Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Sandy Hill)

317 Rue Wilbrod St, Ottawa
(613) 241-0606

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Szeréna Szabó

A nice café with friendly and attentive staff that know how to make a good cup of coffee!

Matthew Charlton

Always great service, great coffee and BONUS!... It's NOT *bucks! ? Support local!

Matt W

Purchased two large coffees but was not permitted to sit on the floor and plug my phone in despite having an empty venue.

Prosper Archiduke

unfortunately the coffee here is served in relatively small portions when I can go to Starbucks half a block away and get even better coffee.Am not sure who came up with an idea to use those tiny coffess cups , I think its a losing proposition especially when you are competing with Starbucks and second cup.

Laith A.

Best coffee in town. Total chill out environment and friendly team. Full support to the local!

Katherine McCarron

My favourite little coffee spot in the city! They have great tasting coffee and treats. Even their online coffee delivery service has been extremely quick and stellar!


Great place for coffee. Proper flat white and pleasant service, can only recommend.

Tommy D.

Not a fan of this place. Coffee was meh but setting was okay. I don't believe ill be going back as there.

Asif A.

I went in as a hungry hobo, and came out as a HAPPY GOAT. Great place. Don't let the exterior deceive you. It may look unattractive, but trust me, sometimes you need those tilted dark glass, so you can peacefully make love inside with your date, latte, or whatever you're having... Clean, spacious, modern interrior with a great atmosphere. Breathable air quality which i tell ya most stores lack due to short ceiling. Great for new dating couples, students, forever-aloners and those who pretend to be working on their laptops but are actually checking other people out. It is also gay-friendly...so if you wanna take me on a date--we can certainly go here. I'll let you to buy me 100 cookies, some sweet goodies and a grande latte. That's all. Not an expensive date, you see. You're welcome.

Rose M

Good coffee and a solid atudy/ready spot. Target audience is mostly students!

Ken Hillis

The only Happy Goat outlet I've disliked. Ordered a cortado and said in advance how I wanted it served. It was served the way that the barista wanted to serve it however. When I asked him for a new cup he told me to just drink off the top of what he had served me in. He did change the cup when I insisted a second time. I felt that I should apologize for being over 50


In October, I had a business meeting at the Happy Goat in Sandy Hill and had cause to make a complaint to a staff person. The staff person responded with what I considered to be an inadvertently tactless comment. As a result I wrote a reasonable, non-confrontational email to the owner through the website outlining my original complaint and the staff person's response suggesting these were areas where improvements could be made. I asked for a response. Instead..nothing, crickets. So two weeks later I followed up, included the original message and asked for a response once again. Yet again, I was ignored. More than two weeks have gone by since my follow-up email and no one at Happy Goat has shown even the smallest courtesy to reply, adding insult to injury and confirming to me why the original problems happened in the first place. I notice that based on the Google Reviews, the owner has no trouble responding to customers when the reviews are positive. Too bad the same can't be said when comments are critical, even in a constructive way. This is a case study for poor customer service. No one likes to be ignored and good businesses make sure they at the very least respond. So if you ever have any sort of a problem at the Happy Goat...you may find yourself leaving as one Unhappy customer.

Jake Bleecker

super cute baristas. a must visit.

Celine Huab

Staff were super friendly explaining their baked goods, and it's a welcoming, open and cozy space. I appreciate that they have a few vegan options as well

andrew staples

Great neighbourhood coffee shop, delicious baked goods. Great place to sit and contemplate the universe, or chat with friends. Wifi, too.

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Happy Goat Coffee Co. (Sandy Hill)

317 Rue Wilbrod St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7W4
(613) 241-0606