Pi·Rho Grill-Elgin St

346 Elgin St, Ottawa
(613) 565-7171

Recent Reviews


One of my favorite healthy eats in Ottawa - way better than just any salad place. Great variety of make-your-own dishes, with a selection of different toppings and proteins (vegan and vegetarian). A bowl will run you 12-15$ depending on what you get. Worth it!

Maxine Wise

Fresh and tasty food. Service with a smile :)

Jonathan Ben-David

This place is awesome! Great food, clean and safe through covid. Staff are friendly and efficient the head chef is always there for customer needs! Highly recommend, and the new patio is great

Matt Miller

A great Ottawa business serving up unique, healthy Mediterranean inspire food. The staff is top notch too!

Shady Gal

Love going here. The place is always super clean, and the food is both healthy & delicious!

Amelie Tremblay Beland

Great plates and a very big heart

Christine McKeating

The food and service is always fantastic and fairly priced. I also love that they have sustainable packaging for their take out options!

dilek türkmen

Very good for what it is. My favourite spot on Elgin. Staff is nice. Food is not overly salty or greasy, conveniently modifiable and tasty. Prices are not bad.

Luther V Diaz Yap

Good healthy eats, awesome bowls, keep up the great job.


Delicious food, wraps and bowls... but where’s the rest of it? This bowl is skimpy

jo bali

Great place! The food is excellent, staff is friendly and attentive. Great for vegetarians and omnivores. All 7 of us enjoyed our meal and would love to go back.

Christian Azzi

This place makes the best salads. It reminds me of Cava in the USA. Very flavourful and fresh. Lots of options. Great sauces.

Mia Gonzalez

LOVE PIRHO, it's literally our go to when we want to eat out. Or after long day at work and don't none of us want to cook. The ambiance is very casual and relaxed. The menu is limited, but I think that is what makes them great. In my opinion, they focus on the quality of the dishes and not on quantity of the things you can order. Pirho food has excellent taste, quality and use of fresh ingredients. The staff (PiRhoManiacs) was very attentive, delightful and Amazing, who are very helpful when it comes to weird allergies. You can tell this stores management takes care of their people by the interaction and that is meaningful. I don't hesitate at all when recommending it to friends and family. It checks all the boxes I look for in restaurant.

Monica Dabrowski

Big fan of the bowls here! I love how it's greek inspired, fresh and healthy. Really enjoyed the lamb and beef protein options:) The homemade tzatziki was also soo good!


Ingredients were good, friendly staff. Didn’t really get why there were two dips in a salad and it was topped off with wayyyy too much dressing.

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