50 Rideau St, Ottawa
(613) 789-1676

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Jones

Great coffee, pastries and sandwiches. However, I find the design of this location somewhat clinical. Also the layout is a little unusual.


Good quality drinks but narrow place and chairs are uncomfortable. Don't recommend it if you are planning to sit and have a talk with someone.

Corey Baker

I wish Bridgehead would open stores in Toronto. I know the market is crammed but I'm so sick of Starbucks, Tim's and all the others. Bridgehead has phenomenal coffee and pastries.

Andrea Liota

Delicious food, friendly staff, yummy cocoa chai. I'm not sure what the standard preparation method is for the cocoa chai (I didn't ask) but it was foamed like a cappuccino, like a 3/4 inch of foam. I'm not complaining, just not what I was expecting.

Bobo Lover

I love bridgehead but this location it's been twice I get a fermented very lukewarm applesider. Both can be dangerous for anyone but I have an illness that affects my immune system and had to throw it out wasting over ten dollars in total. It was super busy so I wasn't able to stand in line again or ask for help because everyone was too busy.

Jamie Miller

The coffee shop deserves a big Hi-5, they were crushed by a surge of customers from a nearby building experiencing a fire drill and the team handled it beautifully. Well done Bridgehead Coffee!

Bret CB

Bridgehead is a home-grown hot beverage shop which offers a variety of high quality hand crafted coffee, tea, and other hot beverages. My only complaint is that I think they are priced too high. I expect they think they need to, in order to seem competitive with the Seattle chain, but I would hope that they could be more fairly priced while their high quality and local flair would speak for itself.

Todd Ostaszewicz

The best coffee in the world. I am addicted to it. I wish I lived in Ottawa. We need Bridgehead coffee shops throughout Ontario. This is a great location. Staff are super friendly and helpful. I will return again and again.

Eva De Castro

Love this local café. First time at the Rideau centre branch and that place is pretty busy. Loved their matcha vanilla latte

Kazem Spahi

The coffee is great tasting, they brew it fresh and serve it at just the right temperature. The place is nice, clean and busy. The bench is comfortable and well padded, the metal seats are not the best idea though. I know it is part of the theme, but I think you can replace them with something a little bit more comfortable. The staff are super friendly and helpful. The location is right in the heart of downtown Ottawa where most of the business buildings are. Overall, I had an enjoyable experience, so I'm giving it a five stars review.

Philip Anderegg

Best coffee in Ottawa IMO. I go there pretty much every day and their service is great! Friendly staff and awesome coffees and lattes

Andrew Whitehead

This one is very clean and has loads of space to prepare you beverage after paying.

J Mayer

We went to the location in the Rideau center,. Coffee was great!! Staff was knowledgeable and service was great. Nice location to have a break overlooking the Byward market.

Sylvain G.

The stools are super uncomfortable. Almost $3 for a juice box is horrible. If you're not a coffee drinker don't expect to find anything reasonable here.

Chrispcrunch chrispcrunch

I love the staff there always pull a friendly. I would recommend this to all walks of life it's a very good environment and fairly decent priced coffee and they do a lot of good things for the environment so try to support them as much as you can

Jacob Piedra

Great coffee (iced Americano was excellent!!) in a modern, chic space. Food was pretty good - breakfast wrap was good (I enjoyed the tomato jam/spread they used!), muffin was very good. Love that they have the option to get a paper straw or a 100% compostable recycled plastic straw!

Ashley McBirney

Staff don’t know how to interact with customers who are getting coffee in the morning, which should be the basics of their job. Every time I come in I’m asked to donate to a cause to which I reply “no thank you” (very politely) they then go on to say “for the future, the program...” and proceed to explain to me why I should be donating and what it is. I just said no, and I’m reading emails about to walk to work....I’ve also said no multiple times in one week. I didn't ask for the program to be explained to me and I already said no, very politely. I’m here to purchase coffee and leave; and not that it’s any of their business but I make multiple large donations to causes throughout the year. I won’t be back to this location, simply because the staff don’t take social cues (always trying to chat and talk AT you) or simply don’t listen to their customers. There’s so many options for coffee! Try elsewhere!

Angela Thornburgh

Pretty good coffee, nice wraps, fair price, friendly folks, very fast. It's a little austere and won't be the cup of coffee you talk about for years to come, but it's totally worth a stop if you're looking for quick coffee or breakfast in the area.

guy felicella

I found this place while visiting Ottawa and it didn't disappoint. Great coffee and food!

George Adaimy

Best coffee place to drink amazing and freshly brewed coffee!

Eric Erdman

Coffee was ok but I've had better.

Jenn Tang

Had the earl grey latte and it was delicious! Was surprised to see a small sit in place too because I always thought it was more of a to go spot.

Christine Charisma

Went here to enjoy a drink on the patio. The place was immaculate. The service was awesome, fast and friendly. It was a nice time enjoying a drink in the sun. I would recommend this place to snyone visiting Ottawa.

