Elmer's Restaurant (Eugene, OR)

1036 Valley River Way, Eugene
(541) 357-5496

Recent Reviews

Annie C.

The food is mediocre. The service was extremely slow. You have to ask for every little condiment (creamers, ketchup, jelly, sugar). I have no idea how people can give this restaurant a good review.

rebecca salgado

The food is average; the servers need to be trained and informed as to what specifically they are serving such as the name of the type of Salmon. The cod was very mushy. Impressed by the fresh veggies. Probably will not return.

Rich P.

You cannot go wrong having breakfast at Elmer's. Really good food, and lots of it. Great way to start off a day.

Cindy S.

I stayed at the Valley River Inn next door and so glad I stopped in here for breakfast! Ingrid was my server and she was friendly and awesome! The restaurant was warm and welcoming! The menu was robust and had many selections I don't get at home! I ordered a standard breakfast and it was delicious. Eggs, wonderful, flavorful bacon, and the biscuit was terrific. Highly recommend you stop in!

Amanda M.

Very warm and friendly environment. Our server Melissa was very sweet and not overwhelming at all. We ordered the prime rib dip sandwich, green salad, Strawberry Crepes and I asked for my over easy eggs on top my sausage patties ☺️ everything was very tasty and we will definitely be back!!!


A delicious dinner on Christmas eve. Kimberly was our server and was a delight. We will be back! It wasn't busy so we felt like we had our own dining room.


This Elmer's just opened 2019 in the Valley River Mall area where they took over McGrath's Seafood Restaurant. The remodel looks very nice and they kept the inside as it was while it was McGrath's- complete with the Lounge. With all the windows and beautiful wood interior the restaurant has a very relaxing atmosphere. We went for Breakfast and sat in the Lounge. Our food was very good and service was excellent! I really enjoy this location.

Ben Razaghi

My 3rd and last time I will go.. 12/19/19 we stopped by for my daughter b day.. It took over 45 min for a empty restaurant to have our order ready.. The hamburger was the worst me and my son ever had.. even hash brown was lousy.. The German Pancake which is good lures you in but.....

Jason J.

We had a great experience for breakfast this weekend. It's a newly remodeled restaurant so everything is nice and new. We were promptly greeted and seated in a small booth. Service was excellent and the food selection was great. This isn't fine dining of course but compared to its competitors Elmers seems to be a notch above. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a pleasant breakfast on a weekend.

Karen Packnett Ensley

This Elmer's was the BEST I have ever experienced. The food was fantastic and the staff was very sweet and friendly. Its everything you could want for a meal out. I highly recommend this Elmer's at the Valley River area in Eugene.

Dan J

Our server was great. One of the best I have come across. The GM who seated us. Was very helpful watched him supposing his team hepping clear tables deliver food. It's rare to see a GM doing the small things like that. I will go back soon. Our food was great too. My daughter food was great too. It was nice that the ham was a carved ham and not some deli ham junk others would use on her mac and cheese.

Debby Magnuson

Great variety of food. Good tasting. Fast service. Great location.

John B.

What a pleasant surprise! New ownership 6 months ago as McGrath's Fish House closed. We needed another good breakfast spot since Brailles and Pancake House both get so busy on football weekends. Large menus with almost anything you can think of for breakfast, large servings and very reasonable prices. Elmer's in Springfield always had good food but was often full on weekends. The same recipes for Eggs Benedict is a keeper and french toast comes with eggs and sausage so way more than most people can consume in one sitting. You won't be disappointed as everything is freshly remodeled and very stylish inside.

Jacque L.

Katie burns is amazing at what she does. Very Attentive and helpful with what to order. I give her a perfect score and definitely will be back to see her

Christine Cochran

I'm not a huge "chain" food fan but, Elmer's was SUPERIOR. The location & restaurant itself was SPOTLESS. Clean restrooms & parking lot. The walls are decorated in Oregon memorabilia. The service (especially our waiter) was EXCEPTIONAL! The food was huge, hot, & caused bouts of breakfast coma it was THAT good. It will definitely be in our breakfast rotation.

Angela Guerrero

I was there for quite a while longer than expected because it took awhile to get service and the staff was distracted. The food was plentiful and fresh, and tasted good. I was a bit put off by being there so long.

cody Zimmerman

Today I went to this establishment to enjoy a football game. My experience was cut short drastically when I ordered a beer and food. The beer I received had gone completely bad. The bar tender didn't believe me and had to have someone verify my suspicion. They then confirmed there was a problem. They served me bad beer then charged me full price. They didn't give it to me on the house (which is standard practice). They didn't offer me anything. All they did was change out the keg. Horrible customer service. Terrible quality control. Will never go there again.

Kriston Maloy

We were seated immediately, then we sat and waited for a very long time before we were acknowledged again. (They were fairly empty). We ordered the German Pancakes, expecting a little wait, as they take about 12 minutes to bake. When our food arrived, 30 minutes later, everything was cold. Eggs were cold, ham was cold the German pancake was deflated and not even warm enough to attempt to melt the butter (not to mention that one edge was burned).

Richard B

Newly opened and a nice venue for the Valley River Mall area. Crab Omelet was outstanding as well as service.

Denise S.

Great service! Excellent Food! Great homestyle, kind atmosphere! The food was served quickly but obviously made to order. We live in California and will definitely be back when we visit again.


Elmer's has consistently fantastic service with very friendly staff. My daughter(9) loves their kids menu. Don't expect to be wowed by the menu, but the food isn't bad and the prices are very reasonable, couple that with a very welcoming atmosphere, and you have a great family outing the kids will enjoy.

