One Vision Nutrition

946 Willamette St, Eugene
(310) 433-5734

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bridge thegap

get the waffles! They are super packed with protein and nutrition, incredibly filling, I couldn’t even eat them all and I always finish my food?. And best of all they are gluten-free! Of course fresh blueberries on top Is icing on this delicious, amazing healthy ?.The churros look really good also, I think they are the same dough maybe…I’m so limited in the foods I eat, and I just have to really eat healthy now, it’s really exciting to find or desserts that are made with healthy things like this I’m assuming even their whip cream is healthy, I didn’t ask but probably coconut oil…Which is some thing many if us should need to eat daily…It’s so healthy and we really have to have a healthy fats, some vitamins are only fat soluble. ?There are so many amazing drinks I need to try them all, and they offer a customer punchcard so that will be fun.Also, the owner is incredibly nice and I love supporting this beautiful family

Cleffa Luv

The service and atmosphere is very friendly but the establishment is not transparent enough about how pretty much everything it serves is from the brand "Herbalife." Herbalife is an mlm with a pretty controversial reputation. I encourage everyone to do their own research and consult 3rd party sources before consuming Herbalife products.

Lexi T.

The owner is so so kind. The inside is cute and simple. The macros on everything is great and I feel good getting my protein in. It is pricey but that's understandable. Definitely recommend for gym lovers!

Michelle O.

I had wanted to try this place, after I saw their IG page about their grand opening. I am always looking for new healthy places to try! I like their menu and options! Next time I'll try a protein smoothie or maybe a donut. Today I opted for the Wonder Woman tea. It was really good and I like all the nutritional adds! Very friendly space and the place has a good vibe. I liked the cozy feel and the foos ball table. I'll definitely be back!

Berend Rijnsdorp

Great shakes to boost our energy levels after a long walk alongside the river. Ken is totally friendly and full of positive energy, always a pleasure to watch the passion of a young entrepreneur eager to do the right thing building a business and serving his customers.We’re only visiting Eugene for a day during our holiday round trip, otherwise we would certainly come back. Greetz from The Netherlands.


Great place to grab a healthy shake or Great food. The owner is fun and pleasant. Try the Chunky MonkeyVegetarian options: Vegan and gluten free

Charlotte W.

Friendly service, efficient, and yummy smoothies!!! Not to mention, lots of good health benefits and add-ons if you so choose. I wish I lived in Eugene, I would love to come here more often.

Jennifer James-Long

Yummmmm! We finished out taekwondo workout and came over for a protein bowl. Perfect way to break my fast. ? Really nice guy!

K R.

It pains me to leave such a cute place a bad review, but the owner needs to hire more competent employees and offer a less confusing menu. The young girl working there couldn't explain what kind of doughnuts were available and the menu had no description or ingredients list. We eventually settled on 6 doughnuts that utilized different Orgain protein powders and some sort of tropical drink. After one sip we threw it away because it tasted like a bunch of fake fruit syrups mixed together. In the meantime the employee created a gooey mess on the grill trying to make the doughnuts. After 30 minutes of playing foosball while we waited I had had enough and requested a refund, which she also had a hard time doing.

Kristine Hinman

Customer service is best explained everything and remembered my name just my 2nd time coming in. Fresh waffles/donuts make the place smell amazing and the tea and shakes are delicious. Will be coming back often

Eric Jones

Ken is very friendly and welcoming. Everything I’ve had so far is delicious and will be back probably daily!!

Margarita Park

Very nice friendly environment with many healthy options, including lactose free options. Definitely coming here more!

Katy F.

Obi approved! A delightful afternoon snack. One Vision has many drink options that all sound tasty and are surprisingly healthy. I got the mango pineapple smoothie, which was the perfect flavor for a hot Friday afternoon. The coffee protein baked donuts are quite tasty as well! A couple of things I wish One Vision had: outdoor seating and to go menus. Additionally, I don't mind spending $9 on a smoothie and $12 on two donuts, but I don't think I can make it a regular stop. It adds up fast, thus it will be my treat-myself go-to. Ken was so kind and personable! I love what he has created here.

jessica gobeli

Ken the owner is so kind and friendly. We had some shakes and the doughnuts. Everything was yummy and very filling, we definitely have lots leftover for later. My son especially enjoyed the doughnuts! Thanks Ken! We'll be back. ??????

Tessa T.

Visited there today with my husband, a really neat spot with a super friendly owner!! This place is clearly a small family owned business, which we love supporting, and the owner was really welcoming and explained the different cold teas and shakes to us. We ended up getting the tropical tea, which was sweet, fruity, and refreshing. The owner also gave us a sample of a shake, and omg it tasted good! We saw someone else order a shake and it looked so pretty and instaworthy. We would definitely recommend this hidden gem :)

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