Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill

2210 Bank St, Ottawa
(613) 695-6201

Recent Reviews

Chantelle Kostanowicz

My review doesn't reflect this specific store but the franchise itself. I didn't hate it but it's just not good enough for me to want to eat it again. The flavor was pretty much non-existent. I'd say the only thing I enjoyed was the Guac.

Amanda Bellefeuille

I wish I could rate lower than one star. I have spent the evening with food poisoning. I will never ever be ordering from here ever again!

Alex Ghazal élève

Amazing burritos and great costumer service, highly recommended !

Shawn Charron

Tried the ghost pepper burrito. I regret not taking a picture because it looked perfect. It tasted delicious and it was painfully spicy, as advertised. I probably won't get it again, but I will come back soon to try another menu option.

Jason Gaines

Horrible experience at the South Keys location. The person that served us argued about what went in our Burrito bowl. Very stingy on the portions given. Would not recommend going to the South Keys location.

Kyle Creelman

The pork carnitas burrito bowl was fantastic! Great service everytime I got to this location.

Reema D.

Stopped in for a quick bite. Quick service and great food! I really enjoyed the guacamole (extra charge) with my bowl.

Rusty S.

Great, speedy employees here. Fresh ingredients and decent prices. I never leave one of these locations unsatisfied in the hunger department, they do not skimp on the ingredients. Clean as well. Only gripe is the burritos always fall apart, but that might be a me problem.


I eat fairly healthy and plant based. I enjoy the food and especially in this location. Staff are friendly and my meals are always good.

Gino Qualizza

I love their chicken bowls. Custom to whatever and however you like.

Darren Webster

The food is just ok. Its fast food.

Russell Parm-Murree

A " subway" like style for Mexican food, well pri5


This place is a scam. I ordered a plate and it turned out to be over $15 and it was half empty. The owners are stingy with the amount of meat they give their customers. Food not worth the price

Jim F

This place is a scam. I ordered a plate and it turned out to be over $15 and it was half empty. The owners are stingy with the amount of meat they give their customers. Food not worth the price

Aaron Bertsch

The food and service is great as with the prices

Todd White

The Chimichurri Steak burrito is to die for, with fresh ingredients, this is filling and you will leave satisfied -guaranteed.

Guy Tessier

Good mexican food but $$$

Anne Seigmiller

Great tasting food and fast, friendly service!

John Brack

I enjoy their choice of delicious burritos and they have other menu items available.

jinal chavda

Bad experience

Brian Eng

A nice place for a quick meal. They surprisingly have a good variety despite the name. So it's not only burritos, they have other options. It's generally a healthier option than other fast food places. The location is good and there's tons of parking. The staff is nice and efficient.

Frank Meness

Clean restaurant...fresh ingredients...pleasant staff

Cleodel D.

In response to Mucho Burrito Owner: Ottawa is a big city with many independently owned Mexican establishments/food trucks with delicious food at reasonable prices, so it’s just a matter of heavy competition. Your focus is on being convenient, which serves a particular purpose, which is okay. 3 stars represents, “It’s okay.”


Maxican food .....its good and frrrrreeeessshhhhh....

Dave Jelly

Unique experience for a fast food franchise. Very tasty and healthy lunch options available at good prices. The burrito pairs quite nicely with a beer. Excellent location at end of shopping centre right at Greenboro bus and O-train stop.

Jane Zhang

Went to this place with my friend since she was craving burritos for a while. I ordered the bowl and it was hella tasty. Clean place, and nice atmosphere. Would go again when I'm in the area.

Zunayed Kareem

I used to love them more before, I think the quality of food detoriated. I still enjoy their chicken bowl.

Alex Daniels

If you are looking for a cheap, satisfying meal that's not exactly a restaurant but not exactly fast food then definitely come here. You get your food like you would at a subway buuuuuut they do serve beer there and you can get a meal for two without breaking the bank that is really nice and filling in an atmosphere that is a touch above fast food (mexican music, mexican beer and burritos....oh my)

Kate M.