Ed Chunski

Very good service. Coffee tasted great. I have found a go-to place to replace starbucks! Only wish they were in cities other than Ottawa!

Discovering Destinations

Great option to stop for a coffee and quick snack while you are visiting or shopping Rideau Center in Ottawa. Friendly service, the coffee is tasty and the coffee shop its really nice.

Jennifer Tang

Had the earl grey latte and it was delicious! Was surprised to see a small sit in place too because I always thought it was more of a to go spot.

Allison Jewell

Cozy coffee house. We were impressed by the variety of dairy alternatives and quality of service.

Canadian Eh!

I haven't had Bridgehead coffee in a while and i got one this morning and was pleasantly surprised on how good it tasted. No bitterness like some other companies coffees. It made my morning and the chicolate loaf is just perfect. Kudos...

Dorothy Burns

Good tea options. Good Breakfast on the run options. Friendly service even when they are busy

frank desjardins

Do you love good coffee? If so this is one gem you don't want to miss in Ottawa. You can practically find them anywhere in Ottawa. The barristas are amazing they know what they are doing. You love organic they have it all coffee food & dessert. Check them out you will not be disappointed!

bob cat

I love going there Rideau Centre Bridgehead vegan options could not ask for more. Decently priced. Except for their take-home cups. I purchased a 12 oz Tumblr for $22 mind you it's not my fault even though it is it was an Impulse Buy that's really the only way I can justify it. Cranberry apple muffin overnight oats and the chocolate banana are really awesome and the seed cookie but I think the seed cookie is out of season.

Tori G.

This was my first Time here at the coffee house and I wanted to try something light and refreshing. I had an iced peachy green tea and it was good but a bit overpriced. The location was prime since it was directly inside the Rideau Centre but I can see how it could possibly get overlooked. I do think the atmosphere and lay out lends to the charm of the coffeehouse and makes one think they are not actually in a shopping center. The barista was very friendly and personable and made the experience that much more enjoyable. The kids and I were able to refuel and rejuvenate in a quiet little corner and we were better for the rest. I'm glad I tried this little shop. It was worth the stop.

Dean Cooper

Great Cafe Latte 👍

John M.

WOW has Bridgehead come a long way since my first visit a few years ago- when they only had espresso made on super-autos and the place was less appealing, in terms of coffee quality, than a then-typical Second Cup (a chain that has also improved its coffee game). This one is brilliant: they have a Synesso Hydra and superb Simonelli grinders, and do a proper cortado in the proper 4-oz tumbler. Perfect temperature and a really good, bright yet balanced house espresso.

Steven L.

Wanting a nice hot coffee after indulging on a Beavertail, I found this Bridgehead location at the entrance to the Rideau Centre mall. I read up on the history of this coffee chain There aren't a lot of seats but I was able to snag one by the window. Their latte art is a nice touch. The coffee bar is set right in the middle so you can walk around and shop for bags of coffee and other things while you wait for your order.

Gabriel Seah

On weekdays the nearest outlet open till 8 is at 50 Rideau street (Rideau centre)

Sally K.

Great cortado, friendly staff, and if you sit in the window with some good reading you totally forget you are in a mall! The avocado toast was a little over-toasted, but otherwise delicious with hand mashed fresh avocado, nutritional yeast and chilli pepper sprinkled on top. They have amazing sour dough bread made from their own starter, so this makes the toast worth the extra cost.

Julie L.

I've visited this Bridgehead location a few times since it's been opened in the Rideau centre. Great to pop by and pick up a beverage while you shop! Seems to be more of a pickup location as there isn't too much seating space. I like that their coffee bar is opened and you can watch the baristas make your beverage with the cool tools that they have! I asked for an iced chocolate (off menu) and they made it just right! I hope it becomes a summer menu item!

Jana D.

Wow! They've expanded the Rideau centre! This is one of those pieces of real estate that I always think there's no more space to grow - but I was wrong! They've done a nice job, too; it's really pretty. The coffee shop is not overly big, but it's modern. It's sort of L shaped and the section with seating near the window offers a cozy, almost private area to sip and chat although it's a bit echoey. I tried a latte (as usual!), and a cold chai.... something! (Sorry - I've forgotten the name of it!) and a peanut butter with chocolate treat that was a bit like a Nanaimo bar. All the food was good, and the service was friendly and knowledgeable- and very prompt! I was surprised at how quickly they served up our drinks! There was a display of colourful and funky drink ware, and the shop was bright enough. This is a nice, new place!

Holly O.

I like that Rideau now has a Bridgehead specifically in the mall. It's a really neat set up with a coffee bar creation area set into the restaurant, allowing the patrons to see the action as it happens. It's a bright new location with big windows, which creates a lovely sitting nook with a window looking into Rideau street. The only downside is that the air circulation of the front nook isn't very good, so it gets REALLY hot and stuffy in the afternoon. They have some really neat new drink options available too, so take a good look at the menu next time you stop in!