Roxy's Island Grill

14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr, Beaverton
(503) 747-3886

Recent Reviews

Meaa Chavez

Food was delicious, had really good portion sizes. I thought the macaroni salad tasted a little better than L&L. Recommend this place.Food: 5/5

William Faust (Bill)

I hope I'm reviewing the correct location... thought I'd started it earlier.The Beaverton location is the one that I recently visited.It was kind of by accident. I was charging my car and was looking for a place to hang out until full.Well... I ended up at Roxy's... and I'm glad I did!First, it had been many years since I last visited it. Many fond memories exist going to the original A-frame building with my wife. We both loved the food.More later but for now, any meat fish, fish included, is great. Of course, your mileage may vary.I got all that I could that came with it and even added a mac salad...not to be missed and I don't like Mac salad!I added a coke to complete the bit of decadence. Also the employees were fantastic! Helpful, friendly and very personable.I helped them connect to the original store with memories. They have photos of the original A-frame building that helped trigger my memory.Believe it or not, I actually shed a tear or two my memories were so intimate and nice.IF you like Hawaiian food at all or want to try it... run, don't walk to Roxy's.

Re View

The food here was great, better than the Canby store. The reason I didn't give them a 5 is because I saw a fly in here. But at least it's not like Canby feeding me days old food.Food: 5/5


Excellent place for takeout Hawaiian food but do not dine in. Every single surface you touch is dirty and/or sticky. Also, they started limiting how many cups of sauce you can have with takeout, which is just plain cheap. The wait times are incredibly long but if you call the restaurant to place an order for takeout they won't take the order and insist you come in and wait. Menu is small but straightforward and everything I have tried on the menu has been delicious.Vegetarian options: Almost no vegetarian options unfortunatelyParking: This parking lot is very crowded and filled with teenage drivers who might scratch your car

Joel Garrard

Was in town for work and some colleagues suggested Roxy's as one of our last meals before leaving the state. Staff was pleasant and while I can't speak for everyone, my orange chicken was mediocre at best. There were a lot of flies that we had to contend which wasn't a huge surprise considering how sticky the floor and table were. Perhaps it was an "off" kind of day for this location.

ashley Montenegro

This Roxy’s is absolutely AMAZING!!! The staff is always polite & professional and the food is always made to perfection ?? Every item on the menu I’ve tried is juicy with flavor. The Teriyaki chicken is definitely a fav!! 10 out of 10 recommend this place Kid-friendliness: Something for every kid and the kids portions are generous!

Kevin Jackson

I love Roxy’s! HOWEVER…This evening’s service was horrible.1. Ordered one full order of Roxy’s Hawaiian chicken, received ✅ yayyy!2. Ordered 1/2 order Roxy’s Hawaiian chicken and half order teriyaki chicken. Received all Roxy’s Hawaiian ❌ ? ? ?3. Ordered a total of THREE teriyaki sauce, and one teriyaki/Sriracha sauce. Received NONE ❌‼️ ? ??Here’s the reason why, the young man at the counter tonight, didn’t want to be there and was putting in ZERO effort. He was slow (abnormal for the Roxy’s crew), did not acknowledge customers, and obviously did not read the orders because he was not putting the sauces in the containers or the bag.This really didn’t make for a good dinner.I’m sorry to the rest of the crew who normally ROX’IT!

nile cook

Food is awesome here, but the customer service is awful. They must have hired a bunch of kids for the summer. The kid taking our order was spacing out so hard, he had to be out of this world baked. He didn't even know where to put the cash the customer after us was paying with, so of course he got our order wrong. When we called to ask if they could remake the order they said they could only do that if we paid for more. What kind of place messes up your order and makes you pay for the mistake? We asked to speak to the manager and she refused to give a reason why we had to pay more and she refused to give her name. I know times are tough, and things are expensive, but just because Roxy's is popular doesn't mean they get to go all scrooge mcduck on us worrying about how much it would cost to remake an order of Katsu chicken. It seems this Roxys has a management problem.

Jeff F.

Great food, small restaurant. Feels a bit tight inside the dining area but we got takeout anyways. Good portions for the price!Food: 5/5

Aaron Wiley

Great Hawaiian joint, their macaroni salad was awesome. They were a busy counter-serve place, so the service was what it was. I had the Roxy grilled chicken with white rice and mac salad, it was delicious! I would definitely recommend this place if you're in the area.Food: 5/5

Heather Sliva

This place was packed at 730pm when they close at 8pm. I was impressed with how friendly the workers were and how they kept the line moving. I had a huge to-go order and it all came out hot and delicious.Food: 5/5

Elijah Jackson

I'll NEVER go therewithin an hour before closing again. Normally this place is good, so I talked my mother out of ordering from a nasty restaurant into going to Roxys. That turned out to be a huge mistake because the chicken was as tough as leather, and it felt like I was eating old jerky. Needless to say my mother gave me an earful for ruining her dinner.

Justin Morris

Roxy's has been my goto lunch if I don't want to make something on the weekend. If you haven't tried it, try their Loco Moco, if you want something unhealthy but satisfying. Go with shoyu chicken if you want something good and consistent. The breaded chicken items have been about 50/50 if they are over cooked and too chewy. Also the staff is almost always friendly(we all have off days.)

Jesselle Chocolate

Update: it has gotten a lot better recently. Funny enough, I brought my then-Fiance a year ago, and he loved it. So much so we catered for our wedding last August. They did an awesome job getting back to us, and it sounded the pick-up went as smoothly as it could (and everyone loved Roxy's for lunch; literally didn't have leftovers). I appreciate what they did, and definitely recommend this location ?---Old review: Place used to be more of a miss than a hit with the food (such as the garlic chicken not cooked all the way through, or really burnt teriyaki chicken) gotten better this year with what looks like different staff, but could get the same mistakes sometimes. Nice people though!

Fabricio Amaya

You can never go wrong with this Roxy's , always one of my top choices when it comes to consistency and flavor ?. I got a half order of Kalbi Chicken and Glarlic Chicken 2 Mac one Rice ?. It was busy too when I went, the staff did an excellent job handling the dinner rush.(ppl will wait for good food).Food: 5/5

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