Stopped by for a quick bite! There is plenty of seating at this location and service was very fast! I ordered a chicken burrito bowl and my husband a veggie burrito bowl. Along the way, by mistake the employee ended up covering my bowl with jalapeí±os - I can't handle spice period! Right away, they were extremely apologetic, they started to make me a new bowl, and added extra chicken and guacamole for my inconvenience. I was very impressed with the customer service and how pleasant and patient the employee was! In the end, my burrito bowl was tasty, great portion size and all the ingredients were fresh! Yum yum!!!


It was good for a quick snack. This was my first time here, but I do prefer Burrito Gringo.

Kristina Sparling

Not happy with the service at all, been going there for a while. I bought a quesadilla and the guy who claims to be the son of the owner is very stingy and not friendly at all. He started to make my quesadilla but wasn’t really into putting toppings on even though the quesadilla costs around $14.40. today all of a sudden I was charged an extra 0.25 for pickled onion which is rediculous because nowhere on the sign does it say that you’re only allowed to have 4 toppings! Also

Jill Harvey

Edited from 5* to 3*. The prices have risen almost 25% in the last two years. The staff has changed constantly and the people working don't seem to care anymore. The food is still good, but the items available keep changing/disappearing. Still good value for the money.

Aileigh Karson

The burrito was super spicy, which is great! I got spicy salsa, a chipotle sauce, and jalapeí±os on mine! The workers were a bit distant though and didn’t seem super enthusiastic.

Kurtis J.

Quick and friendly service, no drama and a big ole' Mucho burrito with guac. Mucho Thanks!

Ashlee M.

I always have gone to this location since it's close to the O Train and as a student, I always reach for the cheaper and often times healthier option. With that being said, I wanted to try their vegetarian salad bowls and my goodness! Everything was fresh and the woman who served me was very generous. I told her I was transitioning to into a Vegetarian/Vegan and she was also kind enough to offer me advice. It was a lovely exchange. I know I'll be returning soon.

Daniel L.

I visited this location before Christmas (again, not sure where my review went). The burrito was delicious: it had lots of chicken and vegetables. I also got some of their fresh tortillas, which were delicious.

Tamara C.

I was very disappointed when my husband and I visited this location to celebrate Cinco de Mayo after work. We work retail and understand that closing time is very precious but when I ordered shrimp, which is on the menu and we were there during business hours, we were told that they were all out. I asked the staff memeber if it was because they are close to closing time and he said yes. I let the manager know and he said they they sold out because they sold 900 burritos from that location. I did ask if they would have some tomorrow ans he said that they are getting a new shipment tonight. He made no attempt at saying he was sorry and actually tried to upsell me with a drink. I love Mexican food and Mucho Burrito is one of my favorite places but the customer service lacks something to be desired so I would probably not recommend this location to any of my friends.

Keri Alain

If u want fresh and spicy ingredients then this is your place to go. Very good service as well.

Sarah Smith

This location has gone totally downhill the past few months. Portion sizes are much smaller than they used to be and the service is poor. The employees don't seem to care about the customers. Very disappointed. Will go to the Trainyards location from now on!

Rob H.

You stand in line and read the menu on the wall behind the food, which is set out on a steam table. If there are people behind you, there's a sense of being rushed to order, unless you're the type who could care less about the next guy. That's the initial experience of Mucho Burrito. I had the Taquires salad as spicy hot as they could make it. The server appeared to be going through a difficult time in his life as he didn't smile or make eye contact, but that was okay. The salad had pieces of chicken mixed in with a hot pepper mix, lettuce, and all the necessary etceteras. Tasty, almost hot enough and for a little more than ten bucks with an ice tea (they didn't have diet) it was worth the effort.

Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill

2210 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 1J5
(613) 695-6201