Hot Plate Asian Cuisine

14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr #102, Beaverton
(503) 590-9808

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Bruce Truong

Preface: My friend's family loves this place and I thought the food was pretty good. However, when I called in myself, I was surprised about the customer service I received.Product: 4/5Most dishes do not suffer from an overwhelming amount of oil.Value: 3/5It's a bit expensive per plate ($14-$16 per entrée).Timeliness: 4/5Takes about 20 minutes.Customer Service: 1/5Called in and was surprised how rude the front desk individual was. First thing I heard was, "I'm putting you on hold".Afterwards, I asked if they had dumplings on their menu and they told me, "Did you get the wrong number? We're a hot plate location". So I would ask them again in case they didn't hear me they replied, "Okay, you don't know what we serve. Goodbye" and they hung up on me.Just extremely rude.Cleanliness: 3/5Some spots seemed like it wasn't wiped down well.Presentation: 4/5It's what you would expect.Overall: 2/5Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. If that's not a problem for you, then this may be a great place for you if you're craving Chinese food.

Bao Pham

one of the fastest and efficient to go restaurant i’ve ever seen. every time i pick a to go order here, they also have it ready before i show up. the don’t play around when it comes to ToGo. seriously impressive.

Emily S.

Absolutely horrible. The orange chicken was so soggy, tasted like it was just heated up, the chicken in the fried rice was so dry and tasted weird, and pot stickers were cold. For paying as much as we did the food quality was absolutely horrible. Definitely will not be going back here. Panda would have been better and cheaper.

Cassidy Mann

Salt and Pepper Shrimp = the best food I’ve had in years.

Maxwell Tarpley-Young

Great local place . First time getting delivery in Tigard . Was cool it was their own people as opposed to Uber .We had Pork Fried Rice , dumplings and Beef with beef deluxe . Fresh , hot and great .There’s good and there’s not good . This is good and always good !

Honest Reviewer

AN HONEST REVIEW:Cleanliness: Very clean. Tables are clean, floor is clean, and I do not see any flies or insects. It’ clean and I appreciate this.Customer Service: They are really nice here! No attitude or rudeness. They know when you are eating, to just let you eat. I really love that.Prices: Prices are GREAT! Very affordable. I always tip this place.Food Quality: Love the steamed rice and soups here! Really tasty!My view of this place: This is not a place you take your girlfriend to for a date. Not a place you take your relatives to from out of town. This is a place where you stop by for lunch from your shift at work, or have a comfort meal after a long shift at work. There is nothing wrong with this place. I’m just being honest here.

Andrew J.

I was really wanting some Panda Express, but thought I'd try something more expensive. (My assumption being that more cost = better quality food) I was greeted by an Asian lady who was trying to hurry my order. There was nobody in line. There was nobody on the phone. She didn't let me finish ordering before tallying up the total. Poor customer service -- that's not even the food yet. The food was flavorless. The chow mein was bland, the fried rice was just a scrambled egg thrown in some browned rice. I ordered broccoli beef, half of the the Togo box was filled with brown liquid (sauce?). I tip generously due to the pandemic and it's after effect on businesses. This place isn't even trying. If you are reading this, and you are the owner, or an employee, please do better. Not only was this food and service awful, and not worthy of the amount I tipped, it's also a place I won't ever be returning to. I would not recommend eating here while way cheaper options, that actually do the bare minimum are available.

Brenden S.

Okay. So an update on my soon to be ten year old review. Since that review the restaurant has changed locations slightly, moving to a slightly smaller venue with less seating and more emphasis on take out or delivery orders, which of course during covid times is a huge boon. So I swore I wouldn't be back here, but I recently had a conversation with a few of my own customers in the area who said that Hot Plate had turned a corner a few years ago and was worth checking out. I was very skeptical but decided to give it a shot. I was recommended the Yellow Curry Chicken and the Hot and Sour Soup. The Yellow Curry Chicken has celery though so I opted for the more usual General Tso's Chicken instead, because celery is YUK. The chicken was pretty good. Nothing exceptional but decent for the price. I may actually be back to try a few more options to see if I can find something I really like in their main entrees. The hot and sour soup was amazing. It is easily worth bumping this place for a 3 star everyday to a 4. Usually the soup at Chinese food places is fairly standard. You tried one, you know generally what to expect. But the hot and sour soup here was just so on point. Great flavor, tasted really fresh, well spiced. Just everything well done. So I may be back again. It is nice to finally go back to a place and really see improvement. But as a note the wontons are still empty. They are apparently sold like that. Which I still find bizarre.

Helen Schuckers

Always love coming here for the weekday lunch specials. My go-to is the chicken and vegetables and I upgrade to fried rice and add a side soup. One of my stops if I want to take out a nice hot meal on a workday. Staff is always very nice! Fast service.

Lisa Usselman

3.5 stars..No more combination dinners. I had to order individual entrées which costs way more than I wanted to spend, and way to many left overs for 1 person. Fried Pot stickers were really good. Chicken Cashew vegetable dish was ok. Fried rice was ok. The salt and pepper shrimp was really good last visit here. I just wish this place was consistent on flavor. Sometimes good, sometimes Ok.

Azure Hippe

Ordered eggflower soup and spring rolls. The eggflower soup was burnt and had a very strong burnt taste and smell, pretty much inedible because of the taste. Ive never had a restaurant burn soup before... There is no way they didnt know the soup was burnt with how strong the smell was, and chose to serve it anyways. Might try ordering once more to see if it was a fluke, but if it arrives with the same quality then the cooks just dont pay attention, and thats not a place I want to eat food from. Will update rating if next order is not burnt.Update: ordered eggflower soup once more to have it arrive burnt a second time. This is just pure negligence. Will not be ordering food from here ever again.

LuckyGirl - Melissa L.

I like this place. Nice friendly staff, family business. I came here a couple weeks ago because I saw an ad in my mail they had Salt and Pepper calamari (rings and tentacles) which I've been craving. So far I've ordered twice. And both times it was great! Light crispy battered, not greasy, and very tasty. Tonight I also ordered the Assorted Vegetable Deluxe and it was good too. It had Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Mushrooms, Celery in a tasty sauce.

Cynthia M.

Ibe been ordering food from Asians plate for at least 2 years and the to go girl is amazing ! Tonight I ordered delivery and the appetizers were cold and soggy . I talked to the manager and she was aggressive and never backed down when I told her about the cold food ? i was a general manager in the business for 29 years and she was unbelievable . I'll never order food from this location again . I love the food but she totally blew my loyalty . Shame on you !

Ofir Fatal

Really tasty Chinese food and I felt the portions were generous. We ordered the Mongolian beef, orange chicken, and chow mein - all of which were delivered hot. Will certainly continue ordering from here!

Bryan Archer

Good food,, great service, and indoor seating! ?

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