The Whole Bowl

4580 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton
(503) 381-0586

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Beaverton is by far the most inconsistent location we’ve been to. We drove across town to pick up Whole Bowl tonight and both of our bowls had little to no tali sauce and undercooked rice and beans. This has happened a handful of times and seems to be the norm. Was there a change to the recipe we don’t know about? We miss the days when we could enjoy a consistent and delicious Whole Bowl. Unfortunately, those days are gone and we won’t be coming back.

Corinne Robitaille

Fell in love with whole bowl last winter and stoked they have a Beaverton location. Ugh I forgot his name but my bowl maker was the best. My only adjustment is I wanted more salsa and tali sauce. Love love

patrick dubois

I am a meat eater. I eat steak, birria, pork , chicken. meats with almost every meal. Whole bowl is the only non meat meal that makes me smile. It literally has the most flavor of any vegetarian meal ive ever eaten. I love it.

Keny Salazar

The food was exquisite and tasty. I highly recommend.

Alejandra Kolbe

Delicious!!! Fast and great

Nick Reddy

Out of all the locations this has the worst beans. Which is a huge portion of the meal. We prefer to visit other locations.

Aspen Dalton

Quick service, healthy, and good price!

Larry Lawrence

I could eat here every day!Vegetarian options: No meat anywhere, I like meat but the bowl fills me up as good as a burger and it burns cleaner.Dietary restrictions: The gal said there's no gluten or animal proteins anywhere in the store, and they can make it vegan too.

Janice K.

These bowls are so good, amazing flavors, so tasty. I highly recommend for any health conscious person who wants to eat healthier without compromising taste.

Tracy Weiss

The food is amazing and the staff is always friendly.Vegetarian options: Their menu is one main item, a vegetarian bowl. You can add or subtract items from the bowl to make it how you want, they can also take out the cheese and sour cream so it's vegan. If you want to add chips, a cookie or a drink you can.

Vic P.

Tasty and well prepared but overpriced, especially considering there's no meat. Better than yum bowl. Get it if you don't mind the price.

Steve Rikli

Great grub on the go, made the way you want, including vegan if that's your thing. What's not to like about good beans and rice? ?

Jan Stevenson

simple, fast, tasty and filling food. plus nice service!


Food is great, conveniently quick and staff is always friendly.I gave 4 (almost 3 honestly) out of 5 due to the fact that their hours of operation on Google never seem to be updated or accurate, especially during the holidays.Although the hand written napkin notes in the window stating they are closed and when they'll reopen are cute, a customer unfortunately has to make the trip all the way there to see said note after already checking their (incorrect) hours online and assuming they are open. I feel this may be a neglected action of management, not so much a on site employee responsibility so I gave it 4 stars instead of 3.

Austin Wehmeyer

It’s a shame. Whole bowl makes great food. However they are only open 5 hours roughly. And you are lucky is that is accurate. I’m shocked this business stays open especially with multiple locations by running a business this way.For example most days, whole bowl is closed, closed by dinner, or even late lunch (intel workers) not open early enough to prepare. So basically if they are open they are completely overwhelmed every time. Then by the time closing gets near they close early I’ve noticed. Probably from being overwhelmed from opening late.The locations do not have consistency between locations for hours some times they are opened other times not. I don’t see the point running multiple locations that are hardly open vs running 1 or 2 good locations that are properly staffed, and have normal hours. That’s business choice.Even today, I’ve noticed that I can not find whole bowl on grub hub? Why you ask? Because yes they are on grub hub but not found by search only by recent orders recently, I believe this is because they do not hours listed for operation on grub hub at all. They simply have open or closed and today apparently it’s only take out, no delivery, I think grub hub will not allow delivery orders to a place without hours.Anyway! Good food! Great prices! If you can get it that is haha. Whoever owns or runs whole bowl clearly skipped business degree or managment of any kind.

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