Oolong Bar

1607 E 19th Ave, Eugene
(541) 972-3832

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Tripp L

Pretty good place to hang out and have a cup of tea with friends

Stephanie H.

I visited Oolong Bar while on a work trip, looking for a place to do a bit of writing one afternoon. I'm a big tea drinker, so their extensive selection appealed to me immediately. Upon walking in, the barista greeted me with a menu and asked a few questions about what I was looking for. I mentioned I like floral flavors, and she directed me to some different options with jasmine and similar flavor profiles. I ended up going with a cup of their Earl Grey. After I paid the barista poured the water for the tea and set a timer--THANK YOU!! I love going to coffee shops and restaurants, but nine times out of ten when you order tea, they give it to you with the bag or leaves still in the cup. You often have no way of knowing how long they've already been sitting in there, and frequently there's no convenient place to put the used bag when it's done brewing. Not so at Oolong Bar. They don't just sell tea and hot water, they actually do the brewing and do it with precision and care. The tea itself was hot and flavorful, a perfect combination of black tea and citrusy bergamot. I savored it at a table outside while typing away in the spring sunshine. Could not have asked for a better afternoon.

Hannah villaruel

Cute and cozy little place. Very impressed with the selection of high quality tea.

Yousef Wally

This tea bar was probably my Eugene trip highlight. They had a wide range of tea selections. I got their ice tea speciality that had lemonade and ginger in it, it was very delicious and you could tell it was made with passionate. My friend had a tea pot that we shared and we both really liked it. The staff was very friendly and they didn't start kicking out people at 8pm as coffee shops usually do. The place was clean and the location was ideal. Would definitely recommend and recommend!

Ivan Cauldwell

Amazing tea, I love how they offer CBD

Kaly Z.

Quiet, sunny spot with plenty of free street parking nearby, and a huge assortment of tea. Good WiFi, clean bathroom with baby changing table, pleasant staff. It's a nice, minimalist space, and a great space to get work done, but seating isn't very comfortable. While I'm a fan of quality tea, everything here is just a bit too expensive for what it is. The prices have gone up from what's posted on Yelp (single cup of second tier tea is now $4). It's a good size cup, but that price point means I visit less often and am less likely to buy any of their snacks.

Glen S

Surprising find is not your standard tea shop. Great tea here.

Christian Craig

Ooooooo long Johnson this place is good great coffee and tea you should come by fairway coffee sometime and try out some of are coffee

Geovanna R.

I am a recent transplant that moved Eugene on a faculty appointment and was looking for places to work in my new neighborhood. I was drawn to this place because it seemed like a good place to work with a great selection of craft teas. During my time working here, I received a distressing phone call that had to be handled immediately. I was told by the manager (during my call) that I needed to go outside because I was being disruptive. I assume I was only being disruptive to her as her and I were the only ones in the shop aside from one other customer that did not seem to mind. Being a person of color, you can see how this situation can be misconstrued. It felt humiliating. I felt the situation could have been handled more tacitly or in a sensitive way, or at least after I got off the phone. I consider myself a rule follower. I saw no signs posted that phone calls were forbidden. Transportation services have these guidelines so do many coffee shops where I come from. I would recommend in the future for your staff or the business to post signs that phone calls should be taken outside or that your venue is a phone-free environment. Obviously, the content of my call was unknown to your staff, however, if a sign had been posted I would have proceeded to take the call outside. I am an educated person that can read and follow directions and respect expectations, if those expectations are stated clearly for everyone. Instead I felt that I was being kicked out for disrupting the vibe, a vibe for someone new to the area and someone of color, may take differently when it is not approached from a place of empathy or understanding. Again, to avoid further misunderstandings or confrontations, I would recommend you make those changes to your policies so that other customers can avoid this very unpleasant experience. It seemed more of an issue of personal preferences on the part of management staff rather than complaints being received from other customers, in which case you should state those preferences for your "vibe" more clearly in case future customers receive distressing phone calls during their visit there. I for one will not be a returning customer, but I hope my experience will help guide future modifications for your business environment so that it is mutually beneficial and satisfactory to customers and staff.

renzo mujica loaiza

I wasn't here, but I assume that this place is good. O well

Charley W.

I had high hopes for this place but the Jasmine milk tea tasted very watered down with no added sugar at all. If you like that then this may be the place for you but I'm use to having some sugar in my milk tea drink. My friend got the ginger matcha drink and the ginger overpowered everything. Would not recommend it

A Y.

The location is great, the environment in the store itself is very nice and calming, the tea was very good, however the person working was condescending and abrupt, which made me feel unwelcomed and uncomfortable. For this reason alone, I gave only two stars. The last two times I was here, the folks working were very kind, helpful and friendly, so this behavior came as a surprise . This experience happened on thurs 7/25 around 3pm.

Connor Jones

I love this place! The staff are very friendly and the place has a very nice, relaxing mood all around. The matcha latte is by far my favorite! I so appreciate the option for metal straws. :-)

Toro Kuro

I love this place! The staff are very friendly and the place has a very nice, relaxing mood all around. The matcha latte is by far my favorite! I so appreciate the option for metal straws. :-)

Rina H.

Amazing tea selection. I had the pu-erh with chrysanthemum jelly and it was earthy and delicious.

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