Alley Gyros

121 SW 3rd St, Corvallis
(541) 844-8118

Recent Reviews

Jack Walter

Good service. Good food. Parking isn't the best and I wish they were open later but still love 'em.

Bonnie Chasteen

Picked them at random and was so happy we did so. Small place with big customer service. Most everything is made fresh (some things prep time) and we got to build our own! Will return to enjoy the quality fresh and inexpensive options.

Riley Maas

This place absolutely wrecked me after making a comical order. Answered right back with the same humor. 10/10 recommend solely based on that. Also the food is gas don’t miss out on that part.

Kurt Hendrickson

The staff is very friendly and helpful and the lamb gyro was delicious. It comes with fries on the inside which are seasoned great I wish I came with a side of fries too

Derek H.

The food was excellent and the woman working there was super friendly. The toppings are self serve and all of the vegetables were fresh. Will be returning.

Lesley D.

Very happy with their Greek Tzatziki salad which was absolutely huge and super fresh. We also had a combo chicken beef gyro Very nice and not too expensive either We'll be back next visit to Corvallis

Chad D.

Tried the classic lamb gyro and was very impressed. Meat is prepared in the traditional manner, which is to say NOT with one of those processed mega-skewers you see almost everywhere else. Toppings are provided in the style of a salad bar and that's something I hadn't seen since traveling in the Middle East. This is my new go-to in Corvallis. Much much better than I had any reason to expect.

Renee W.

Had high hopes for this place. The employee was very nice but the food not so much. Got the beef plate and also the beef gyro - not tasty, too salty, looked like bbq - was prob the bottom of the barrel since it was the end of the night. The rice was dry. The yogurt sauce and pita were fine.

Dane S.

Super simple menu, we got the street gyro and the chicken gyro. It's salad bar style which we love so you can pile on the veggies and the sauce. The meat was cooked to perfection and very well seasoned we were super satisfied. They had our food to us super quick which was nice because we were starving. Definitely going back here again.

Doug Quist

Fun and pretty tasty experience. Wish they had lamb and the portions are too large to hold in one's hands to eat and get all flavors in one bite. Also messy due to the size.Staff was excellent, helpful and educational.

Austin Davidson

I only got the hummus, pita bread, and sauces. Great service but hummus felt a little bland with some well cooked garlic mixed in, came in a medium/large sized sauce container, maybe a little thick (?). But the sauces were excellent. I'd add those to more things. The sweet and spice habanero sauce was killer and so were the milder ones.


My wife and I were here for the day and thought this place sounded good. It is a little "hole in the wall" place that has excellent food. We opted to take away as the place is very small. The woman serving and cooking was very friendly and helpful. All food was cooked right in front of you. We were a little unsure when we first went in but all was great. We both had the falafel sandwich but different toppings and sauce. Both were excellent. We also ordered a side of the fries. Best fries in a long time when coupled with the spicy sauce. The fries have a great seasoning sprinkled on them as well. The taste of the fries and hot sauce has a cumin flavor so if you hate cumin give it a miss. This is not an intimate place to dine - it is a great place when you want good tasty food when down town.

Curtis B

Gyro was good! No complaints, really, and I got the street gyro. Why just 4 stars? Because apparently I lucked out with the gal at counter - she said if she wasn't working I would have been charged more and something else would have been not as good, I don't remember the other secret deal she mentioned. I'll definitely return, and if I get the same deals I'll probably bump it up to 5 stars. Oh, by the way, ask for the fries on the outside of the gyro. I've never seen them inside the gyro before, this is probably just a Corvallis thing.

Riley Hoagland

Friendly staff, tasty food made quickly with lots of sauce options including dairy free. Get the veggies after the gyro is made. Fresh mad fries with zing-y salt sprinkled after they're fried. Spicy onion/pickle option too.

Clementine G.

We had a FANTASTIC experience here!! Cute little spot in charming downtown Corvallis that serves up amazing food. I had the falafel and my husband had the lamb. The person working there was so sweet and helpful and guided us through the menu. The sauces were flavorful and all the produce was super fresh. We will be back. 10/10 would recommend!

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