Roxy's Island Grill

14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr, Beaverton
(503) 747-3886

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Joanna G.

Tried Roxy's for the first time today - first of all, very friendly and fast service! The signage as I walked in prepared me for a wait, as everything is cooked to order, and I'm sure sometimes this is the case but not today! I waited outside, checking email, and before I knew it, my food was ready and the employee who took my order actually brought it out with a nice selection of sauces without me even asking. Very nice service! I got a plate with half shoyu chicken and half kalua pork, with rice and Mac salad, and it was great. Such a big portion, I have lunch tomorrow (if not lunch for my husband too). Definitely want to come back and try other items

Evelyn S.

I was doing a favor for a friend who lives near Roxy's and they suggested it would be a good place to pick up dinner. I thought the food was tasty, I really liked that I could order two different types of meat to try. The staff was very nice and happy to answer the few questions I had. I chose the Shoyu and the Kalbi chicken - both were well prepared. You get a choice of sides, I opted for double mac salad per my friend's recommendations. I don't recall the exact price, but I do remember I thought it was fairly priced.

Nacho Esp

This was a good spot like 3 years ago, but now it’s just overpriced and the portions got smaller. I just went there yesterday and I was charged $1 just to make my katsu order half shoyu (not sure if that’s spelt right). Back then you would get a good bang for your buck, it’s sad to not even want to go there anymore.

Orion Maier

The macaroni salad here is life changing

Cole Hafner

Get the crispy garlic chicken with a double side of mac. Doesn't get much better than that!

Kavi B.

Delicious Hawaiian food, on the mainland! Some of the best Mac-salad I've had, and the Shoyu Chicken is super delicious.

Melissa A.

I'm truly surprised this restaurant doesn't have a better star rating! After living in the area for about a year I finally gave it a try, and totally regret not trying it sooner just because of the Yelp reviews. We used to have two go-to restaurants for chicken teriyaki and rice, and now this place has jumped to the top of our list. This will be our new go-to for satisfying our teriyaki/Hawaiian food cravings for sure! Everything we ordered was delicious: teriyaki chicken, shoyu chicken, pasta salad, steamed rice.

Robin Hansen Fotenos

Roxy’s is the closest to authentic Hawaiian comfort food in the area. I love their food and have been eating out for years and their service is incredible!! My favorite is Kalbi ribs, but the Kalua pork is out of this world as well and their mac salad is phenomenal!! If you really want to go out, get the locomotion you won’t be disappointed!

steve martin

Roxy' those that review those that don't know..go there, get the Shoyu chicken..then you'll know!! Been eating at Roxy's for years..never let down..used to be $ $10 (4-5 years later)..still a family dinner go to.

Liberty Paden

hawaiian food that hits every time

Valeria Palacios

Keiki plates are the perfect size for me here! Everything is delicious!

Camen Jensen (TheSoundofThunder)

One of my favorite places ever! Wonderful food and lovely staff. The mac salad is to die for.

James Escobar

Best Hawaiian grill! I love this place and go almost weekly!


A weekly go-to (great food and service at multiple locations, my main stop is on Murray Scholl's), I love the numerous choices of main dishes at Roxy's. Their Mac salad is delicious, the sticky rice perfect every time and the portions are big. I recommend the Crispy Garlic Chicken with 1 scoop of rice and 2 scoops of Mac.

Cameron D.

Great food, short wait times, and great customer service. My favorite Hawaiian restaurant by a fair margin.

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