Williams Fresh Café

578 Richmond St, London
(519) 673-3677

Recent Reviews

Kathryn Wicks

I bought a coffee and had to use the washroom. You have to ask the cashier to get access and when I went to go use it I was completely disgusted there was a USED CONDOM on the toilet seat!!! I live in Toronto Ontario and I can tell you i have never came across a dirty bathroom like that.

Zach Oliva

coffee is great, nice snacks, not a place for a full meal though you can fill yourself here

M. G.

Staff weren't that friendly and even forgot to make my order. Wait time was horrible. If your looking for fast friendly service this location beside Victoria park London isn't it. Try another location may get better luck.

Nic deGroot

If you're in Victoria Park and need to get a drink or bite, there is literally no where more convenient. Also handy if the weather turns on you. Great place to meet friends.

Ojasvi Sharma

It used to be great but now it has lost all it's charm. $6 for a regular smoothie which doesn't even taste like a smoothie. Waffles doesn't even taste the way it used to be and prices have gone way too high for the quality of food provided.

maymuna nasir

It's a bit expensive and you have to pay for parking and not alot of actual food choices but they do have a lot of waffle choices the food was good and the service was also good the food would be brought to the table. The interior looked really good and the seats were comfortable

Erika Lemus

Prices are unreasonably high and service is always very slow. Up your game William's management.

Noelle Abdo

I used to love this place. But the service has now ruined it for me. The gentleman that helped us was rushing us out and we still had 40 minutes left until they closed. He gave us take out cups for our drinks, and plastic plates forks for our dessert. I thought it was rude. And then proceeded to tell us they were closing soon over and over. It's supposed to be a relaxing place to enjoy a coffee and sweet with a friend.

Sonal Patel

Great location in the downtown, friendly staff, good coffee and related beverages

neil soppet

Just couldnt get my order right and food i had was maybe too expensive for the quality lol

Adam Chapman

For such a prime location downtown you would expect at least a reasonable level of service. Unfortunately, they always fail to live up what coffee shops in the surrounding area can deliver... Fresh food, good coffee, and service.

Jazz Staddon

It all started off great. The cafe looked busy but everyone seemed to be enjoying their purchases. We were second in line and after starting at the screen that kept switching from the menu for ten seconds to the features item for thirty seconds, we finally decided on our two beverages. We were asked to take a seat. After twenty minutes, our sodas were brought to us as unstirred tonic water with flavour sitting on the bottom. We had to ask who's beverage was whose and after taking the first sip, we realized we had drank all the flavour and were left with straight tonic water. We will not be returning.

Swaraj Nataraj

Great place to start your day, in terms of ambience and the quality of food. The cafe has a great vibe and the staff members are super friendly. Ordered the waffles there and the portion sizes were pretty impressive and it is a budget friendly place. Would definitely recommend :)

Helen Riordon

Had coffee with friend after indigenous protest. Williams is very welcoming. Good food and coffee

Matt H.

Been to this Williams a few times. Each time, I am quite impressed with their dedication to not being a cafe. Or a restaurant. Or a business of any kind, frankly. Tables are consistently messy and full of old dishes. Employees will take your order and leave you standing at the counter while they go back to ... well, frankly I'm not quite sure what they're doing. But they're certainly not making your drink or completing any other facet of service. When your order is correct, you cannot help but feel that this was entirely accidental and not their goal. Coffee drinks are a particular joy as this cafe does not seem to think that putting out milk, lids, stirring sticks, or sugars is an important part of serving those kinds of drinks. One wonders what one must do to add some milk in their coffee (Hint: If you guys walk across the street to Starbucks, you can see how brilliantly they've put those things on a counter ENTIRELY SEPARATE from the counter where you order!) Williams Fresh Cafe: The cafe that would be brilliant if it weren't for all the customers.

Heather Cabral

Tomato bisque soup was divine! Cool, quiet atmosphere and amazing company... a lovely visit.

Gillian N

There's something about William's that always feels a bit disappointing -- everything feels a bit overpriced, some of the lunch options I've had don't quite live up to expectations, the service always feels a bit lacklustre. The things that keep me coming back are the great location and ample seating booths. Expect a lot of Western students there with their laptops during the school year.

