Bobby's Restaurant

100 King St E, Prescott
(613) 925-5947

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Dan Michaud

Good food, good service ans pricebis good too! Thanks!

Laurie Montroy

Good food and the wait staff are excellent. Busy restaurant. After breakfasting there for a few weeks we were told to make reservations in the future to ensure we could get served. When we tried to make the reservations, we were refused and told they only take reservations from their ‘regular’ customers. Although post pandemic, what constitutes a ‘regular’ customer? It certainly will not be our family. I wish them luck in the future and hope that they do not expect ‘new regulars’ for future business. Plenty of other restaurants in the area!


Nasty food paired with a side of nasty service. I had the runs for a couple of weeks. Please skip by.

Philippe Sastre

Food is good, I only go in for breakfast. But don't hesitate to go and try it yourself.

Jack Gipson

We were a fairly large group of grumpy old men who showed up on short notice. The waitresses were doing the very best they could being short staffed on a busy Saturday. I heard no complaints concerning the food or the service. The mushroom crock I had was everything I had hoped for.

Brittaney Barber

usually this is our go to place to eat in Prescott, unfortunately yesterday's service and food will be changing that experience. I understand with everything reopening and with cheque days things can get busy. but when we arrived we were re placed at 3 tables with my 6 month old baby due to safety and protocol, so if they had to walk through with food it was safe...understandable.. but being moved 3 times... uncalled for... than to order our dinner and wait a ridiculous time for it, continuously listening to the bell ringing cause the food is clearly ready, to finally receive my food cold. no steam coming from it, as it sat so long the gravy was dried to the fries. this meal cost me 41 dollars for lunch for 2 people to be left on the table for garbage, and ridiculous service. not the service or food I usually receive here.

darrell ibbotson

Service was good but the food was cold. Our breakfast potatoes were refrigerator cold and our eggs were cold too. A very large table got their food before us and think the cook ran out of spuds and just tossed them on the grill for few seconds. Only ate the toast and sausage. Paid 35 bucks for that


Charged credit card twice for the same meal. When their error was discovered, they refused to return the second charge. Credit card bank would not return either since both transactions were viewed by them as valid, authorized transactions. Jan 2022 and have yet to receive the double charge return so likely never will. We were very regular customers too. We wonder what they do to strangers. Have not, and will not, return.

james c

Good food but need to great people at the entrance 2 staff at the desk well I waited 10 minutes to get my take out that was sitting there I had to move a few times for people just stud there looking at it ?

Christine Chandler

Clean girls were fantastic polite very pleased will return again..

Michelle Thornhill

Clean organized restaurant, Friendly Staff and great food. Whether you are going for breakfast, lunch in between work or a relaxing dinner out, you won't be disappointed.

Joseph Doe

My wife and I ordered food last, night we went to pick it up and someone else had walked out with our order. my wife was told that the man before her had taken the wrong food, when I phoned to ask why this had happened ,the woman on the phone denied it happened and then had the owner phone me. He told me that they have done things the same way for 13 years, when I asked why someone else was allowed to get close enough to our food to grab it,which tells me they haven't changed anything durian this COVID pandemic, and they should be shut down.side note my wife noticed the woman wrapping the silverware in napkins ,had her mask below her nose .all in all I'd say people like this are responsible for the continued spread of the COVID virus.


Passing town from London and decided to stop here with my coworker. Lots of menu options, in particular I really liked their poutine, Greek salad, and beyond meat burger. We actually went there two days in a row.Both times Jamie was our server and she did an excellent job helping us and training the smiley new employee. All around everyone there is very friendly and all the food was very fresh.


I ordered take out, yes they do that (after 4pm) which on its own was great since I was working and not able to get out to grab dinner. My meal came quick (under 15min) and was hot. It was delicious! Thank you Bobby's staff for providing a great service. Highly recommended.

Sandra Shalla

This is a great restaurant. I love everything I've gotten from here - not greasy or burnt. The servers are always friendly and they always make you feel welcome. Great prices, too. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone.

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