Tammy Naber

Place was great !! Accommodated us with 16 people. Food was cooked good and came out in a timely fashion. Place was clean and had a great staff

Claudia Elena

This is a great breakfast place to stop. We don't have very many breakfast places here in Eugene but this one is a good spot. There is plenty of space so the wait isn't long. The breakfast and coffee are good. The service is excellent. The atmosphere is enjoyable. We look forward to our return.

Bard Howe

Elmer's has consistently fantastic service with very friendly staff. My daughter(9) loves their kids menu. Don't expect to be wowed by the menu, but the food isn't bad and the prices are very reasonable, couple that with a very welcoming atmosphere, and you have a great family outing the kids will enjoy.

Dan Daniels

Haven’t eaten at Elmer’s for a long while. We decided to try it again. It was good.

Dan M.

My family and I are big fans of Elmer's as it's kind of our go to restaurant for mostly breakfasts, but the experience this past time for dinner was unfortunately not up to the high standards we have for Elmer's. The place was virtually empty and we were greeted by Zack, I believe his name was, and he is apparently the supervisor of the servers according to his name tag. He was extremely friendly and it would have been a delight to be served by him. Starting with the service which is where the bulk of the issue existed this trip. Zack would have no doubt given us a great experience if he were our server. That was not the case, however. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble here because I know that everybody has an off day now and then, but our server was not smiling, not friendly, and overall just not very helpful. She did the very minimum you would expect from a server. I asked if I could get fries with the Breakfast Burger rather than the hash browns or fruit listed on the menu and she said you could get fries for a side with pretty much anything and that you can even get as many refills as you want on them. This was good news as I was starving and the so-called Northwest fries are super satisfying. I was excited by the prospect of many of them. Little did I know that when our food (which took longer than you would expect given how quiet the place is) was delivered to us, we wouldn't see our server again for quite some time. It's generally a good practice to check in a few minutes after delivering the meal to make sure everything is fine and see if refills are needed on drinks. A refill on the fries would have been nice as well and one would think she would have asked me if I wanted more once she finally checked in. Nope. No dice. And when I asked for a refill on my long empty Pepsi and for waters for the kids she had a real sour look on her face and kinda slammed the drinks down hard on the table when she brought them out. She just seemed very much like one of those people who thinks we should be grateful that she's serving us, rather than ensuring that we were actually really well taken care of. We don't have money to eat out very much, so it was disappointing to have such a mixed experience. The Breakfast Burger is not something I would order again as there was too much bacon jam on it and it wound up tasting like candy. Might have been alright if I had anything to wash it down, but as mentioned before the server essentially vanished while we were eating. Everything else was fine aside from the guy repairing tables with power tools very close to where we were eating. It wasn't busy as I mentioned, but if you're going to be using power tools in a restaurant, I think closer to 9 pm would be a better time for that.

Jeb S.

Great place for a family breakfast! Lots of room lots of options, not the best food in the world by any stretch but consistently good.


Nice setting, good food. Glad they opened one at this location, which is closer to us than the other one in Springfield. Our server was great!

jackie M.

Terrible service we got there at 8:30am just now. They sat us in back near window. Sat there 20 minutes. People who were being sat around us kept getting service. But not us. They never came even after we asked.

Joel R

Typical diner food, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stayed open during a bad snowstorm when other venues were closed.

Perry M.

When they say farm fresh they are not kidding. The vegetables in my omelet were large and fresh with great tasting eggs and the bacon and sausage were extremely tasty.

Julie Hanavan Olsen

When they first opened it seemed like their food was better and the menu more expansive. Tonight everything was either flavorless or tasted of can, mixes, prepackaged chemicals. Kimberly was fantastic, though.

Jennifer Lynn

The food is very good. It took a little longer than the last time we went but it wasn't too bad. Everything tasted good, booths were clean and comfortable. Our server seemed a little flustered but was nice. overall we will be back, it's my kiddos new favorite place to go out and eat.

Trevor Hasenkamp

We had a great breakfast Elmer's. Tried multiple things. Good service too. I hope it stays consistent as time goes on.

Brent Corbin

I had one of the best sandwiches ever

Scott H.

I would speak of the service but we didn't get any. After sitting for 20 minutes in a half full restaurant we had to flag someone down to get our drinks ordered. The manager brought our drinks and apologized for the wait, saying our waiter would be there shortly-- he wasn't. After another 15 minutes, totaling 35 minutes, we left. This was or first time at Elmer's and the menu did look delicious, I only wish we could have tried it!

Robin S.

Went to Elmer's this weekend hoping to sit outside on their patio since it was such a beautiful morning. When we asked to sit outside we were told they can't serve us outside because it is considered a smoking area. First of all, what a waste of a patio! Second, those tables cannot possibly be 10 feet from the door! We went elsewhere! What a ridiculous choice to take a beautiful patio and not serve food so people can go smoke! We were told we could go sit outside and take our food with us. I could have done that at home! We know where NOT to go on a beautiful day!

Sarah Good

The staff was amazingly friendly. The restaurant was super clean. The food was delicious. I tried the potato pancakes which were so flavorful. Personally plates here are too large for me to eat on my own. I like to split with a friend or plan to take home leftovers.

Emma Sax

We actually had a pretty good time at Elmer's. The food was tasty, the service was great, and the pricing was good. Since we're tourists, I'm not sure if I'd go back there in favor of trying some new places, but I'd probably be a regular customer if I lived in Eugene!

Angelica H.

My group of 4 are visiting from out of state and were recommended Elmer's for breakfast. The restaurant wasn't too busy and we had the most attentive and detailed server, David. The food was great! We all left satisfied. I would recommend to anyone looking for a sit down breakfast.