Taco Bell

1584 Dundas St, London
(519) 455-1938

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Mike Somebody

It's taco bell. Always been questionable ingredients, same low quality everything but since CoVid they manage to put even less in your tacos. $40 for 2 people to eat stale taco wraps with a tablespoon of ingredients perUse the drivethru, the inside is pretty old and sometimes dangerous as more Dr pepper and mountain dew seem to find their way to the floor than in cups at the self serve machine located where you wait for your order.

Miranda F

I love Taco Bell don’t get me wrong but honestly they have been out of a lot of items lately..like chicken and hot sauce..

Josh Robinson

Ok, it's Taco Bell folks. You know what you're getting... Taco dirtiness.. cuz that's what you're looking for when you show up at the bellWhile all of Ontario's Taco Bell locations need some serious investment into their buildings, the staff was friendly and understanding. That was including some of their more difficult patrons (not me, I swear!!)Either way.. I highly enjoyed my Taco sub-food and the experience was as good as it could have been

Shweta Jindal

The prices of this particular place was high as compared to other location and they don’t know really how to make the food properly. Worst experience, I would say I ever had in Taco bell. They are just showing different in pictures and serving something else in reality. And they don’t have any proper closing time for dine-in it all depends on the mood of employees whenever they want to close the store and according to their suitability. On internet they are open till 1:00am and they close their dine-in after 10:00pm.

Gavin Smith

I've always had a love hate relationship with Taco Bell. I know its not the healthiest option but they seem to change up their menu enough and have great deals. So its hard to pass up. If you haven't been in a while it might be time to give them a chance again. I look forward to the renovation at this location. Please bring Taco Pizza to Canada.

Kym Rose

Wonderful customer service however I bought 2 crunch wrap supremes and I would just like to state I think they should have more beef inside them and maybe a bit more hot also fries I feel don't make good when they feel tough to eat

Dave H

Have never had bad service from the dundas location in London and we usually show up 20 min before close lol. Not much to say about it....eat it now, pay for it later lol

Harold W.

I have been going to this location for going on 15 years now. Lately, within the last 14-18 months, I would be given attitude from female employees. The type of attitude you get when they think they should get a paycheck but not wanting to to the work. The male staff there are super friendly and I now request them for processing my orders every time I go in. Female staff I believe should be either let go or retrained.

Joseph Firman

Absolutely annoying! We spent $55 plus dollars to dine in only to listen to the staff continually complain and swear about the customers at the drive thru. We ignored it for a bit but it was so obvious and loud my husband got up and approached the counter to remind the good staff that there were customers still dining and should be aware that their cursing and derogatory comments regarding drive thru patrons was fully heard by all of us dining. Super disappointed....bad attitudes. Management should be disgusted. Ate too many tacos thou!:).

Larry Douglass

The food and service was good but the building is terribly outdated and either needs extensive work or total replacement. I truly don't like to give any type of negative comments, but I hope the managers pass this along to head office, since they could do a much better business if things were updated.

John Bradley

The service was great & the food we ordered was good. The attendant was very helpful in explaining the menu options to us, to get the most for our money. This time they even had sauces for the food. Awesome.

Habib Hassan

Can’t seem to understand what fresh fry’s are , second time now I’ve specifically asked for fresh And gotten cold stale fry’s, cheddar dip was cold as it could get and when I called whom ever answer had the nerve to say the were fresh . Terrible customer service highly wouldn’t recommend and definitely lost a customer

Robert Mcleod

Was not to bad however if you're ever in California a small town called versilya there tacos are amazing soft or hard shell twice the size of the ones here and much ?cheaper

Rob Betts

will starve to death before i go back to the Dundas st location.overpriced tacos were bordering on frozen.yellow post in way of drivethru window forcing you half out of your car to pay an recieve food without hot sauce available.no reciept in bag to check why 2 tacos were $8.35.nope never again..will drive extra distance to highbury an cheapside..

Tracey Seaber

Food was good. The people working were friendly and happy. 1 issue which is not the restaurants fault they were out of all the sauces

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