Hey Neighbor Pizza House

1621 E 19th Ave, Eugene
(541) 505-9302

Recent Reviews

Julia S.

Delicious pizza, salads, and cocktails. Not your usual pizza fare. Vegan options. Gluten-free crusts available on any pizza!

Abby G.

This place is sweet and quaint! The outdoor and indoor seating has a chill, low key vibe that is good for a relaxing evening with a few friends or partner. The grilled pizza has a distinct, homemade flavor that is unique and delicious! The staff is warm and the whole experience will have you feeling like you're with good friends, in a sweet neighborhood, with bomb grilled pizza!

Darcey H.

This is some really solid pizza! If you're looking for regular or gluten-free they do both. So when my husband and I want pizza this is our go to. We can both get what we need. They have some clever combinations in addition to the classics. The sprouts and snouts is particularly clever. But they also have an eggplant pizza that's to die for.

Cervando Medina

Hey Neighbor is a nice little pizza shop that creates amazingly delicious pizzas. We’ve been going since they open and their outdoor seating area has a great vibe during the spring and summer evenings if you want to bring your 4 legged friend:)

Colin M.

Without a doubt the best artisan pizza in town! Great toppings, sauce and crust. Will be back often

Stephen G.

I've been eating in and ordering from hey neighbor for the last few months I'm really impressed with the quality of their pizza and their salads are great. Their delivery can take a bit longer during the lockdown but that's good news overall because we want to see small businesses doing well and being busy. Their ingredients are tasty their quality is good and I'd highly recommend that you give them a try.

Dustin Vollstedt

Our go to Pizza, and drink, aaand other delicious food spot! Hey Neighbor has created a wonderful, cozy community feel and really owns up to their name. One of the places we recommend most to family and friends!

Lea J.

we love these cats and have since they opened. pizza handmade right there in the tight quarters, the stone oven just behind the bar, the sauces, the ingredients, the crust (ohhhhh)... staff rocks. facilities are cozy during the winter. just picked up and scarfed half of a carnero pizza. my wife knows she can trust me not to go after the other half. that was before corona.

Tammy G Young

Delicious food, every single time!! Nice staff. Local cuisine!

Bridget Byfield

Best service ever and the pizza salads are amazing!

Joe D.

Just picked up 2 pies from this place and WOW! Easy as a direct phone call and on pick up the person washed their hands before handing me my food. Please help this and other local folks trying to make it in these crazy times. Doesn't hurt that the pizza is great too

Rachael W.

Love this pizza spot. It's a great location as a UO student. They've got a good lunch deal. The carnero is amazing. In the fall I had a fig and balsamic special that I'm hoping comes back when figs are in season. The people working here are really nice.

Lisa Preston

Best pie ever and staff was so friendly!!!

Christopher Hatefi

I grabbed a cheese pizza to go when I was in a rush and needed a cheese protein fix. I was amazed by what I ended up receiving. It was so good. The two things that stood out for me the most were the crust and the sauce. I normally don't pay attention to pizza sauce, because they usually all seem to be the same. But not theirs. Their sauce was unique and very tasty just on its own. The sauce melded with the cheese and the crispy crust to create a symphony of pizza perfection upon my palette. I want more now just thinking about it.

Jesse Card

What a perfectly wonderful little Pizza House. Exceptional, quick service and a great lunchtime deal is going to bring me back often. The wood oven imparts such a delicious slight char on the crust. Fat kid heaven. Thanks HNPH!

Mira C.

Incredible, as always!! Perfectly priced, and an incredible staff - they even brought us blankets because my girlfriend got a little chilly sitting outside! Probably the best pizza in Eugene, and it's right next to Sweet Life, which is a huge bonus. The perfect date night! The ricotta bruschetta is a must, and their kale on the pizza is incredible. Would definitely recommend!

Karen T.

My daughter went there tonight for pizza and drinks with her friends. She is legitimately 21 (just turned a few days ago) and the server said he didn't believe the ID was real; it "sent up red flags for him." I told her to talk to the manager and he, apparently, is the manager. Maybe he has been burned in the past, but this wasn't cool. Sadly, he will lose future business from a wide circle of friends and families.

Chia Jen Studio

Sweet place..nice staff..chill attitudes and good senses of humor. Nice .... besides pizzas are delish

Elliot Hanson

Very good pizza. Excellent sauce and crust. Quick and good service.

Ashley M.

