Call The Office

216 York St, London
(519) 432-4433

Recent Reviews

Ryan T

Finally saw Norma Jean! And I'm glad it was at CTO. Great bar.

steve maxpower

you can always count on call the office to look exactly the way it looked the last time you were there. even if it's been 25 years.


Retro night is my favorite! Prices have gone up but are comparable to other bar prices in the area. Love thit place I hope it never closes.

Quinn Fleming

Under new management, tons of new improvements, clean bathroom, friendly staff, new floors. Sound guy does a great job too

V Nics

I've been coming here for years enjoying the environment and entertainment. Don't let the look of the place fool you... It may seem grungy but that only ads to its charm. There's a reason this place has stood the test of time. Come experience it for yourself and you'll know what I'm talking about.

TheRealtordave .

This place is legendary. Supports local bands as well as presenting big name acts. Great staff and amazing patio in the summer. Cheap suds as well.

Steven Rockwood

Call the Office - Bar & Nightclub has been a staple in the heart of Downtown London for many, many years. Awesome bands have graced the stage of this amazing music venue. In the warmer months the patio is open, in which the bar opens up unto. Therefore there's no need to fight the crowds to get your drinks and rounds as the patio is not all to crowded. Most patrons want to be inside the actual venue as some bands that have made it fairly big, be it only on the national stage, as well as some who have made it unto the international stage as well do attend shows here and it's a great way to mingle with these VIPSp as well as the band members of the band who are the Star VIPS do comedown quite often to see the size of the crowd, sign autographs, as well as to interact with their fans who may have had to travel to come and see them here at this venue. It holds a nice sized crowed and a decent sized mosh pit can get going inside as well. The band has a very tight stage to squeeze theirselves along with all their equipment into this space to play. This means that the venue has literally bad seats in the house. Of course it is standing room only. I think everyone in their youth has been here once, possibly a few times. It draws the small acts that can not pack a large 1000 crowd venue but can pack a 250-500 persons to come and see them play. Call the Office can probably hold a legal crowd of around 400 ticket holders. Although once the opener has been on the stage and the main act has taken the stage, it usually only takes 4 songs or so for the doorman to leave their posts and by doing so this allows more persons to just walk in off the street. This can really get a nice crowd swarming, encouraging the band to rock out mad. Amazing staff, bartenders, doormen, and a promotional team that can get acts to squeeze a show in on a night where they may have originally been not scheduled to play a show. Eh, it makes money for all. The band takes away some nice funds, plus The Office takes its share. Clean venue as well. Simply amazing, as it is still providing memories to the youth of our city, many years after it has opened its doors ... well still contributing to the older genres who keep coming back to see bands that may still be touring every now and then, along with new bands that they may have never heard of and these older patrons are just looking for that little bit of nostalgia, that feeling that will come flooding back while listening to a band that they may have seen here in their youthful days, as well as just being in such a awesome place that has welcomed some of the best acts of our days, be them from the time it opened to these times that are upon us ... 'Smash' that thumbs up button, if you did find my infomation helpful in anyway.

Andrew A.

I can change this to a 5 star if they got rid of that ridiculous giant beam in the middle of the crowd.

Nick B.

How the hell do I review or rate a place that's barely still open? Call The Office, apparently, was *the* place to see bands in London for a long, long time. The place is adorned with posters and from shows and bands gone by, and you'll find everyone who was anyone at least until a few years ago seems to have played there. The place was built in the 1880s as a hotel and opened as a bar and concert venue in 1983. Apparently in 2018 the owner retired, crowdfunded some repairs and work to keep in going, and well, that's the state I visited it in on a Monday night. Monday night is London Pinball League night, and there was a number of people there playing the five pinball machines at the front of the bar. There was a space heater blasting because there's no other heat, and the rest of the bar basically had no lights on. No draft beer anymore, but a good selection of craft cans was there (largely, I'd guess, to meet the needs of the league). I had a couple of beers and watched some veritable wizards play. I don't know what the future of the place holds, but it's a piece of history worth seeing.

Mackenzie Marcotte

Most fun spot in London. Has that perfect punk-rock mix of feeling wild plus feeling safe and welcoming.

dylie Burrito

There is something wrong with YOU if YOU put anything less than 5 stars, this place is deservedly a legend and shall remain so

Henry Anderson

The Cons were rocking it!

ken jarecki

So, it's 1983 and I'm 23. Probably one of the all round best years of my life. Is Call the Office involved? Yes, indeed, it is! So, from 35 years ago I'm giving this bar 5 stars. Hell, I'm giving London 5 stars that's how much fun I had there. If this bar is still around don't think. ...GO!!

Ron A

PA needs serious attention.

