Tim Hortons

883307 Highway 65 E, New Liskeard
(705) 647-8288

Recent Reviews

Tabetha Douglas

Was very busy when I went so a little cramped waiting in line, server was friendly, gave me coffee it was perfect!Food: 4/5

Tom Myers

Definitely not open 24 hours ref the signs in the window. One said drive through open but we waited 10min at the speaker then banged on the window, no one home. Not very convenient when you're driving 2000km. I'm sure the food and everything is just like every other Tims.Food: 3/5

Irene Woollings

The worst service EVER!!!!! The customer service representative was always cutting me off, not listening to me. Not only that, there was a lineup out the door and only one cashier. The other cash was not in operation while 10 people are working the drive thru. Get your *#*# together. I will never go to Tim Horton's again. You have lost 2 customers and I will never drive anyone to your restaurant. I'm ashamed that it was a Canadian that started this franchise and run by persons that don't care.

Nick Ranger

Very good food. Well presented. Staff could work on their manners. I pulled up to the drive through and all i heard was "what".Food: 5/5

Ty Davis

Just what is expected from any other Tim Horton's. There was a timely service, upbeat environment and respectable staff

Melanie Moran

Every time I come here there's employees standing around doing nothing while people wait in line. 7 people in the store today and 5 minutes just to get an order taken. You need to teach employees that serving customers is more important than restocking shelves and emptying garbages

jean-christophe Sabourin

Staff has been nice so far and we always had what we wanted

Linda W. Roberts

Always great for a turkey bacon sandwich. Always nice at the window, too!

Krystal Adams (Wolverine)

I love there ice Capps with chocolate milk ?

Joseph Doe

Not a bad timmies just not as friendly as the other location in new liskeard

Suzanna Laurin

No dark roast coffee prepared. We waited for the brew but the coffee is bitter of it doesn't sit. Dark roast is on the menu it should always be prepared to serve.

Cass pabu

Shot of ? in my coffee along with Oat/Almond milk Thank you Tim Hortons for offering a vegan option for coffee milk, please let me know when you get more Gluten-Free& Vegan products available so that I can support you again! The Tim Hortons Children Foundation is one of the only charities I contribute to because I know my donations are helping campers. I was one of those campers and I can't even begin to explain what I've gained from camp and my opportunities.

Thomas Skinner

Clean. Actually had food, while some others are often "out". Quick.

Eden Caddick

Been using the app for moblie pick up, they always have it ready when I get there and order is accurate. Also store is clean and staff is friendly!

Tim F

This Tim Hortons is well staffed and managed. They are always accommodating when I travel through with work. They have an accessible entrance, drive thru and ample parking. Inside they have a family washroom that makes it a valuable stop for families with little ones.

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