Pure Kitchen Elgin

340 Elgin St, Ottawa
(613) 233-7873

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Tom Ying

Though the idea is good for vegan/vegetarian fare, it's definitely not executed consistently. I've been here multiple times for friends/family and temperature, seasoning, thickness of sauces and moistness levels (the burgers for example) always varies. Takeout is even more up and down.I will recommend the cauliflower bites though! This particular item seems to be cooked well each and every time with great flavor.

Tarik Aouad

COVID-19 - Giving your name and email address is mandatory. No choice to do contact tracing if you want to eat there.Smoothies and other specialty drinks were great!The cauliflower wings were absolutely delicious.The salads were good, but not the best available. Maybe the rest of the menu is better, so I would give that a try.Do not sit outside unless you like wasps. Seating inside is limited.If you get an appetizer, main and drink, it can get quite pricey, so maybe not a regular spot.

Eva L.

The service was really impressive, they were so lovely. Pure Kitchen has a system in place where they have on of your party's contact information therefore if there was an outbreak then we'd be contacted. I ordered the Walnut Mushroom Burger with a side of salad and it was super filling, I highly recommend & for what you're receiving I don't think the price was unreasonable at all ! Thank you so much :)

Mac Comeau

Honestly the best dining experience I’ve had in Ottawa. The food was delicious, however the staff was best part. They were genuine, efficient, friendly and just overall awesome (especially Kate, she was the best! We need more kate’s in this world ?). Definitely recommend and will definitely be back.

unexpectedly laura15

We will not be coming back. The nice up until we went to pay, and then were extremely rude and made a huge fuss about not accepting cash. There was no signage and no warning anywhere that cash was not accepted. From now on we will take our money to The Green Door instead. The vegetarian food is much better, and they gladly accept both cash & debit.

Lexie Harrison

A cozy place with delicious dishes. The waiters are polite and knowledgeable. Good service :)

Daniel Yuyi Deng

Fried Cauliflower wings is to die for. Too good. Same goes for the bowls

Maria Evans

Very warm and well decorated space, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of drinks, which is especially important for a dinner with friends :) Highly recommend

Chloe Kioulos

Pure is a great place for healthy, interesting veggie dishes. Literally, the best. xx

Evan Haydon

I should start off by saying that I eat at Pure Kitchens all around the city and they're always delicious, never a single complaint there. That said, what prompted me to leave a review was what happened when I ordered food tonight. I ordered the belle poutine (scrumptious by the way), but accidentally ordered the regular one instead of the vegan one. I didn't realize until my food got here, which I thought would be too late, but upon calling the store, the manager told me that he would be able to send me a new poutine, and within the hour I had one at my door! Throughout the whole interaction, both he, the lady who answered the phone, and the delivery driver, were super friendly and helpful, and especially during a pandemic where spirits are generally lower, I really appreciate them and this gesture. I recommend Pure Kitchen to everybody and anybody, their food is awesome, but their staff are absolutely what put them over the top.

Ashley Wilson

Wow!! I love everything about this place. My best friend raves about it and decided to treat me to a dinner, promising I'd be hooked. He was right !

Taelor Chapotchkine

Cannot articulate through words how tasty the Buffalo Cauliflower wrap with collard greens is! Consistently efficient and high quality. Recently ordered delivery and noted that it was my birthday in the order notes...they treated me to a complementary slice of vegan chocolate cake. I appreciate the kindness! Thank you :)

Faruq Hasan

Great food, slow service, cutting corners. Lost 2 stars for staff saying 20 minutes, unapologetic at actual prep time of 40 minutes. The cauliflower 'wings' came as small bits of cauliflower. I'm not for this location any more,

Amanda Laszcz

Mediocre, honestly. I had a soup, which was good but not mind-blowing, the cauliflower wings which had nice flavor and a cold bowl which was pretty bland. I would maybe go back in a pinch but it won't be a favorite.

Jordan B.

Great place. There are two sides, a traditional restaurant side to sit and be served, and a smoothie bar/cafe side for quick grabs and takeout orders. You can eat in at both. The bar is much quieter, and perfect if you're dining alone. All the ingredients are fresh, meticulously prepared and the staff is awesome.

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