Persis grill

2288 Tenth Line Rd, Ottawa
(613) 824-9978

Recent Reviews


Amazing taste. Had grilled platter. Good service, nice interior.

Annie Gerikyan

This restaurant is outstanding! The meat is extremely tender and tasty. The bread is warm. The portions are great. The decor is cozy and nice. The waiter is knowledgeable. And it's a "bring your own wine" restaurant! Looooved it! Will definitly come back!

Rox D

This is now my new favorite Persian restaurant in Ottawa! Just visited on November 20, 2019 with the kids and had the Koobideh Kebab and the Fesenjan. Both plates were very delicious. The complimentary soup and bread were pretty good as well. Portions are big, had to pack up the leftovers! Staff is really nice and the service was quick :)

Barbara Melbourne

I've been coming to Persis since it's opening. The food is always outstanding and they offer a wide variety of dishes.

R Desforges

This is now my new favorite Persian restaurant in Ottawa! Just visited on November 20, 2019 with the kids and had the Koobideh Kebab and the Fesenjan. Both plates were very delicious. The complimentary soup and bread were pretty good as well. Portions are big, had to pack up the leftovers! Staff is really nice and the service was quick :)

Sharon Goyette

Delicious meals - they start you off with warm flat bread and soup. Great service - nice ambiance.

Anthony Bastien

Really good food, meat was tender, and you leave full at the end of your meal!

Diane Greer

Delicious, affordable, pleasant staff. Definitely worth the trip. Make a reservation though - they are always busy.


We love this spot in Orleans as the food is fresh, good portions and the price is very reasonable for the quality of the food. We tried the beef kabobs with salad, rice and the desert. Service from Angel was flawless, thanks!

Emmanuel Griffitth

Love this restaurant! Great staff, even greater food

Nataliya Sopko

Excellent service. Great interior decor. Delicious food. Enjoy it very much. Would highly recommend.

Saeid Golshaeian

This is our favorite Persian restaurant in Ottawa. Fantastic food and service! Kebabs are consistent and very tasty every time. Staff are very friendly and polite.

M Fog

This was my third time here and I loved it. The service was amazing as was the food.

Brendan Butt

Lovely staff. Great food. Fast service.

George Ehrhardt

Great place with tasty food. I always prefer to support local and this is a great way to do it.

Jacqueline Gee

For a Lebanese restaurant, I really enjoyed it better than a regular Shawarma. But the service could be worked on to have more attention to the customers when needed.

Tito Rugamba

Food always tasty, service is great and the place is clean. Plus you actually get to see good being prepared

Abdulhamid Hafiz

Amazing in every way!

Haris Iqbal

Very pleasant staff , came with family on visit to Ottawa Angel Helped in selecting the best dishes Mezarasmeh a must try

Lorraine Laframboise

We go to Persis Grill on a regular basis and it has become our go to restaurant in Orléans. The staff is friendly and the food is consistently very good. The restaurant is very clean and very well decorated. I highly recommend this hidden gem in a shopping mall. It is worth the travel time from another area of town. Most of the food is also gluten free which is a bonus for our daughter and me.

stephane chevrier

Good food, but we were served by the rudest waiter I have ever encountered. We suggested the restaurants to friends of ours, so we gave it a try last night. When we arrived, we asked for a litre of red wine which we savoured with their delicious bread and soup. Prior to ordering our main dishes, approximately 50 minutes later we ordered another litre of wine. We were refused by the waiter. He indicated he could offer a half litre???? Really??? This restaurant allows people to bring their own wine and charge a corking fee of $10. We saw other groups of four come in with three bottles and yet that is acceptable?? When we asked for further explanation the waiter pointed to Ontario liquor laws!! Seriously?? Guess the waiter didn’t appreciate our questioning because we never asked if our meals were satisfactory or if we were interested in coffee or dessert. Shame on the waiter and shame on management for keeping someone who clearly lacks the etiquette to wait on tables! If you clearly want to abide by Ontario liquor laws and preventing your clients from getting intoxicated then apply it for all clients!! Never going back to this restaurant and will never recommend it to friends, family, etc..

Mohammad Ziauddin

Amazing Food and very friendly staff - Love this place. Their bread taste like heaven

John D.

This is not my first visit to Persis, or second, or third. We are regulars there because this place is outstanding. The service is always excellent, to the point that the servers know what I drink when I come in. We have been there numerous times and the one thing that strikes me about this place is consistency. I have never had a bad meal there nor has any member of my family. In some places the service is great and the food is just okay or the other way around, but here the food is consistently excellent and the service is wonderful. Even when it's packed, their kitchen is super efficient and there's no waiting 45 minutes to get your food. We love this place and because it caters to meatetarians like myself or those who prefer vegetarian options, we find ourselves going back again and again - try it. You'll love it.

Elham Mahootchi

Super delicious lovely food and wonderful service, EXTREMELY recommend 👌

Tash D.

I've eaten in the restaurant a few times. First time was great but all my visits since then have been terrible. Pros: I don't know much about Persian/Iranian cooking but the food is here is pretty good. If you eat in, they serve you delicious complimentary soup. The rice is buttery, the meat is tender and the bread is fresh. Cons: unfortunately the cons outweigh the great food. I find it pricey. The service is horrible - which is strange because I am often the only person in the restaurant. They hand out their menu that has an expired coupon on it (finding that out was fun). my friend and I were there for an hour last night and hadn't even received our main meal yet. It's too bad, it could be great.

Steph Levasseur

Excellent food and lots of it. The lamb stew was delicious. Service was great.

Mohammad Abdul Razak

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great food

Sasha I

Great spot.

Janis Lielamers

this was my first rime. food is absolutely delicious and service was great. recommended.

Daniel DuPont

The food is FANTASTIC and the service is with a smile. Never disappointed, visit after visit. And did I mention ENORMOUS portions?


Pleasant surprise to be served with break and soup upon arrival. Prices reasonable, nice menu selection. Beef stew very tasty and the basmati rice nicely prepared and served.

Raphael G.

I really liked this place . It's a bit on the pricey side but the food is really good . I like the free humus and pita bread they bring out right away. Food is very on point and tasty .

L Nault

Delicious! A hidden gem in Orleans for sure! Good value with great menu options. My chicken skewer was very moist, rice was so flavourful, and salad was nice and fresh. Just about everything here is gluten free! I definitely recommend.

S. Samson

Nice restaurant, pleasant atmosphere, nicely decorated. Food is delicious and they serve as an entrée a yummy soup. Plenty of choice and very tasty.

Stephen and Daphne Richardson

This is a very clean, well decorated restaurant. The service is outstanding. The best I have had in a long time. When you go in you will be promptly seated. They bring you water and menus and return shortly with soup and bread. They check back for your order and once your order is placed it come out in relatively quick fashion.

IJ Goddard

I ordered from here through SkipTheDishes and was thoroughly disappointed. I’m minutes away from the restaurant and my order was cold and worse, incomplete. The meat dish was tasty but the portion was small. The calamari was so greasy I could pour the oil out into a cup. An unbelievable let down given the high price for a meal that I then had to supplement with another order from elsewhere. My first and last experience with this sort of cuisine.

Angèle Amyot

Repas servi rapidement et chaud. Service très convivial. Un pain chaud maison délicieux a été servi í  titre d’entrée. Bon rapport qualité-prix. J’y retournerai.


This is a nice restaurant with good quality healthy food at a reasonable price. We went with a large group and service was very good

Suzanne Thibault

Every meal comes with soup AND salad. Absolutely delicious

Matty Tee

Great food. Great service. Only complaint is the lack of variety in the drinks. But even with that, they tried to be accommodating.