The Boiler Room

83 Huron St, Sault Ste. Marie
(705) 759-9995

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Riva Singh

had a terrible experience earlier in our night at a different restaurant in the area & came here afterwards on short notice, our server was so kind and welcoming which was greatly appreciated. food was mid tho like nothing insane or out of this world. the place itself had a pretty good vibe.


This is a pizza place with o.k pizza. We also ordered the appetizers that were nothing special. The layout and atmosphere is good, but the service was slow. We went closer to the end of the night, so maybe they were tired. There is nothing worse than having to get your server's attention 3 or 4 times to ask for what you need. I would not go back.

Johnny Kash

The food was excellent and our server and service were phenomenal.

Mya Lillepool

Hidden jem! Wood fired pizza top notch. Quaint dimmed atmosphere not alot of space but ample space making it just right for a classy refreshing drink and apps. Your one stop shop for appetizers and a little fine dining!Kid-friendliness: People with babies and children of all ages welcome. Except crying is amplified throughout the metal framework and rafters etc.

Miguel Bedard

Super nice server, atmosphere is amazing, and so is the food! Deep fried cheese curds are ?? and so are the pizza and ribs!

AM Check

Great service! Food was excellent, good local craft beers. Atmosphere was nice. Interesting history here, posted on the hallway walls as you enter. Highly recommend a visit!

Robin Hillstrom

The food was great. Large kids' choices. Nice welcoming atmosphere. Our server was very nice and attentive. Even the manager engaged in conversation.

Don Muir

This Pub featuring wood fired oven pizza is one of three restaurants in the unique Canal District in Sault Ste Marie. The 12" personal pizza, bigger than the usual 10", was nice as I am a big eater. Atmosphere is fabulous located in an old stone building dating back to a paper mill era. Service was very nice, oodles of draught beer to choose from, pizza menu is simple not a hundred choices to choose from but down to earth good pizza. The only downside is after the first piece the pizza was cold. They need to heat the plates or better yet leave it in the pan it was cooked in. All in all a very good time and meal. Definitely recommend this.

Lauren Kroll

We had the fish and chips. The fish was fresh tasting and not overly battered. The French fries were perfectly cooked and had a very delicious seasoning on them that made them extra tasty.The amount of French fries given was also very generous.The service was great and the atmosphere is nice. Love the decorative style of the entire restaurant.

Wil Jolliffe

Lovely setting, clean restaurant, friendly staff.... But for a place that specializes in pizza they really dropped the ball. Two of us ordered pizzas and they were really not good. Somehow they burned both of them, and then delivered them cold despite a nearly empty dining-room. The Margarita barely had any basil on it, cheese was sparse, the crust pretty much has no flavour. The Buffalo chicken pizza was swamped in ranch and Buffalo sauce with what seemed like half a chicken finger rough chopped onto it. It was straight up a soggy mess. I'm not actually sure how you could make a worse pizza without freezing it first. The second star is for the fish and chips another person in our party ordered which was really pretty good.

Mario Pittui

Took a while to get seated!! Didn’t understand it was sit yourself.Ordered the Margarita pizza. Sauce was very tasty!! Crust was just ok, wasn’t airy like I’m accustomed to.Atmosphere was great and location was amazing.

Kate Cho

Great place to dine out with friends and families. Great atmosphere. Food is good but not so special. Good pizza but again, not special. Hope they have signature menu.


The building and atmosphere are great but the pizza is terrible.I've yet to have a pizza that isn't burnt on the bottom and a raging river of grease on the top. I shouldn't have to dab the top of my pizza with a napkin to soak up the pools.I know a little char is common with wood fired pizza, but it's always been way more than just a little.This place is great to grab a pint, but skip the food.

PJ Wascher

Fun sauce. Calzone looked really good.

Clara Belmont

I love the Boiler room!! We had a great experience with our fabulous server Chelsea. She was engaging and helpful, she took care of all of our special requests and made us feel so welcome.The food is tasty and comforting, and the machine shop is nothing short of the best venue in Sault Ste. Marie. I highly recommend it if you’re in the Sault!!

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