go into the place to order.Ordered a chicken swarma with fries.They did not have the options that were actually available online. No cabbage salad and didn't have pickles for toppings which were one of the options online. He put some white sauce on it that I didn't ask for and I'm guessing it was taziki. The wrap wasn't folded on one side so everything fell out when eating. I only ate about 1/3 of the chicken swarma before I threw it out. It was a mess.Fries were really good though.

M G.

How? How is this place still open?! The chicken shawarma was disgusting, falling apart, soupy and soggy. I had to throw it out after 3 bites. They had no salads as advertised, and the health inspector needs to be called on them for the state of cleanliness. First and LAST time I will visit/waste money on their food.

Jocelyn KY Lau

best one in town by far! love the food and great service!!

Char Dusic

Never disappointed. Portion size is super size for the price.

Electro Wizard

This was the worst food I had in my life, there was a bone in the sandwich, and threw the rest of.

Mrs Kennedy (Lexer)

We have tried many places since our go to place is closed in the mall at the moment that have not measured up until now.We ordered the Mixed Shawarma plate and were very impressed with the portion size and the meat was so tender. The hot sauce had a nice kick to it, not over powering.Our order was done on time. Possible switch from our usual place ?

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