1105 Wellington Rd, London
(519) 685-6969

Recent Reviews

Alcina Carreiro

Love star Bucks very good service

Rose Allan

I dont go to Starbucks...i go to Tims


I live how they really got onboard with recycling. Like im actually impressed. The employees always look so happy and they're always polite and patient and nice. The coffee is always good and well made. Not once have they messed up my order.

Helen Riordon

Great coffee. They filled up my travel mug. I love their environmental policies

Veronica Vicary

They offer Keto friendly add ins so I can enjoy a coffee on the go.

Tareq Z

Love their coffee. My favourite is flatwhite

John Olliffe

Pleasant staff, great drinks, but definitely slower than any other Starbucks I've been in.

Lara Rae

I don't eat or get coffee from here, it's too expensive.

Steph Neale

Love Starbucks dark roast. Excellent banana bread too.

Christopher Pentecost

Yummy! Great coffee and the Spicy Chorizo breakfast sandwich is to die for.

z z

Always good coffee with pleasant servers.

Drew E

Always fast and perfectly made to order !


Julie our barista did an amazing job making our drink while chatting with us about upcoming drinks ! Now i know what to get next time i come in !!!!

Cindy S

I go to Starbucks at least 2-3 times per week and will never return again. I got a gr and a tall strawberry Acai Rfr with coconut milk for the first time and yes it was good but the girl forgot to make the tall one so I waited for a bit and after she made 3 other peoples drinks, I said to her you forgot one of my drinks. She said what size did I forget and i showed her the receipt to prove it and my son had to hold up the drink he had and she was not very friendly about it. Mistakes happen and I get it, but when I was leaving the store I came back in and said to the girl at the counter, "the drink I just got and only took one sip from is now half gone.due to the ice is at the top of the cup" She said next time ask for 1/2 ice. Instead of making it right she gives me that advice...what???? I have never wrote a review or ever complained on a company but that whole experience was unreal. My question is how many fluid oz should I be getting or is 3 sips for $4 ok (really)

Yazeed Hawamdeh

Good cafe but more expensive than Tim hortons

Gingers Snapping

Its tie dye drink is soo gross

Catalina Albarracin

What's not to love lol great service and tasty options

David Searle

Cozy in mall Starbucks. Busy, but lines always move fast. Friendly and courteous staff. Love it here!

Helen King

They have good staff when I am there.I also like the Mocha Latte Tall is big enough for me. They still have some wiifi.

Matthew Palmer

Starbucks is great. This Starbucks was out of coffee and gave me a small instead of tall. No apologies or compensation.

Raeshawn Parsons

Very quick and good quality but you need to figure out a better 'waiting area' set up.

Shani Shah

Best place to have a coffee and good atmosphere with better wifi.

Barry Marshall

Customer service is good, coffee is alright, prices are as usual for Starbucks.

Cassandra Crowell

The worse costumer service at a Star Bucks I've ever experienced. My fiancee' asked for his refill. I got a Trenti' Refresher, and he got a coffee. Everyone who is a huge Star Bucks fan knows refills like coffee, tea etc are free for a refill. He even use to work for Star Bucks so knows how it works . We never ever have issues getting a refill anywhere else with Star Bucks. Anyways the manager was rude, and employee was clueless of Star Bucks costumer policy. If you are spending more than 5$ on a drink you except to be treated properly. This is my first time ever giving a bad review. Needless to say I'm not impressed whatsoever with our experience this morning, or how we were treated. I hope others don't go through this as well. Neither of us were able to get a refill. End of rant. Good day ✌️‼️😅

Joanie Fehr

The staff was great! Asked for a drink that wasn't on the menu and they had no problem making it for me. It tasted amazing.

Sydney Davis

Good service, friendly staff

David Piercey

My wife and I really appreciate this Starbucks as the staff are very professional and they keep things running smoothly! They treat their employees great. The quality is very awesome and the store is kept decently clean. We love the atmosphere here and we would recommend it.

Adrianna K

Love this new location in Uxbridge. The staff are so friendly and happy to be working. My drink size was upped because I was having a horrible day and I lost my free coffee. Thanks so much Starbucks!

Sylvia Kong

24hours - great for exam time! * tables near front windows don't ave electrical plugs*


Get the best service by this team always amazing!!

Melissa Lierman

My Breakfast Today: Everything Cheesy Bagel with Garlic Herb Creamed Cheese and a Grande Caffe Latte Breve with one pump of mocha

Robin Wilkins

Free tall beverage with the purchase of a VIA 12 pack! Offer ends today!!

Debra Crover

Chai tea latte with extra caramel drizzle

james jesty

Open 24 hours a day!

Danielle Lima

Pumpkin Spice Latte! Can't beat it! :)

james jesty

Great store. Try the Bistro Boxes