One Korean Restaurant

6159 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton
(503) 747-6160

Recent Reviews

Justin Rosario

Excellent Korean food. We ordered their bibimbap and the seafood pancake to go and both taste very good. We will definitely try their other dishes next time!


Drove all the way from Vancouver to try this gem. From when we stepped into the restaurant, we had such a warm welcome and one of the best customer service ever. The ladies were beyond sweet and attentive and we did not felt rush at all.We ordered corn cheese, beef tofu soup, galbi, and calamari stir fry along with a bottle of cold sake. All of it totaled about about 80 which is very reasonable for the quality, quantity and the great attentive service. They made sure we had enough sides (unlimited refills) and water. I was born and raised from the bay area in California so I love my Korean food and I am very picky and rate a place base on the environment, quality, and the sides of course!The soup had so much in depth flavor. And Korean short ribs are always my go to and they were cooked perfectly. We had a total of 3 bowls of rice that came with eveything and we could only finish of them. The calamari stir fry had a lot of vegetables and we did not expect to receive such a large portion of it. No problem. We took it to go for dinner later.Originally rated this restaurant 4 stars but the friendly customer service bumped it to 5. Love the soju options too!

fang ben

Cheese backed chicken and kimchi soup is very delicious.??


Delightful staff, good menu, portions are a bit bigger than they need to be. But if you're a big eater it's a good thing.

Paul Lambert

Wonderful restaurant. Delicious, authentic Korean food. Had mussels for appetizer, seafood pancakes, spicy halibut soup and beef bulgoki as entrees. Every dish was off the chain. There food is on point. Can't wait to go again and continue eating my way through their entire menu. Fast friendly service. Place filled up. Looks like they have a prosperous future. I almost didn't post to keep it secret but the foods screams awesome. Very clean.

Lea Quinabo Reis

Most authentic Korean food we’ve had in Oregon. 맛있었습니다.

Rilveria Ohana

Mozzarella corn dog was cold inside...pancake was ok...portions were small for the price.

Katherine Barragan

Love this restaurant. They go above and beyond every time we're there!

Logan Sutton

Really good service and unique food. One of my favorite places in the area now

Rose Heather Hankamer

Delicious and tasty. They were courteous to give us a bag for our whole calamari stir fry and vegetables. So it didn't spill.The marinated beef short ribs were a beautiful savory BBQ and grilled favor. Smooth and cooked to perfection.Boneless soy-garlic was helping portions of chicken with light but crispy and soft breading in a wonderful mix of spicy kick and still sweet and savory as well.All meals had a side of rice and other yummy condiments. Sadly my only bad remark was the Gyoza tasted like store bought and over fried. The sauce was good.3 meals, for 3 people, who all shared we spent roughly $80. We portioned it into two meals. A very good experience.

Elizabeth Kim

Our dinner at One Korean Restaurant was exquisite. It made me feel at home. Had the budae jigae, konguksoo (iced soybean noodle), and pork belly bossam. Everything was cooked to perfection. Budae jigae was hearty and flavorful, soy bean noodles were nutty and delicious. The bossam was our favorite. The pork was so tender and perfect with the traditional pairings of salted shrimp and steamed cabbage. We enjoyed everything so much, can’t wait to come back and try the agujjim (monk fish stew).

Fabian Anthony

Super delicious! Everything was fresh and tasty. The ice soybean noodle was creamy and of course cold, a perfect dish on a hot day. The Rabokki was nicely spiced and my personal favorite. The spicy chicken was crispy with a mild spicy sticky sauce. Fried mandu and corn cheese are always good but the corn cheese here was the best I’ve had. Creamy, cheese and flavorful. 5?

Iris Erickson

Food was on point! They have a good variety of food. Even my picky eater loved it!

Keith M.

First time, take out. Grilled chicken undercooked. Sundubu (soft tofu soup) contained shellfish without being ordered as add-on, and it made me ill. (I don't normally get sick from shellfish.) Soup also didn't contain an egg, as it is supposed to. And overpriced.

Jennifer Park

ordered boneless chicken online for take out. of course it was a bit soggy by the time we got home and fed baby first but it was still flavorful. pretty meaty pieces of chicken. soy garlic kind of tastes like ggan-poong-gi. spicy one isn't spicy at all so it would be better if there was a bit more spice/ kick (it tastes more like the traditional yang-nyum kfc). person greeting me was very friendly. would return to try the plain fried boneless and other food.

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