Sue Pieters

Went on Friday after lunch. Restaurant was not full. Only 3 employees. 2 in kitchen 1 up front. There was a wait for fresh coffee for gentleman in front of me. I said To Go to cashier. She gave food on plate. She corrected. Not a big deal. Waited over 10 minutes for a latte. Latte was delivered in a China cup, not to go. They had to take it back and put in To Go cup. Kitchen was extremely backed up. Perhaps overwhelmed by event at Centennial Hall. If so, their schedule is online... One should check that out


This location is often too crowded and loud to think let alone hold a conversation. Good food and drinks though. I think prices are a little high considering amount and quality. If I stop in again, I would take the to-go option. I do love that they have art on the walls that are able to be purchased.

Marion Brown

I love the salads here, the cappuccinos and the free wifi. The booths are comfortable and cozy. Great food, great atmosphere!

Ahmed Bakry

Every time I pass by, I remember how unprofessional the staff manager was when she refused to hand the washroom keys to me. I explained to her that as a customer i am entitled to use the washroom, yet she explicitly said the owner had banned someone “like you” to use the washroom!! I asked her what she meant by “like me?”, she mumbled with a few words, described me as “rude” and turned her back! Another staff came by and asked me to complain to the store owner who later called to offer a $25 gifts card! Is that how Williams Cafe treats the customer? I am really frustrated with where the store has reached. I remember how Williams Cafe in Hamilton used to be. Unfortunately the company is losing many branches due to loose management and unprofessional staff!!!

James Montour

Williams Fresh Café was fantastic! After walking around London all day getting one of their smoothies was perfect. I might go as far as to say that their smoothie was the best I have ever had. I had the Mango Banana Pineapple smoothie with protein added, and it was great. It wasn’t too sweet like some of the other smoothies I’ve gotten in the past.

Leticia Peters

Amazing food here. Can be a little pricey but it’s always good. The cafe is in the park so you can get a coffee and stroll the park. It’s perfect for in the winter when the Christmas trees are lit and the public skating is happening, you can warm up to a coffee or they have really good hot apple cider. Usually mostly students but it’s got a really good vibe/atmosphere.

Hannah Louise

The wifi is truly terrible and crashes at minimum every five minutes. This makes it impossible to use as a study space. I spent almost $30 on a working lunch and had to leave because I couldn’t get any work done.

Alan Chin

I really hate this place. Every time I pass by, I remember how terrific it was to receive humiliation from the manager because I only asked to use the bathroom. She confirmed that it was the store owner’s instructions not to let druggies into the bathroom. I explained to her I am a doctor but no way! I used to have my breakfast everyday at Williams right in front of McMaster Children’s Hospital which thankfully got closed as the management had deteriorated! When I moved to London, ON, two more branches are shutting down and the rest is yet to come. No more William’s! It is shutting down everywhere, thanks God! Please keep it up to shut it down! It is a beautiful MBA case study! Ha

Pramita C.

Came here once with 2 other coworkers. We were not impressed with the food or service: 1. the quiche had been microwaved and it was heated unevenly 2. two of us ordered the same thing and it came a different times, on different plates, and one was missing its pickle and tomato. 3. plastic fork and knife when we were dining in I used to love Williams' when I was in Waterloo but I will not be coming to this location and I can't wait for it to be replaced with something better.

Sven A

Busy downtown location. Overpriced for the quality. Ambiance is poor, service is just average and closes too early for this busy prime location. Unharnessed potential trapped in a chain eatery.

Cami L.

Went Sunday morning. Apparently it wasn't too busy but it still took around 30 minutes for the food to arrive. My husband got his food first (he said tivesse cold), and then I got my avocado and egg bagel around 10 minutes later. I was annoyed that it took too long, the service was slow as well. The food tasted good after all. Free wifi and reasonable price.

Daniel W

Disgusting washrooms on lower level. Trash in stairwells. One urinal not working. Tiny ants crawling on washroom floor. Owner should be ashamed. Stay away from this location.

Sammy Tillo

I was charged two times by Williams Café- I have attempted to get my money back 4 times already- Every time they tell me that they will have a manager call me back. I am beyond frustrated I was stolen from and have no one to talk to. This is very annoying it was 17 and change charged twice on my credit card- I have spent gas and time calling in. I want a call immediately. - I left a note explaining my issue and my concern of _Call Visa ? I even printed off the account summary--I want my money back not because of the amount of money but because of the lack of customer service provided.

Vanessa S.

I come here for the drip coffee and occasional muffin. Fresh and good. I like to do work here but there are only a few plugs and those are located in the 2-seater booths near the register. Tip: Come with a fully charge laptop and then wait til someone leaves if you'll be there for a while and need to plug in.

Jason S.

