Joe Kool's

595 Richmond St, London
(519) 663-5665

Recent Reviews

Kirsten Grant

Wanted to order delivery for family members as as a treat since we can't get together. Staff at Joe Kool's went above and beyond to accommodate us and make the order special. Thank you!

Jason Sarazin

Great little pub. Lots on tap with a good menu and lots of variety. Waitress was really friendly and was able to tell us a lot about London. Would definitely return

Kathy McConnell

It's the number #1 club in London to be at. It looks small from the outside once you go in it's huge. The DJ was amazing, it was never a dull moment. Beautiful inside however I thought it was too crowded and I had to push my way through just to get to the dance door, and it took a long time to get drinks at the bar.

Laura Nicole

Nicole was an incredible waitress. She was so accommodating. She charged my phone for me and was great with both menu and beer suggestions!

Chris Millward

Nice staff and tasty pancetta chicken sandwich and (large) kitchen sink pizza. Great local London staple.

TL Higgins

Haven't been to Kools in years - pleasantly surprised! Food was great, staff very friendly. Definitely going back

Bri Is Me

Great place for young hearted adults over the age of 21. Can be very packed on weekends, it's still a good club atmosphere.

Sydney McGillis

The best bar in London. Great atmosphere, amazing staff and overall a great vibe. Great throwbacks and good music on the weekends too! Honestly a London classic.

Freddy Hood

Came in yesterday night with two of my friends. First thought: really cool atmosphere, I liked the decor within the establishment lots of cool lights and signs. My needs were addressed by Sydney, she was approchable, friendly, corky, and overall professional! Even though I was wearing makeup I had no issues with people within the bar or by the staff which I thought was pretty awesome! Overall impression, was great good beer, next time would like to try some of the food it has to offer! Would recommend for friends, family, dates and local gays and allies!

E Sykes

It's a London institution , fun place to eat or have a drink. The food is consistently good and the service is fast even at busy times . Oh yes it can be very busy and noisy. Anyplace that stays open for over 25years on Richmond row is worth a try.

Charmella Penchuk

Great staff and yummy menu! And lots of places to sit :). My favorites are their Thai lettuce wraps and kitchen sink pizza. Their portion sizes are generous as well

Jake Thomas

Attracts a bit of an older crowd but remains a downtown London staple. Decent food and tap selection. Not really the type of place you go to dance, but more of a bar and grill set-up. Plus it's the world headquarters so you're pretty much obligated to check it out.

Mark Michael

What a dope bar in London.. Although some nights it gets Crowded AF.. and you can barely move anywhere to buy drinks so if you like that kind of thing.. place is for you as the crowd is always lit

Nateo Rich

I’ve been working here for years, come and meet me just after they open on Tuesday mornings and see if you can catch me eating nachos

Sunny Singh

Completely shocked! Just witnessed the Owner of Joe Kool’s ask a Gentleman with his SERVICE DOG to leave his bar. I have no business with either party but this is extremely unacceptable. I understand the right to refuse service but to do so with the sole reason being the existence of the service animal is entirely absurd. Picture of the owner for good measure.

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