Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Rideau/Cumberland)

229 Rideau St, Ottawa
(613) 680-2880

Recent Reviews


Expensive but very good coffee! Good place to study but it can get busy at times making it hard to find a seat. However, there aren't many gluten free options.


Big hype about coffee. Yes if you want to pay for the caffeine free soy latte and the 'hipster' server go for it.

Petr Švancar

I have been there multiple times during my stay in Ottawa. They had the best light roast around the city. 2.50 CAD for a mug.

Sara Farrukh Saeed

Went here for breakfast. Ordered the everything bagel and peanut butter cookie. It was freshly baked. Cookie was really soft and chewy. It had some sea salt on it. So perfect balance of sweet and salty. Bagel with cream cheese was okay. It was a little hard and sticky. Cream cheese was really good and made the overall taste nice. Staff was super friendly and nice. It is a small nice and hip coffee/ breakfast place. They even have their own branded merchandise as well which is pretty cool.

Andrea Liota

Visited for the first time recently and I really loved it. I'll definitely be back to study between classes. Much more comfortable and cozy than anything else around campus. The food was really good and they were out of chai when I visited but hopefully I'll be able to try it next time! A real gem on Rideau!


Well.. the Cappuccino was good looking but tasteless. The Bacon Sammie pretty correct. The service was just ok.. you don't wanna be a foreigner in this café.. in the street, it's the only one I found opened at 7 AM though. A third star for this.

Hannah Lowry

Super quiet and insta worthy place to study or relax with friends, however drinks are a bit pricey.

Daniel DeSousa

I appreciate the much more personal feel of this spot than any other coffee shop around. Especially being in such a busy part of town. Nice staff, great relaxed and calming atmosphere

Dylan Caulfeild

Thanks to the staff here that made brought a positive attitude during such a hectic time of year. Your efforts don't go unnoticed!


Place is nice to study. Their coffee is good but don't expect a good variety of sweets or snacks

Derek Fischer

Usually go in during the week around 730am so I was pretty shocked when I showed up a few minutes before 9 this Saturday and had the door shut in my face when I asked what time you opened. The eggnog latte I got from Starbucks instead was pretty good though.

Jean Pierre M.

Not the cleanest place in town and the washrooms were dirty this week, it is not the staff fault because not enough employees. It shows they have no respect for clients. And they are opening a new Branch at Staples on Bank Street, not a good beginning from them.

Jean Pierre Marchand

Nice place, but they underpaid their staff. They have no time to taking care for the washrooms. There was no hand towels and toilet paper, you are spending your money to open a new branch at Staples on Bank Street. Be respectful with your clients, not a good signal from you guys.

G. S.

Every time I try to go there it's too crowded, which is a shame because the coffee and food are good. There should be more tables instead of couches, since the main clientele is students with laptops. You cant do work on a couch. Oh also, need of more power outlets!

Sig A

Good location and a really solid house coffee. Very chill atmosphere, lots of folks relaxing and actually enjoying their time there.

Laith Abushaar

My favourite coffee. Quality, great roast, not acidic and beautiful aroma. Cafes: chill out ambiance and friendly staff. Passes the happiness from the goat to the coffee drinkers :)

Denis Rooney

Not a very good selection of foods. Would have liked to have seen some sandwiches and maybe some banana cake brownies along those lines. Only water they had was Perrier, but they did have tap water which was fine with me. Coffee is coffee and I am no expert, but it was fine. Washrooms very clean, but the Space Age Technology of flushing took a little getting used to. Nice layout and I like that they had electrical outlets all over the place for all the people with their laptops or phone or whatever else.

Giorgio Huawei

Superb coffee, friendly service. Nice relaxing atmosphere. Often busy - probably because it's a good place. Recommended

Patrice Lavoie

That stretch of Rideau street is not pleasant, and I always hurry and dismiss that goat coffee place. This time I had to go to the toilet so I entered. In an instant I felt calm and happy. The place is airy, with a simple, relaxing to the eye color scheme black, wood and white. Patrons seemed to enjoy their time, even the students finishing their homework. The vibe was friendlier than at my Starbucks. The decaf Americano and the baristas were nice. The large windows so well cleaned. Flowers along the ledge. A relaxing oasis in this sad neighbourhood.


