Real Canadian Superstore

825 Oxford St E, London
(519) 434-4662

Recent Reviews

Arthur Dent

Pretty much guaranteed to have what you're after if it isn't super specific. I've used their butcher shop a number of times and found the staff super helpful. They've got self-checkout and a decent beer and cider selection (mostly unrefrigerated I believe). I believe you can order online as well and drive over to pick up your groceries delivered right to one of the designated parking spaces.

Li-ham Cosplay

My new favourite grocery store in London! Staff are friendly and helpful. HUGE selection of goods at reasonable prices.

Doug Flannigan

Friendly staff. Clean store. Good variety of everything. Bit more expensive than other stores. But not terribly so.

Helen Riordon

Lots of great food and healthy organics. But like most stores , products are sometimes over packaged. I don't buy prepared foods. Their produce , meat and fish are great

Lia Ham

The Superstore has a great variety of products but service is not always great. We use the click and collect service often for convenience and are typically frustrated. We've just accepted that it's the way it is, but would be nice if it were improved. Also, difficult to find help in the aisles and when I do, the answers are often guesses as the point across the store so I can fend for myself.

Will Miller

Always stocked well, stock my favorite products. Clean and courteous floor staff. The only reason there's a star missing is that the cashier's are always in a massive hurry. Maybe not their fault, but that's got to change. Otherwise, good place to shop and great point system.

JLo RTX Gaming

So I just bought a cooked chicken here, and came home. I started to eat the chicken and when I turned it around and started to eat the back and took a bite, I felt hair in my mouth. I have very short hair so it's definitely not mine. Being on the back, it had to be there before it was packed in the plastic container. This is disgusting.

Chef Mary Jane

I love this store. It's always very clean, well stocked and has great deals and sales. I'm always earning lots of points

Steve Stefanidis

The rating here is for the pharmacy. The only time we get great service is when one particular female employee is working. The other staff are really not interested in customer service or have any idea as to what that means. One morning I waited 1:2 hour for the pharmacist to open and when she did show up she didn't even apologize. She laughed it off and mentioned that at least I was inside and not standing outside waiting in the rainy weather.

Lindsay Cooper

I love this store. It's always very clean, well stocked and has great deals and sales. I'm always earning lots of points

Jen C

I love shopping at Superstore, just stay clear of the gas station.

Michael Ramsey

Massive store with a great selection. Some good options for various cuisines of the world. Lots of fresh produce. My one complaint is that the layout is a little odd.

Abdur Rahman Muhammad

I liked how the staff actually went and got the products for you or took you to where it is. Also the fact that you can fi d an employee on the floor to assist you even though they were busy restocking shelves. The parking was also very easy to get in and out of the lot. You didn't have to drive around in circles to get out.

Mike M.

This place rocks. All top quality products, wicked deli, competitive pricing and a seriously huge selection of foods from all over the world. Highly recommend!

Lara Cochrane

I like this place because of how many options there are for food. They have a specific natural selection. It also has home needs (such as walmart) but with the superstore you can price match and use coupons. Also the superstore on Saturdays and Sundays guarantee I'm pretty sure the hours from 10-6 all cashier's open making it go by faster. Also I like it for Fanshawe students right down the road as the get 10% of they spend as PC points.

Nina Lamb

Fairly clean and organized, with adequate variety and quality merchandise. Check out staff professional and decently friendly. Use this store mainly for grocery needs and find on several occassions smaller sized shopping carts inside lobby depleted, and have had to go to parking lot drop off ports to fetch a cart.

Keri Ann

Big store with lots of variety....from food to home decor and Joe Fresh on site. Super clean amd tidy.....

Kenneth Gray

The reason I love this store is because, its NOT just a grocery store, it's a "we sell everything " store! Literally!!

trevor CALHOUN

I love grocery shopping here. They usually have everything I need. Great selections. Fair prices. Great rewards/points system. The PC brand has lots of great products. Sometimes I go to no frills cause a few things are a bit cheaper there but superstore has way more of a selection.

Gary H. Leitch

Produce is fresh, in store deli and bakery. They will price match any products, but must have proper ad. Shop here regularly so have become accustom to where items are. Easy access, handicapped parking but always seems to be full.

Alicia Versteeg

The staff are always friendly and I can easily price match anything i need to. The reason for one start missing is the meat price matching. The rules seem to bounce back and forth between price matching at the meat counter or at the front.

Matt Scott

Get variety of product versus competitor stores but it's like a prison. No calls in or out. No data. Everyone looks like they are being held against their will. The checkouts are terribly slow but this is due to a lot of coupons and points card users. Smart shoppers with too much free time making life difficult for the rest of us.

foyston1 .

