El Patron Origenes

764 Blair Blvd, Eugene
(541) 653-9257

Recent Reviews

Deb Dew

Really great food reasonably priced.

Steven Reaves

Awesome Mexican food

DaLena Elliott

We had a little time before flying out from the Eugene Airport and found this little gem! I had the fresh fish tacos and my husband had the chicken burrito! We also ordered chips and salsa, which was different than we’ve had before. Everything was very fresh and delicious. She also gave us a taste of their Jamaican tea!

IsabeL Smythe

This place is no longer El Patron. It is now Mama Mayra's. Their horchata was not the greatest, their rice wasn't all that good, but their meat was pretty good. Everything seemed a bit oily. I was kind of disappointed. When I ordered the small tacos, the Lady charged me for the big taco price, she didn't state that the meat I picked only comes In the large tacos. She should have stated that. I don't know if we would come back. Miranda's on 7th and Monroe by Midas is the best, compared to this. Better prices too.

Suzanne Satterthwaite

The restaurant was great when it was here, but that was a year ago. Now this location is Mama Mayras Mexican food but no margaritas.

tyson shatswell

Good food, super friendly staff and very inexpensive.

Penny O

Mama Myras is yummy! I love the choriqueso: 5 home made small corn tortillas covered on chorizo, cheese onions, peppers & crema. $8.50

Mike C.

This restaurant is now Mama Mayra's and the food is better than ever. Fantastic local restaurant with excellent food and genuinely nice service. Highly recommend Mama Mayra's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, take out and large groups.

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