Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Sandy Hill)

317 Wilbrod St, Ottawa
(613) 241-0606

Recent Reviews

Jake Bleecker

super cute baristas. a must visit.

Celine Huab

Staff were super friendly explaining their baked goods, and it's a welcoming, open and cozy space. I appreciate that they have a few vegan options as well

andrew staples

Great neighbourhood coffee shop, delicious baked goods. Great place to sit and contemplate the universe, or chat with friends. Wifi, too.

Tracy Hill

Cal & Noah run the place like its nobodys business... but their own! Good on you guys for the phenomenal service!

Seb Lemery

Good coffee, clean bathrooms. Great service. Those little places needs to be way more popular than Tim Hortons.

Sean Veaudry

Great local coffee shop that is popular with locals and students. Has good coffee and other sandwichs and treats.

Jean-Marc Joseph

Awesome coffee, reasonable prices! Rich in student culture, Atmosphere is amazing.

Danielle G.

This is a super hip coffee shop with a reasonable amount of seating, great vibe, and yummy snacks. The only issue is the coffee... it is VERY SOUR... whether it be the cold brew, drip, iced coffee, iced Americano etc. the coffee is a major turn off for me. Despite all the great aspects of the shop, the taste of the coffee has deterred me and many of my uOttawa friends from going there. Maybe getting a hot chocolate or something caffeine free would be a good idea/ alternative but students need coffee and this place just doesn't deliver.

Gurpreet Gill

Staff was super friendly. Nice environment with good vibes.

Rebekah Persad

Went to grab a croissant and a peanut butter cookie - 10/10 recommend! So delicious and so satisfying.

Matt Luckett

Great service and friendly staff. The coffee and vegan treats were delicious and would recommend it.

Emme Nevada

I love coming here. Very friendly, and welcoming vibe. I love how environmentally conscious they are. They even have spoons instead of stir sticks that they wash after each use. The coffee is amazing, great flavours, better than any chain for sure.


My Google Maps told me that it's found a coffee shop for me that I would like. There is no such thing as a good coffee shop anymore. Even little things like coffee shops are trying to bleed the consumer of every last cent including this one

David Ramalho

Great open space and friendly service. Sadly, dogs are no longer allowed at this location but it's understandable.

Meekayell Delavallée

Iâ??ve been there several times and I never if theyâ??re going to be nice to me or not. This one time I ordered one of their pricy sandwiches and it they gave it to me without the chips. So I told one of the person working there that they forgot to add the chips and she spoke to me in a very way and said that they didnâ??t have any left. She also told me that itâ??s not part of the meal, and they didnâ??t have to give it to the customers. I didnâ??t understand why she answered me this way. She got mad as if I was harassing her for it. How would was I suppose to know that. The sandwiches are super small and pricy so I thought it came with it. I get that itâ??s business and that food is expensive but thatâ??s no reason to be rude! Learn to treat your customers nicely!

Safaa Alfaham

Was looking for a place to have my breakfast and found them near my hotel, local place! great and cozy place, staff are so friendly, amazing service, just beautiful atmosphere, loved it! Highly recommended.

Juliana Adema

I love this place, but I can't give full stars because they started charging extra for non-dairy. I don't really have any reason to rate them better than any other local coffee shop now.

Ben From

Good local premium coffee shop. Coffee and espresso are very good. Decent baked goods selection and quality. Very good atmosphere and helpful staff. Seating can be somewhat sparse during peak hours but you should have no trouble finding a table to sit and relax at.

Claudia Stoyke

Easily my favourite place near campus! The people working here are always well dressed, friendly and know a ton about what theyâ??re selling. Iâ??m here at least once a week to study and unwind between or after classes. Lots of vegan options (a rarity for cafes) give it even more brownie points.

Keagan Peterson

One of my favorites! It would easily 5 star without these two things: over priced pastry and very limited seating. I know this is a hub for students donuts generally full, but there were many people standing waiting for a couple to leave. Liked the coffee, liked that they sold beer, but disliked the price. $5 Lug Tread and two donuts came to $14.

Dixie Q.