I love this location as I normally do all my shopping on the weekend and they always have all cashiers open.

Huso Duv

I witnessed them humiliate a young lady by accusing her she was stealing even though she had nothing on her other than her wallet and shopping cart located 10 meters away. First accused her of stealing and when she demanded the camera they would not do it and associates kept changing their stories about first a customer saw her taking something and then the worker said that she saw her too yet did nothing but wait and then accuse her and she had nothing on her AT ALL, ANYWHERE. unbelievable conduct and atrocious to do this to someone without any proof. She left crying while they gossiped about her to everyone. I even heard her say she had a damn brain injury - awful. LAWSUIT.

sharon T

Extremely unhappy after recent experience when an item I was purchasing rang in at a different price than what the yellow sale label on the shelf indicated. I told the staff member at the self checkers, and to honour the scanning code of practice he said he would have to go check, which was fine with me as I knew with 100% certainty that the sticker for this item (exact product, container size) had a different price than what it rang in as, that’s the whole reason I was getting the item, as it was marked on sale, I clearly checked before taking the item to purchase. He returned and informed me it wasn’t the price I said it was but he would honour the lower price. So I asked to show him where I got the item and the clearly labeled sale tags for this product. Low and behold, we go to the section and I see he has removed not only the sale tag that had been labeled on the shelf for this product, but also the tag of the other size container next to it, also a sale price. Literally just taken the price tags off the shelf of two products so now they had no prices labeled. Unbelievable. You think I’m stupid? That I don’t know what you did? There were sale stickers on the items, that’s why i picked them, don’t try to make me look like a fool by saying it wasn’t marked on sale and then removing the tags of every other product too to try to get away with lying. Absolutely despicable behaviour.

Diana Brydges

Love this store. Large shopping areas. Staff is always friendly. Produce is fantastic. Meat is always fresh. Lots of good sales. This is our go to store no matter what town we are in.

Michelle Marques

Love the vegan selection. Shredded vegan cheese for pizza is great however there isn't a meatless pepperoni sold here. It would be great if I didn't have to go to two stores just to make a vegan pepperoni pizza. Otherwise the vegan selection is great.

Dawn Rose

Everything is fresh and the shelves are well stocked. I find the prices quite high but am glad I can use Optimum points.

Nick Fuda

They don't bag things for you. Things are cheaper here though, and they do optimum.

Solo YH

Honestly? Best grocery store in London. Carries the freshest produce, oriental items, home essentials and clothes. The only downside would be that they don't have anyone working the meal section.

Marc Webb

Excellent variety of choice but of course this place is more expensive than most other grocery stores. Don't go here if you're on a budget, but if budget isn't a concern you will definitely get what you need

danya atta

I was in yesterday to purchase some patio furniture, and the promotion in the flyer stated a discount off of patio furniture. I called in to the store to confirm the pricing and promotion rules and was assured that if it did not work when I was in the store they would honour what was said on the phone. Of course when I went in the promotion was not as I had thought, however, Mike the manager went above and beyond and honoured the promotion on my purchase. It was something he did not have to do but I am so happy that he went out of his way for us, thank you!

Koala Mummy

Love this store! Good customer service, I can price match here too. To be honest, I rather chose this place to shop my groceries than Wal-Mart.


Lady at the checkout was extremely rude huffing and puffing because we had 3 items to price match. She said we were going to fast and started shaking her head meanwhile she was the one quickly putting through our order. Have had problems here before and won’t be back. Would rather go to the one across town then waste my time here.

Michelle Bertucci

I really like this store. Fresh produce and meats. Very reasonable prices.

Catherine R

Staff is great! Selection is amazing, I’m in this store for business over 20x a week. Sunday evenings you probably won’t find everything you’re looking for, but other than that it’s super! Prices are a little higher than your no frills, or food basics. But the quality is superior.

Teresa Wilson

I pick up my ordered groceries there (from Click and Collect online). Super friendly service. Quick. Always a great parking spot. So convenient! Also, in store shopping is excellent too. Plenty of variety. Good for gluten free choices.

Trisha Ashton

I Love this store I am there sometimes three times a week ! Staff is very friendly and always willing to help you and it’s very clean and stocked

Eleida Mucino

I like the deals they offer without the burden of a membership, although I would like that they offer more in bulk sale like Costco does. I love they are always having so many sales in different products. Staff is friendly and I super love the wine shop in inside!

Cheryl Stacey

One of my favorite grocery stores. They are always professional and kind. Also very helpful with the products they sell in the store. Amazing