Meow Tea

279 Elgin St, Ottawa
(613) 230-8588

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Beth Enriquez

I had the taro drink with my group. It was quite nice but nothing extraordinary. Way overpriced for the size of bubble tea and only a tablespoon of tapioca. Certainly not the cold service or the absence of fresh fruits. I will certainly try other places in Ottawa and hope for a much more friendlier place. Cold services are the best way to deter your customers. Thank you again for the reminder that I should not return here once more. I will give a one star each for the cuteness of the cups/cats and great location.

Lynda N

Yummy tasting milk tea. The tapioca is fresh, soft, and chewy. They also make amazing taro pearls as well which is definitely worth a try if you haven’t already.The drinks are on the pricier side in comparison to other bubble tea places. They have their meow meow bowls which is literally bubble tea in a bowl. The bowls give you more options for toppings and you have a choice of base. I liked the bowl because there were generous servings of toppings and a good variety to choose from.I’ve ordered from ubereats and also in store. I would say it’s more worth it to get it in store as the prices are hiked up on food service platforms (which makes it almost $10 for a large).The inside of the store is nice and clean. The decor is very cute and has drawings of animated chubby cats everywhere.

Julian Martinez

Two sides to this review:First, the products are just fantastic. I've had the Mango Green Milk and the Strawberry one (no milk) and both were great. We had to come back the following week, and then the next one, even if it's a bit of a drive for us. You can easily customize the teas to your liking....less ice, 30% sugar, etc. This is well standardized and allows you to get the same customized taste every time. Also, the employees are always professional and friendly.I would give Meow Tea five stars, but the bathroom has been between dirty and absolutely disgusting. It is like you step into a completely different business. This should be an easy fix and I hope they take it.

K Sparks

This place is my favourite bubble tea place. They aren't a chain (I don't think!) and use real fruit in their drinks! The passion fruit green tea lemonade with lychee jelly is the BEST.

Carolyn Bui

Great bubble tea! Will definitely return when we come back to MTL.

Rony Sikder

My new favorite bubble tea place. I've only tried a few of their flavours so far, but future visits are already planned. Give it a try


Love this place! I got the Mango Green Milk Tea (less ice, 30% sugar) and it was so good I had to get it again the next day. They also have the cutest cats on the wall. Definitely recommend this place.

Lev Kozhevnikov

They use fresh ingredients such as mangos and avocados and cream cheese

Samantha L.

If you're looking for a quality, independent bubble tea this is the spot. One of the best things is the hours, we picked this dessert up late night around 12am. The decor is sweet and quaint and the service is really fantastic. They seem like they were really busy but the staff still made sure we had everything we needed. The boba was a little soft but desserts were super delicious. Will definitely be back. Tropical Meow tea was amazing. Mango cream sago smoothie was delicious but more than enough sugar with 50% sugar. Milk tea was very flavourful. Next time will get 70% sugar.


Ordered from Uber eats and was not disappointed ! The packaging is beautiful, the tea is great and is precise to your order (like sugar levels and such). Price point is okay and they have fantastic bubble tea and even regular tea! (The strawberry peach tea was so good highly recommend, same for taro milk tea) Overall from an ordering standpoint we were highly pleased.

Camille Theophile

Was a little disappointed by this place, I love bubble tea and have been trying multiple shops in Ottawa for the best one. The service here was cold and distant, my bubble tea (asked for hot) came out lukewarm and got cold really fast. The options were limited and the taste was nothing special. It wasn't terrible and the location is still nice; they have fun pastries on the side

Amy Xu

Very tasty bubble tea!!! The walls have lots of cuties~ Come and check out the yummy drinks and cute cats :)

Amanda Mooney

Found my new favourite bubble tea place, the store is so cute, the staff are friendly, and most importantly the drinks are delicious! I can’t wait to try more flavours.

Chris Lee

Delicious offerings of bubble tea, coffee and pastries. Clean. Fast and modern decor. Lots of room for seating. Highly recommended for a snack or coffee meet-up.

Anqi S.

nice place great customer service!There oolong tea with cheese foam is so good. They also offer different pastry. Like their almond croissant and peach danish. Have been there several time and will go there again. Also they have points card that you can get free drinks after certain times. Recommended

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