Pizzicato Pizza

14845 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton
(503) 579-4889

Recent Reviews

Kayla Beyerlein

My party could not enjoy the greasy pizza, and they served up a very odd tasting mushroom patty burger.It's no wonder the place was empty.

Paul Van Sickle

Great pizza! They'll do gluten free slices too!

R Bran

Always great pecan salad and gluten free pizza.

Melissa Personett

A bit of a wait but was expected. The staff was very friendly and put up with all of our questions. The street corn though cooked well lacked flavor but dang that AL Greco pizza was to die for.

Susan Bishop

Very tasty saucage, olive and mushrooms on the pizza. Light sauce which enabled you to taste all the great ingredients.

Josh H.

My last 5 pizzas have been amazing! I order pizza about once a month and I get the best pizza every time. My kids agree that this is the best pizza. Your Murray Hill employees are the best and super chill. Always going out of their way for customers. The local folks love them! Pizzas are super hot and taste amazing! I would recommend to anyone.

nate m.

tried them a few time for delivery. pizza arrives warm (not hot) and has been consistently soggy. good salads though. can't seem to deliver a decent pizza, solid meh.

Savannah Keo

I order a pizza tonight I was really excited to eat since it’s been so long. I ordered the kale and sausage pizza, the crust was burnt all over. I had to use a knife to cut the pizza and it was tough. Also, I was greeted by a guy who worked there appeared to hate his job and not very friendly. I paid $24 for 6 slices of pizzas wow that’s expensive for burnt pizza. I will never order here and I’m going to tell my friends and family about my experience. I expect a great customer service from any places I order especially at $24 for pizza.

Pat S

Great gourmet pizza at a reasonable price.

Robert M.

From Pizzicato's "About Us" page: "We like to sit back and let our pizza do the talking." Guess what the pizza's saying?? HALP!! Good lord where are the tasters and people that care about the food? They left about 10 years ago. For a culinary car crash that backs-up I-5 for half a day, try the Thai chicken pizza. Better yet, try a large for $50 (!) dollars. Then your gut AND your wallet will be evacuated. Someone, please help pizzicato's pizza. The owners seem content to just sit back and let (sh)it happen.

Kayla H.

I love pizzicato. So yummy and worth the price. I love the way the pizza tastes it's so different than other pizza places in the area.

Tara Ross

Great gluten free pizza offered. Good draft beer selection. Greek salad was great. Amazing, friendly staff

Scott G.

My usual Wednesday lunch stop after exercising. Why usual you ask?  It's because it is consistent, has great salads and portion sizes and the rotating monthly pizza and sandwiches mean there is always something new to try. The staff is friendly and provide great service, even though they had to scale back on the table service, I have had no issues with the counter service for refills, etc.

Another of the restaurants I try my best to support during Covid.

Christy B.

Hands down, never had a worse Margherita pizza in my life. Plus they screwed up the order (they got our name wrong and blamed it on us calling a different location). This place used to be so good. We'll never order from them again.

Frank O'Connor

Love the monthly specials! This month's Sausage and Apple was both inventive and quite delicious.

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