A rather large coffee shop/cafe in downtown. I come here after my Sunday run for a caffeine jolt. Order at the counter but they'll deliver to your table. They offer a large selection of food as well, but I have yet to partake in most things. The breakfast wrap is pretty good though.

Ryan S.

Was out with work colleagues and they wanted to grab a coffee here since we were in the park. I was hoping for anything else but didn't want to make a fuss. Decided to order a large cappucino. The girl for some odd reason did some other tasks that were not customer related before making my drink. Finally got my drink. It felt like the weight of a cup. I know cappucino has foam so I didn't expect it to be full but I opened it and less than 25% of the cup had liquid and the rest was foam. $5.08 I believe for a cup of foam!!! I truly despise this place. I cannot comprehend why anyone ever goes here. Both times I was so sorely disappointed. Just awful!


Came for a business breakfast and enjoyed the quiche even though it was lukewarm. Had to return to cash for second cup of coffee and cappuccino that took forever to be delivered.


Everyone has their coffee tastes of course. But William's stuff is plain mediocre. It is right beside Victoria Park and the Richmond Row restaurants...I expected a bit more ambiance. It needs a makeover..

Shannon A.

Great desserts; bad coffee. Wish there was more outlets to charge my phone while I have my cake.

Lauren H.

I have been to this William's location a few times with friends and my boyfriend. It's in the perfect location in the heart of downtown London across from Victoria Park. Williams serves menu items for breakfast through to dinner, and desert, and of course coffee and tea. The location is perfect and if you get a good seat you can see the cars ride by on Richmond. The location is great, but my experience was mediocre. Last visit here, I came for lunch with my boyfriend and his father. They had coffee and I had ordered the Chicken Caesar Wrap, which was decent, but just a bit bland. The coffee was okay. I had sat down and the food came rather quickly than I expected, because the place was a bit busy and it was Boxing Day. The entire cafe was really loud. I felt like I had to raise my voice a bit to be heard, and I could hardly hear what my company was saying. I personally like cafe's to be a bit quieter, so if I was to come here to read or study, I would be able to do so. They do have free WiFi, and their deserts actually look good. The customer service was alright, not outstanding, it was more order taking then personal experience. Washrooms are located downstairs, deep in the basement of the place. During the winter or rainy season, please be aware, it was very slippery going down there to use the washroom. My overall experience was okay. Will I go back again? Probably, I live just down the street from this location and it's sometimes a quick meal, and someplace to escape to if I'm bored at home or on my way home from work to meet up with a friend.

Jessica G.

I have went to Williams to study in the past and have typically had good experiences with the food and drink. It was my first time eating at the Richmond location and I was extremely disappointed! I ordered the Western sandwich with added avocado and when I received it not only was the egg cold but the bread was also soggy. I paid $10 for a medium coffee and this sandwich so I suffered through the first half but it got to the point where it was upsetting my stomach and I could not continue. The egg had the consistency of something more a dish sponge and the avocado was an offsetting shade of yellow and did not taste like an avocado should. I offered the second half to my friend who took one bite and quickly turned it away stating that it was awful and she could not have another. At this point I believed it was something that I should bring up to the staff so I very politely waited in line and spoke to the staff member running the cash. I requested another sandwich or at least a croissant to tide me over because I did not want to walk away hungry from an establishment I paid to eat lunch at. The man went and got a supervisor for me to speak to, the supervisor appeared to be very young and inexperienced and I was appalled by just how unapologetic he was. The best response he could muster was "sorry your sandwich sucked but there isn't anything I can do about it". I left the remaining sandwich with him and left. I am not only dissatisfied with my disgusting $10 sandwich (half) and even more displeased with the awful service!

Zach Pero

I own a business across the street and have watched this particular location decline severely over the past 2 years.... stopped in today for a coffee with two other people..... it was extremely slow... they ordered regular coffee and got it right away, I ordered a latte and was handed one of those sticks with a number on it.... after sitting at our table for well over 10minutes, watching my pals basically finish their beverages, I look over to see absolutely no action behind their counter, I decide to get up and and ask "mind if I get my coffee?".... people working there looked stunned that I would even ask..... they walk over and tag team the latte machine to make a single cup while glaring at me and muttering to eachother, as if I was the problem. Get bent. I'll never be back. If I could give negative stars I would.

Mami S.

They have free wifi I like working at this cafe, which is pretty spacious. Friday night tends to get too busy though. The drinks and foods are usually not bad. Ordered hot chocolate a few times and that disappointed me a little bit because every time I asked not to add whipped cream and the cashier said okay, but they all came with it anyways. Hopefully they won't do it again.:(