James Clark Hangover

This place is legendary. Supports local bands as well as presenting big name acts. Great staff and amazing patio in the summer. Cheap suds as well.

V Nicholas

I've been coming here for years enjoying the environment and entertainment. Don't let the look of the place fool you... It may seem grungy but that only ads to its charm. There's a reason this place has stood the test of time. Come experience it for yourself and you'll know what I'm talking about.


This place is legendary. Supports local bands as well as presenting big name acts. Great staff and amazing patio in the summer. Cheap suds as well.

Dylan D.

To put it delicately: it smells like piss. It's the definition of a dive bar. I went there a few times for the music, but probably won't go again.

Louis P.

I was here last night for Retro night. Everything is a fuzzy blur, but it was a lot of fun. There's very few dive bars that I like in London, Ontario. But this is the one that keeps me coming back not for just retro night Sunday's, but its a great music venue as well.

Rosita T.

I've only been here once, about 2.5 years ago. I have fuzzy memories of the place, as I was pretty intoxicated. However, I do remember it being a fun time. I came on a Sunday night (they call it Raygun) so they were playing all the retro hits. Definitely my scene. Super fun to dance to. However, the people there were a little questionable. I just remember old dudes hanging out. Like, retirement-age old. Anyways, at one point, I think I shouted that it was my birthday (it was not), and an old guy bought me and my friends a round of whiskey shots. Then, he said he wanted to play with my hair. That didn't happen. I think I got creeped out and sobered up. I never went back but I swear it has nothing to do with the old man (I got a free drink!). My friends just tend to stick to the 5 bars/clubs on Richmond Row and don't venture out. With the right friends and a good amount of alcohol, I think I could go back and have a fun night out!

Erin D.

While there is nothing spectacular about Call the Office it is a London staple. It's small, old and kind of dirty but it has a TON of character. Retro Sundays were always a BLAST when I used to go. Drinks were pretty cheap and they usually had pitcher deals beforehand. The last time I went the music had deviated from the 80s rock & pop classics that people loved to dance and sing along to. It was more of a obscure hipster vibe. One of my favourite parts of this bar is all of the old calenders and posters on the wall from as far back as the 1970s. I have also seen a few shows here (the Ataris x2 and Bif Naked) and it has a great intimate vibe. However, if you're like me and aren't really into moshing or getting squished it might not be the bar for you.

Matt Breimer

One of the great live music venues still operating in London. Kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but that is part of its charm.

Richelle McIntee

I loved this venue for shows. I seen summerside there a few times in high school and remember having such a good time. Will go again sometime.

Karen V.

Good fun place. People who frequent here are laid back people. Great shows pop up once and a while. Retro sundays are really fun.

Peter Iskandar

Stay close to your friends or you will lose them

Sam C.

Firstoff , let's not sugarcoat this. The place is a shithole, no doubt about it. But you don't go here expecting something that's fancy shmancy when you're going to a concert or to get hammered.

Jenna Gibbens

This is THE live music venue for London. Retro Dance night on Sundays called "Raygun"

Louis Perzia

Awesome venue and they get great bands and have a retro dance party every Sunday night.

Mike G

Best place in London to see a rock show.


They need air conditioning. It's insane to go to a show, on one of the hottest days of year, and be sweating buckets.

Alan K.

The place is a bit of dive but that's part of the fun. My favourite night at Call the Office is Wednesday (Funk Night). Like the other reviewer below said, this is probably the best club venue in London.

David Smitj

Cheap pitchers, 80's music and great people. Good times!

Mik Bechard

Retro on Sundays. The best way to spend a Sunday night. But, get there early on a long weekend, or you'll have a crappy Sunday night outside.

Noel D.

I've always heard about this place but I had never been to London before until recently. Was really happy I got to check this legendary venue out. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the sea of press photos of all the people who have played there over the years... Pretty impressive! The stage is a little awkwardly placed being in the corner. This means the surface of the stage is basically a triangle and there's a pillar directly in front, so that could cause some unfortunate viewing spaces. The people working this night were awfully friendly to me, so that's a plus. Sound was alright, but the overall vibe and history of this place gives me the indication it's likely the best venue in London.

cailen s.

Probably the best 'club' venue in London. I definitely prefer it over the Embassy (which I've been told as shut down actually, sadface). It's not terribly big but it can fit a bunch of people and manages to position itself somewhere in between being intimate and impersonal. There are shows here regularly and it attracts enough good acts enough of the time that if you're in London for any length of time and you like live music you will find yourself here.

Titus F.

Call the Office is one of the most popular music venues in the city for smaller indie bands. Despite the horrible layout and bad sound quality.

Eli G.

Played here with Poison The Well and Fall of Troy. Pretty good show, sound there is pretty bad. But then I got to eat poutine after so it was okay.