China Blue

2307 NW 9th St, Corvallis
(541) 757-8088

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Susan R

The staff were friendly, and I received my food in record time! However, I was not impressed with the food at all... the flavor or the amount. This was a combination #10... Chicken Subgum Chow Mein, Egg Foo Young, and Sweet and Sour Chicken. I was surprised that there was hardly any chicken, and the rest of the food wasn't very good either. I was disappointed to say the least.

Joyce Osborne

Food was excellent and so was the service. Always a comfortable place to eat.

Robert Ray

Wish I would have read the reviews first. Everything tasted like it came from a frozen bag from Cisco. Nothing unique or original and certainly nothing worth consuming. Very disappointed. The staff and Wanda was very nice

August Johnson

I do not recommend if you want Chinese food. We ordered general Tso's chicken, pork fried rice and low mein. All of it was way too salty and tasted nothing like Chinese.

the priestess

their vegetarian teriyaki pork is the best i've ever had! the cheese rangoons are also delicious, thank u for having so many veggie options i can eat <3

trystan bjornson

Edit: gave me and my brother food poisoning from the combination chowmeinI was rather unsatisfied with the food for how much it was, the potstickers are ok but nothing to write home about. Workers being nice and polite saved them from one star, also forgot chop sticks so im going to have to free hand it


Yesterday on my way home from having arm surgery I was craving China Blue but after today I'm sure I will never have that craving again. I got the fried rice the sweet and sour shrimp and the chow mein. The shrimp were the smallest I've ever seen and dry the rice had no flavor at all. The chow mein, only flavor it had was heavy smoke and I'm not sure why there would ever be smoke flavor in any chow mein and there never was any other time we visited CB. I am very disappointed

Tim Spencer

We were overwhelmed with both the staff & the food menus we ordered. Arrangements were made ahead of time for a large party to arrive & they were more then accommodating with our every need. Extremely happy with the staff ?. It made our event even more amazing! Thanks China Blue!!!

Becky Smart

I have to be gluten free. China Blue is a restaurant that I have enjoyed. The last 2 times ( from mid January to today) I have been very disappointed.1 my rice was not cooked throughly. There is no flavor to the food. I am so disappointedLooking for new Chinese restaurant.

Gary Moore

Combo #6 was awful. Most pieces of sesame chicken were just greasy breading. Shrimp - tasteless. Pork fried rice, odd and unpleasant taste. We will never return. On the bright side, the water was fine.

Robert Pfander

Unimpressed.We were the only people in the dining room, although a few to-go orders left while we were there. The dining room was interesting with rounded corners and decent decor.The General Tso's wasn't the color I've come to expect (too brown) and it tasted more like bbq chicken than Tso's, yet was still somehow oddly flavorless.The pork fried rice was interesting in that it had bean sprouts in it. Also, it tasted like microwavable/packaged meal fried rice like you'd get at a gas station. At least the pork slices on top were fully cooked.Will probably find somewhere else to eat next time I pass through that town.

Zakorey Barkchip

Nice staff, clean restaurant and good food options. Seems to be a very popular Chinese restaurant as well!

Jazmin Poppe

Great vegan and vegetarian options. One of the best restaurants in Corvallis! Absolutely love them

Michelle Stalford

The Egg soup has frozen veggies in it, weird. We ordered BBQ Pork and it was completely flavorless, almost like it was boiled. The steamed rice was water logged and the food was cold. Will not be returning.

Scott Potter

The food is always fantastic and this latest visit was no exception. The service was attentive and accommodating. The speed with which we got our food was beyond expectation.

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