Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Elgin)

326 Elgin St, Ottawa
(613) 695-4628

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Grr Grr

I enjoy the bagels, baked goods, and coffee. However, after being treated rudely yet again by staff, I will not be returning to this location. I have had positive customer experiences there only a handful of times. The rest of time, the staff seem like they don't want to be there and are unfriendly.

Danielle Phan

Great coffee and snack options. Open early. Has good seatings with charging plugs for work space.

Kyle Schroer

Nice atmosphere, and very cool vibe from the place. A little noisy and limited seating though.

Fig Newton

Probably the worst bar staff in the city. Cold, abrupt, and entitled. A stark difference from the staff and culture of Happy Goat at Laurel.


Big hype about coffee. Yes if you want to pay for the caffeine free soy latte and the 'hipster' server go for it.

Rebecca Hopkins

I love the coffee; I get the beans all the time to take home. And I love the oat milk combo with these beans! Pairs so well. The morning staff is great, there is a girl there who was so nice to me and my boyfriend, we paid for one treat and gave us an extra as a courtesy. She smiles and loves to chat and is very inviting. However, there is one particular guy who works in the afternoon and has hindered our interest into coming into the store. He never smiles upon greeting, is like talking to a wall, and never makes eye contact! It's so rude. He scoffed at me once when I ordered an americano and seemed like it was a problem that I requested room in my cup. Happy Goat, if your employees feel too cool for proper customer service then I suggest retraining them. I get that the atmosphere is supposed to be "hip" but actually what's cool is being a nice human being.

Shurraj Rao

I enjoyed the vegan doughnuts here and have came back for them several times. However, it's always grumpy staff behind the counter who very openly show you how they do not want to serve you.

Christina B

Very nice vibe here. Others think so too because it is usually full so get in early and stake out a spot! They are open later which is much appreciated because people like coffee and snacks in the evening too! Will likely be my first stop over anywhere else.


Delicious coffee. Relaxing ambience. Not overly priced. Chicken wrap is great. Nice baristas. Recommended.

Tom Skublics

Two guys working in there the day I was there. Not coordinated, not efficient, forgetful. Coffee was nothing special.

Kendra J.

My absolute favourite cafe in Ottawa! Delicious coffee and a wide variety of treats. I love going to Happy Goat to write and for meetings with friends and colleagues. Highly recommend this cafe!

Dawn M.

As far as Happy Goat (the Ottawa based chain) goes, I'm not a fan of every location - however, I love this location. The problem is, I'm not alone - it is often impossible to get a seat. And so, we don't go here too often. The decor is wonderfully cute and comfortable with fur on couches and huge pillows to cuddle into on the bench seating. It's just a comfortable space. Coffee is always good and they have treats and a decent tea selection. Would I return: Yes - but only if there's seating, otherwise we head elsewhere. Would I recommend: No, but only because I want to be able to get a seat.... so really, that's a Yes. ;-)

Thérèse Caron

Absolutely amazing place, always smells wonderful and the staff are friendly and to the point.

Kyla Evans

Very friendly and helpful barista, relaxed and cozy atmosphere, plus tasty lattes with milk alternatives!

Beau Schell

I love coming in and sitting by the window with a London fog and reading my books. The staff is great and the atmosphere is full of life.

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Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Elgin)

326 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M6
(613) 695-4628