The Baker

3570 Strandherd Dr, Nepean
(613) 843-0000

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Kimberley Hum

Absolutely the best pies with the best selection. Made fresh and served hot. Definitely a must try! The owner is so nice and friendly. 10/10 would recommend :)

Ridwan Abdulaziz

Went in tonight to grab some pies and was welcomed by friendly staff. Unfortunately I didn’t catch their names but it truly felt like home. They just installed order pagers so you can walk next door and grab a dessert while they prepare your food. Extremely impressed.Amazing quality food - I personally got the basil and halloumi, cheese, and meat and cheese pies.The place is must try. I confidently recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Bethany Wiseman

I’ve never written a Google review before, but I feel compelled to after my experience at The Baker this evening. More about the food below – what I really want to share, first and foremost, is information about the tremendous customer service. It was actually so warm, thoughtful, decent, and lovely that I hesitate to even call it “customer service.” A few months ago, I won a gift card for this restaurant which had been donated by The Baker as part of a fundraising raffle for my child’s not-for-profit daycare. After a very busy day with my family, I called in an order from a community pool deck for pick-up on the ride home, which I immediately realized was a huge error on my part . . . it was so loud on my end of the call that I spent most of the call apologizing because I couldn’t hear anything and hoping for the best that the person on the other end had heard my order!When I arrived at The Baker, it took a little time to figure out that the order had been taken down but mistakenly set aside because someone thought it was for the following evening. The owner (*I believe?*) explained what had happened with good humour and grace, and he let me know that it would be a short wait while they assembled and cooked the pies. All of this was completely and utterly my own mistake (and it was pretty funny, too), so I was not fazed by the delay; however, I was very touched that my daughter was given several cookies while we waited, and the owner also gave us a discount and waived the remaining amount owed so that the gift card covered our meal. This was completely unexpected and unnecessary, and it did not at all feel like it was just about pleasing a customer . . . it sincerely felt like the owner was such a kind, friendly, generous person. Thank you.The food? Another first for me today –Lebanese pies! I agree with every positive review posted here. The food was delicious, flavourful, filling, fresh, and extremely affordable. We ordered a variety of pies so that we could sample the different flavours, and everyone in the family enjoyed the meal. My daughter (4 years old) can be picky when trying something new, but she loved the sausage and cheese. We will definitely be returning to The Baker for many years to come!

Oumaima Kassabi

My daughter is a big fan, and so are we! Getting pies from here is a family tradition now. The owner and all the staff are super nice! We were given free drinks once, free cookies for my daughter many times! One tip is try to be there at least 30min before they close, because sometimes they run out of dough in those last few of luck to this place.

Tyler B

I've been going to The baker for a long time. The transformation and dedication is incredible. I think these guys deserve high praise. Best meat pies in the city. I know theres a few other good option but hands down the service and food is excellent. Recommend to try the Akawwi cheese pie as they're 1000% better than regular cheese.The aesthetic in the place is cute. Food is delish and service is top. Owner always has a smile on his face.

Nuwan Dharmaratne

Best place I have seen . The boss and the staff all friendly. Very tasty freshly made food . The boss simply looked at me and offered food for free as I was doing an Uber delivery. Next time my whole family will buy . Such wonderful people exist. And their food was amazing ??❤️


A family favorite for us! Everyone I've brought there has loved it! The meat pies taste amazing, served nice and hot, and there is always friendly service. I recommend calling ahead if you plan on getting a big order. There can be a little bit of a wait when they're busy, but it is WORTH IT!

Paul Hadi

Highly recommend!!! I’ve had pies in Lebanon where these originated from and this place was the only place that comes close or even better tasting. I’ve also had pies everywhere here in ottawa and this place is by far the best. The service was amazing they give you the option of cutting the pies in half served in a box which is a huge win! They also give you a pager so you know when your food is ready (unlike other pie places around here) it was very clean and priced well. So glad I found this place. I was telling all my friends about it the same day. I went during work with 3 co workers and they automatically looked at me and said these were the best pie they’ve had!


Best pies! Wait time is a bit longer sometimes but they’re always crazy busy because of their delicious pies! Don’t mind waiting because their pies are worth it, however give them a call and order ahead of time if you don’t want to wait and for large orders. Owner and team are super nice too, happy to be supporting a local and small business :)

ghadeer alenzi

The best meat pies in Ottawa. After spending most my life in the middle east, this is the only meat pie store in Ottawa that knows what their doing! The pies taste like exactly the ones we’d eat back home if not even better. Absolutely no comparison to other meat pie stores in Ottawa. Delicious pies, amazing authentic choices of flavours in the menu, extremely clean, and most importantly the most welcoming staff and the owner Omar makes you feel so welcomed and extremely hospitable!

Zan Vania

Came here for a quick lunch before hitting the road. Got the ones with sausage, kafta, cheese, and spinach. Enjoyed all except the spinach was a little bland. Amazing price point, large portion, and friendly service. No indoor seating, but a small outdoor patio.

Hanabi Inori

Best pie in my life ever. Cheese is perfect and zaatar makes me feel like I am in a herb farm eating meals made of super fresh herb… so good, 100000000% recommended

Maha A.

I'm addicted to this place! Best pies in Ottawa! Everything is so delicious I've tried most of their pies and it's so satisfying

Naz J.

After the storm (Victoria weekend), while the electricity was out for days. The Baker was open and welcoming to everybody who came in with a culinary request. The wait was 45 minutes, but that didn't matter because you'd have to wait another 45 minutes to get to the next food service, which would have been just as long. Even though I placed my order, they continued to serve free food to my child as we waited for ours. I appreciate your professionalism, acknowledgement, and respect during this difficult time. Thank you ? and God Bless!


Although we love fine dining, what we really love is outstanding food.... and the Baker is truly outstanding. The warm pies come with your choice of a variety of fillings. Always made to order fresh, the pies are consistently delicious. This takeout has outdoor seating and is worth the trip even if visiting from another part of the city. Yum!!

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