Big John's Bar & Grill

5760 ON-71, Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls
(807) 226-1033

Recent Reviews

Marci MacFarlane

Huge Rave for the amazing dinner this evening. Highly recommend everyone go check it out.

Rakesh Arora

Neat spot but over priced and very mediocre food.

Vera Peters

We had an amazing lunch there today. Staff is friendly and helpful, go there now otherwise you’ll have to wait till next season

bob stubblefield

Waitress terrible, ordered a burger asked for onion said they didn't have onion for a burger but had some diced and would have to charge $2.00 extra . Four burgers , fries , 8 wings and 4 drinks bill was $150.00 without tip . Never again !!!!!

Mike Hawk

New owners have purchased this once wonderful establishment and have since ran it into the ground.The owner Brittany goes out of her way to make you feel uncomfortable the second you walk thru the door to the moment you leave.The server drinks beer behind the bar while serving you, and when asking for refills of our drinks, her response to us was 'ugh your actually going to make me work'The food is extremely disappointing and not even worth the low prices they offer.The old owner John and Jackie ran a fantastic establishment here, but since the new owners took over, they've closed the downstairs bar and patio which was the best part of it all, and in an attempt to turn this business into a 'sophisticated restaurant' have driven it into the ground. DO NOT WASTE MONEY HERE.

Karl Heithecker

Good food, good service


We stopped here for drinks before heading down the road to the Totem Lodge for dinner. Sitting on the patio during this Covid -19 situation was what we wanted and we were easily accommodated. We were slightly surprised by the lack of masks on patrons coming in and going out, however we were asked our names and addresses for tracking purposes. So, the drinks were cold, the prices reasonable and the view afforded us the entertainment of watching the water traffic and waving to the boaters passing by. A pleasant place for sure.

Adam Wigdor

Food was really good, location and view are really cool, our server wasn't too pleasant but I'm sure there's nicer ones!

Josh Beatty

Good food and scenery. Poor service and very overpriced.

Mike Wolfe

Great service and great food

Jay Mc

We had the Bridge Burger and the Walleye Burger. Both were amazing! Friendly and fast service. Plus the view was welcome company (thanks again for the staff welcoming us inside when the wind picked up

Lisa Lyle

Great spot. Food and service were excellent!

Debra Groves

Excellent food and service

Melanie Murray

Had a delish steak dinner at Big John’s ,, and beautiful view !

Jo Toth

The best Butterscotch Cream Pie ever !!! Thank you so much

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