I've come to this location twice. It is a wide open space and despite the many tables and common tables, it is packed on Sundays. Mostly students reading, studying or working on assignments. Those tables won't be free for at least 2 hours! I most recently tasted their honey lavender latte...My brain is already a thought or two away from my typing fingers. It amuses me that I once asked if their lattes were sweet and was told, we don't do sweet. Evidently, they changed their mind! At any rate, I enjoyed the mix of lavender and honey. It was a natural sweetness, not forced by shots of syrup. And if you dislike, and/or can never finish Starbucks lattes, then you will appreciate, enjoy and finish this one!

Mei M.

This is a cute and hip coffeeshop with lots of seating and also great food. I got the avocado sandwich which came with a side of chips. It was quite delicious! I also got their cortado which was just the right amount. Located near campus, good place to hangout with a friend or get some work done.

Mason S.

The food here is fine. It's clean. The staff is kinda out-of-it and rude. First time I was there I asked if they had blueberry muffins - I might as well asked how to land the Space Shuttle. "There's a bakery over there". When I found some muffins he told me they "were for another store or something". Womp womp

Maggie W.

super cute!!!! the staff was really nice & seemed to be having fun :-) great coffee and love the art for sale on the walls!

Melanie C.

It's a cute place to get coffee. I usually get an iced latte here and they are good. I wouldn't say they have amazing coffee but I would come back again and try something different. The place gives me hipster vibes about it. Its close enough to the university of Ottawa to walk to and study, one downside is sometimes they run out of room to sit since it is crowded with students.

Gary S.

The food and beverages are okay, but no better than Bridgehead or Starbucks. The staff here though are not nearly as friendly as the staff at bridgehead. They spoke to each other more than the customers.

Christian Probst

Relaxed atmosphere, selection of about 7 delicious sandwiches, cages and cookies and a broad range of coffee and related drinks. Expect it to be busy with local people and students working in here.

D L.

-Nice hip cafe ambience; lots of seating area -Wished they had more variety of sandwiches (with more variety of breads catering to people who are health conscious or have special diets), baked goods, teas (lattes)

Aatik C.

One of my favourite cafés in Ottawa. I'm shocked at the 3.5 rating as I submit my review...this place is so laid back and genuine. The baristas are actually down to earth, which is unfortunately uncommon these days. The dirty chai was innovative. Nice lighting inside, not too light or dark. Very comfy furniture and a nice balance between spacious and cozy. See you guys later this week!

Nawaaz M.

I came back here a few months after my first review and I would give this location a solid 4. This cafe has a lot more warmth than before, thanks to some new artwork, and cozy chairs all over. I would recommend popping in for some great coffee or even as a place to plop down and do some reading :)

Delta N.

Really cute place and largely caters to the student demographic as it is in Sandy Hill. I wish they had more of a variety of non coffee beverages in the summertime. They don't have air conditioning so on really hot days, it'd be nice to have a fresh lemonade or something else fun. Their banana bread is really good though!

Sam C.

Great place for coffee! Got a flat white, and even though it was a bit smaller than what I expected (then again, I compare to Starbucks), tasted great and was very smooth. Also got a ham and cheese sandwich, which had a nice smoky ham flavour with just the right amount of grease on the ham and the cheese was great as well. Service was great as well, with the baristas clearing customer dishes every so often. Only thing keeping this place from a 5 is the amount of seating available. Went on a Saturday and the place was full of students studying, so maybe a few large tables would help create more seating area.

Kathleen W.

This location is a 10 minute walk from uOttawa so you'll be seeing a huge student demographic who tend to linger and barely move from their seat because they are busy studying or on Facebook. The location is fairly well lit if you sit closer to the door, lots of seating space, but limited seats with accessible outlets. If you get cold easily, don't sit near the door - it gets very chilly during the winter. I ordered an Almond Milk Flat White (~$3.40) but it was overly acidic. I'm not sure if it was the blend that was used, but I barely finished it since it was so sour :( ! I'll be coming back to try to the other drinks so I hope this was an They also serve soups, sandwiches, and assorted pastries so it would be a good spot to grab some lunch.

Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Sandy Hill)

317 Wilbrod St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7W4
(613) 241-0606