This place is pretty small, but don't be swayed away - the small size allows for a cute atmosphere, very attentive staff, and amazing pizza. We had a gluten free sausage pizza and a caprese salad. They were both so great! The gluten free crust is really phenomenal. Cider and wine selection also pairs nicely with the tasty food. Plus, you can stop next door for ice cream or Sweet Life afterwards!

Matthew Burdick

The pizza was excellent! Cozy little place near the University of Oregon campus.

Rcathryn K.

Bianco with fennel sausage was excellent! The arugula topping was a great match for the cheesy richness. Crust was perfect, great texture and flavor. My new favorite neighbor! And pizza!

Oneo V.

We walked by and spontaneously decided to eat here. I'm glad we did. The pizza is very good. The crust is crunchy yet chewy with a nice char on the bottom! It's reasonably priced and each pizza has a good amount of ingredients. The ingredients were also fresh. I saw them roasting veggies in the oven! It's a little small inside. I think there are three tables but there is plenty of outdoor seating. I can see this being a great spot during summer nights.

Kim D.

Finally had the chance to eat here (broke my Keto style of eating) and I am not disappointed. Pizza was well worth the $13 and the abundance of toppings was perfect. Crust was crunchy with a great tear without being super chewy. $3 canned lager was a great addition and reminded me of college. If you haven't had a chance to check this place out you definitely should.

Ron M.

Ordered to go during prime time on a Saturday night. Expected a wait. Was there in 15 minutes and was ready to go. Very nice staff. Ordered the margarita pizza and cesaer salad. Pizza was perfectly cooked and delicious. Salad was good too. Will be back soon to try other items on the menu

Angie Ruocco

Great, local pizza place with some neat toppings. Tasty salads, appetizers, and quite fresh ingredients. Close to the University. Friendly waitstaff.

Caro P.

This is good pizza. It isn't like serious pie in Seattle, but it is far better than any chain pizzeria and excellent for a neighborhood place. Their crust is great. It is both chewy and crispy. The oven has to be at a perfect temperature to create that unique texture. The wood fired oven is great and exceptionally clean. I watched the chef scrap the bottom of the oven 4 times during my 30 minute stay. The makes for a pizza without the flavor killing extra carbon char. This is the place to come for good pizza. Get the fungi mushroom pizza. The garlic on it perfectly balanced the mushrooms.

Cindy Sallee

Very good food and service. The starters were all amazing. I recommend the Beet salad.

Eric Pauley

Pizzas are the perfect size to share with someone. Service was prompt and precise.

Cyndi Harbison

Great place! Great food and drink! Great service! Great location!

nicholas terracina

Absolutely wonderful experience, great staff, amazing food, people are really lagging on this amazing restaurant!

Colin Ruddick

We had the fungi pizza with the arugula prosciutto salad, both were very good on their own but adding the salad to the top of the pizza with a lil salt was amazing.

Mick D.

This place is quickly becoming one of my favorite pizza haunts, It has been a pleasure exploring and eating the different pizzas on the menu. The current favorite is the Bombo, for how simple it is, it evokes some complex flavors.

Ryan B.

Great pizza with amazing crispy crust and flavorful sauce. Friendly staff and relaxing outdoor patio. We will be back!

Robyn G.

Review based on delivery from grub hub. Food was good and fresh. I think the pizza was probably stellar, but it was delivered cold so I didn't appreciate it as I would have had it been fresh out of the oven. I'll lay that blame on grub hub though. The Caesar salad was fresh and delicious. Could have used an extra container of dressing. Or really, just a bigger container. Two would have probably been too much. Tasted like real house made Caesar-it was GOOD! I might recommend dropping by and getting a fresh hot pizza- but I do RECOMMEND! Yum

Veronica L.

Delicious pizza!!! Their bombo pizza is so amazing. They add a spicy honey mustard that is to die for. Also the service is fast and polite. I will definitely be returning.

Valérian Thiel

Really awesome pizza (for America), the place has a nice atmosphere and an outside area in front. Staff very friendly and helpful, highly recommended if you want Italian food that tastes like Italian food.

Laura Harris

Amazing pizza. Thin crust. Great topping combinations. I always want to try something new and always leave happy.

tracy dow

Great food, amazing service, nice atmosphere, we will be back for sure. So many interesting combos to try❤️

Betsy D Mattucci

Very fresh food. The caprese was so fresh. Loved it