WiseCracks Cafe

119 SW 3rd St, Corvallis
(541) 230-8202

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Chris M.

Vintage breakfast spot. Plus cocktails and spiked coffee drinks. I haven't been to every breakfast spot in Corvallis, but this would appear to be the king. I can see why there's a line every time. A good example of what breakfast joints should be.

Whitney Powell

Wonderful place for breakfast! Service was excellent and they bent over backwards to make sure my food was correct. I’m gluten free, dairy free, and egg free at the moment so very accommodating. They even had vegan butter.

Jay VanValkenberg

Food was pretty good, served extremely quickly, the service however was lacking. Had to wait quite a while for coffee refills, never asked how the meal was or if I needed anything else. Management needs to let the staff know they will get better tips and happier customers with just being sure to check in after being served. I will return though.

Tanner Lingafelter

Stopped in for breakfast before a conference. Food was good and came out quickly after ordering. However the server was very curt and. made it feel like I was bother for being there. Never asked if wanted a little more coffee, just brought the check when I was getting close to finished with my meal and walked away until I produced a card.

K. D

Thank you Chefs, food was great! Unfortunately, the servers were UNFRIENDLY. Once you walk in you may have the urge to walk away from the looks the servers give you. They give off a dirty look as you're not welcomed into the establishment. But the food is good. Hopefully the owners are able to help make the service a more warming Café to enjoy a meal.

Kendra Z.

this restaurant is so unique! the food is always great and the staff is so sweet! i absolutely love the environment in the restaurant, the only bummer is how busy they get. But it is a great restaurant!

William D.

Service was great, food was excellent!! Definitely will be back for more. I had an omlete, full of veggies. Coffee was good, hot, and strong.

Erin S.

Great menu, good good, excellent cocktails. Be prepared to wait if it's worth it if you have time.

Chad B.

I like a greasy breakfast but this was way too much. It's like paying 3 or 4 dollars per egg. Look at the price of the menu... and what you get. I'm sorry but never again. It's just breakfast I could make at home

Gwen M.

This spot was very crowded and loud and busy. Huge portions of well-prepared breakfast foods, too.


Wait-staff are always pleasant and the food comes adequately quickly even when it's busy. Which is mainly why I go there. I find their food to be above-average quality but pretty dry -- when I see "cheese" in the description, I'm looking for more than a meager sprinkling of grated cheese. Loud and there are often lines.

Nadine Mally

We had just flown in from California to visit family in Oregon. My brother had picked my sister and myself up from the airport in Eugene and took us to breakfast to a place called The WiseCrack Cafe. The atmosphere was so nice. We were seated and ordered coffee. They brought us 3 large decorative mugs. The coffee was unbelievable it was fresh, hot and delicious. I was sold!We had breakfast and were so happy with the food that we decided we would return the following day.I ordered pancakes and eggs the day before and it was too much food for me. The pancakes covered the whole plate. So I ordered just a coffee and 1 single Blueberry pancake. When our orders were ready and they brought our food to the table, my order came with 5 fresh blueberries on top.I wasn't expecting fresh blueberries throughout the whole pancake. It was awesome! I didn't need to add anything to it no butter or syrup, no whipping cream, nada. The best part was there were no soggy blueberries either. Everything was fresh.Before leaving I bought 4 t-shirts. You have to try this place out and tell us what you think.

Amanda Van Houten

If you’re a seeker of Eggs Benedict and have had amazing hollandaise or made your own from scratch… this is not your spot. Overall good breakfast food but I don’t recommend eggs benny unless you like packaged hollandaise.

Isabella N.

Went for breakfast with my sweetie. The service here is really good! The staff are kind and attentive. The food just sucks. I ordered biscuits and gravy; the biscuits were dry and the gravy was bland. I have eaten thousands of biscuits and gravy and this is one of the worst I ever tried. My sweetie ordered loco moco. The meat patty was burnt. All in all, the good service doesn't make up for the fact the food is not very good. I would go somewhere else.

luse t.

Read all the one star reviews previously before heading here and thought that it wouldn't matter, as I have eaten here before and have liked it. However I was very wrong, there's a reason as to why there are more 1 star reviews than 5 star reviews and that is due to the lack of flavor and skill in the food. The staff are very friendly and kind but it's not enough to make up for the lack of delicious food. Seeing as to that's what a restaurant should be for. I ordered the loco moco seeing as that's what I usually get, however it is no longer the same. The meat was burnt and over cooked and with every bite I took, the flavor only got worse. The cooks must have thought dunking sauce all over my patty would have covered up the burnt taste but no. It only made it more clear. I would not recommend ever coming here and I will never eat here again. Would zero star if possible.

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