Popped into the Happy Goat on Sunny Side and Bank in Old Ottawa South. Great little cafe, manged to get in with our large twin stroller, luckily it wasn't too busy. Great staff, good coffee and fab chicken wrap. Couldn't ask for more. thanks.

Dylan McGuire

Best coffee in Ottawa. Whether you are getting a cappuccino or their locally roasted beans to take home. Service is always friendly and efficient, so it is a good place to grab a coffee to go if you are in a hurry but it also has plenty of places to sit and outlets to plug in whatever tech you have.

Elementt4life .

Great food, service and vibe! Definitely will be coming back! 😎👌

Remi Boulanger

Amazing place to go work on projects or to study. The place really feels like home, with confortable seating in various forms, for every tastes, and many electrical outlets to plug in your computer. The barristas were great and friendly, the Chai Latte I had was good, and they seem to have a variety of things to munch on as well. Much better environment than the Tim across the street.


Great food, service and vibe! Definitely will be coming back!

Grace Cowie

Very cozy, clean and open. Yes, it's a little expensive but the atmosphere makes up for it. Good place to study, work or hang out if you have some hours to kill.

Analú Moreno

The coffe is really good here! I loved it! Also It's a really nice place to bring your laptop and work from here.

Tee William Keo

Great coffee! Best deal is a bag of handcrafted beans and a cup of joe for eighteen bucks. Brew one cup at a time kiddies!

Dean Holbrough

The coffee is the reason to go. A bonus is the ambience. No pop music playing not the jingles of advertising. Mellow mood music and a lot of street facing seats.


Menu is what you can expect from any Happy Goat location, but the layout of this particular cafe is much more spacious and bright. It’s a very popular location for students so it may be difficult to find seating as most guests here use it as a study space. Staff is super friendly and helpful! Love this spot!

Bella Lafleur

Favourite Happy Goat location! My favourite Ottawa baristas somehow all ended up working here & the music is always tops! I love that you guys are always playing Pop Punk!

Diego Alvarado

From the surface this is a very nice looking space but it is not a practical coffee shop to study in or read with the loud punk and pop music playing on a regular basis. I've dropped by a few times when in the area but it's always the same. It's great if you are into that but I myself find it a bit too much and very distracting. How anybody can work on a serious project or delve into a book without putting in earplugs is beyond me. Their coffee is alright, nothing special; at $3 for a drip coffee though you would at least hope that the barista would have some knowledge as to what is being brewed and how it tastes. This could be improved on in the future.

Jenn Tang

Friendly staff and great lattes! The space is very open and bright. Seating is average compared to the others... it can get crowded during exam season.

Rinky Sharma

Staff is incredibly funny and friendly. It's one of the best places you can find to study because of how roomy and we'll lit the place is. Cozy yet spacious, the coffee shop has great deco and plenty of plugs. I really love the wooden tables and large windows.

Chris John

Great coffee experience. Abundant plugins, free WiFi with no time limit. Bathrooms are also clean. Highly recommended if you're looking for a place to meet a friend, to complete that last minute essay, or bring a date. Good selection of coffee.

Turner Hyde

Super welcoming experience, both baristas were much more interested in talking with each other rather than providing even the smallest amount of customer service. And the coffee was not great either

James Congreve-Horn

Excellent coffee shop in the heart of the city. A decent sized spaced with some really comfortable seating for lounging, chairs and tables and a couple of bar rows for studying or work if you're that way inclined.

Lauren Hannough- Bergmans

I love Happy Goat! Every location is unique. The coffee is great, and the vibe is relaxing.

Marie-Ève Gagné

Great coffee spot serving the locally roasted Happy Goat Coffee. There you can get all the espressos beverages as well as brewed coffee using their specialty coffee beans.

Andrea Franche

Brand new location! I love how the happy goat is becoming a small little Ottawa chain. The coffee is very good quality and the atmosphere here is very nice. I can see myself bringing a date here or even just studying. Would definitely recommend visiting a happy goat location if you're in Ottawa. Also, they gave vegan options which is great.

Marie-Ève Gagné

Great coffee spot serving the locally roasted Happy Goat Coffee. There you can get all the espressos beverages as well as brewed coffee using their specialty coffee beans.

Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Rideau/Cumberland)

229 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9M2
(613) 680-2880