Thai Delight Authentic Food

130 King St, London
(519) 679-7608

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Josh Proksch

pad thai was good, did seem like it was a bit dry

Cara Davoli

Got tofu pad thai! It was hot and fresh. I could have used a bit more sauce since I could taste the flame grill on the tofu. Oh and give me some more veggies to keep it healthy but that might not be as authentic!

Cauta Pacea (Caută Pacea)

Sadly not a delight, quality of the food was poor as it was quite bland and lifeless. The vegetables were over cooked and the whole experience was less than enjoyable. I will not buy from this restaurant again.

Justin Shin

Fake. It's not even pad thai.It's noodle with soy sauce. Dont get this If you wanna try thai

Kylie McCoy

I love this place! They have the best veggie rolls! ?

Aishah K

The pad thai was one huge piece of block. Noodles were stuck together so badly and became a mush when seperated. I asked for spicy, assuming the sauce would be spiced up but instead it was drenched in chilli flakes that kept getting stick in my throat. Nearly coughed a lung out. Only thing I liked were the lettuce shrimp wraps.

Kevin Wardrop

We ordered Chicken Pad Thai (combo) and "Pad Thai with Shrimp added" and a Spring Roll on the side last night.The Pad Thai was an inedible block that tasted like store bought frozen mush, it did "LOOK" good, but by the time it was at our door it was just 2 lumps of noodles that had to be pried apart and in the end got served to the dogs as it was not good.This was the Number 1 Recommended Pad Thai in our Area on Uber Eats, but I cannot recommend it in the future.Thank-you for making it, the spring rolls were very good.

Taylor Anastasia

The best GF pad thai in London!

Vanessa Goulding

The best Thai food in London! I’ve worked downtown for 6+ years and this place has always been a favourite for lunch!

MS O519

This place is so yummy! uber eats order and I ordered tom yum with chicken, fresh rolls, spring rolls and fried wontons it came with a chili sauce and a peanut sauce it was all so fresh and flavorful. You can tell the sauces are made fresh which I love. I will definitely be ordering from here again and trying more off the menu! Thank you.

Ryan Gosney

I’m not going to lie, I’ve eaten pad Thai at every location in London and Surrounding Area and This place is the best. They have the best rice noodle perfect size and there sauce is so good. They make an outstanding veggie pad thai! I also love the fresh rolls with their peanut sauce.Definitely the Best Pad Thai In London Hands Down! ?

Vince Cuthbert

I had pad thai and the time I also had the chicken stir fry.The food was cold within 5 minutes..The girl behind the counter seemed she knew nothing about customer service..I will never eat there again..

Sam Downey

This place is awesome !! Super friendly staff. The one girl always remembers my order “Spicy Chicken Pad Thai”. I go usually 2-3 times a month

Alexandra K

Terrible food taste ! I’m a Thai food lover and this was far from authentic Thai , plus super expensive. Would never visit again !

Amanda Schmidt

I've personally always had good experiences at this Bâton Rouge location - both with the food and the service.The last time I was in I had the Bâton Rouge burger which was great. My friend just got some steak and fries, and he said that it hit the spot!

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Thai Delight Authentic Food

130 King St, London, ON N6A 1C5
(519) 679-7608